Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Justin Trudeau and the War to Save Canada

Justin Trudeau's last two months must have seemed to him like two years.

For not only has he had to lead the war against COVID-19, and try to stave off economic collapse.

He has also had to deal with the horror of a mass murder, and a fire at his mother's home. 

But somehow he has managed to stay calm, while overseeing the biggest rescue operation in Canadian history.

And as Bob Hepburn writes, for all he is doing Trudeau deserves a lot of credit.

It’s time for Justin Trudeau’s “haters” to give him some credit.

Ever since the news first emerged nearly three months ago of COVID-19, Trudeau has come under constant attack from vocal critics, especially those on social media and Conservative politicians for his handling of the health crisis.

If you listen to Andrew Scheer, the lame duck Tory leader, Trudeau is to blame for almost everything bad that’s happened because of COVID-19.

The Cons and other toxic Trudeau haters are trying to undermine Team Canada for crass political purposes.

But Trudeau has not been intimidated, or knocked off his game

He’s been reassuring and calm in the midst of the global crisis. And he has overseen the coordination of a massive federal relief effect in which assistance programs were developed in extremely fast fashion and billions of dollars in aid were sent out the door quickly to millions of affected Canadians.

Canada has seen nothing like it since the end of the Second World War — and it has been put together in amazingly short time.

History will record that it was an epic challenge, but the people were with him...

Boy were they ever.

And that when this country needed a real war time leader.

We were lucky to have a good one...


Jackie Blue said...

Hi Simon -- as I just commented to JD on one of your earlier posts, this article offers a really good in-depth look behind the scenes at the impressive team-building effort that Trudeau and his Liberals have assembled to put this massive recovery program together. Ignore Fife's dig, because he's Fife. Trudeau has really brought some of the brightest minds in public health and economics together for this -- including Dr. Tam -- and he deserves credit for listening to the experts.

Thank the stars above it's Justin Trudeau leading this fight and not Donald Scheer. He would've told Canadians to read their Bibles, bash the gays, go after the "yellow peril," and take megadoses of hydroxychloroquine with a chaser of bleach. As for an economic package, he'd subsidize churches and big oil, preach the gospel of Mammon, and tell the unemployed that they didn't pray hard enough for prosperity in the time of the Rapture, thus they deserve to go to hell.

I look forward to reading the Prime Minister's side of all this in the next book he writes... after he finishes up his next majority government.

Anonymous said...

In spite of being under the dark clouds of a pandemic, do we really know how lucky we are to have Justin Trudeau as our PM? I cant even begin to fathom the scheer, utter devastation we'd be living in under a PM Scheer but as a free public service, I'll gaze into my crystal ball and try anyways.
While Scheer has the army battling natives from coast to coast to coast, and with tons of warnings, the pandemic strikes with a vengeance.
As ill prepared as one could be, Scheer follows the advice of his chief medical officer, Kelly Leitch and his immigration minister, Derek Sloan and slams the border shut(except to select white, old-stock Canadians of course).
Millions of laid off Canadians line up at food banks due to the thousands of public sector jobs slashed by Scheer, which, as his past dear leader did, includes hundreds of compensation specialists. The result is a complete pay system meltdown and no way to access their Overly Generous $600 Monthly Freebie called the OGMF. Or as Canadians soon tag as the Oh God Me Fucked pittance.
Hospitals are completely overwhelmed and front line workers en masse are sick or dying from the virus due to Scheer's savage health care cuts. Scheer's promise of millions of masks vaporizes when the masks arrive from a Halloween supplies manufacturer in Taiwan. Industry minister, Erin "The Tool" O'Toole is unavailable for comment.
Billions are poured into the oil and gas industry to ensure they can sell(?) $60pbl produced oil for $10pbl.(?) Resources minister, Peter "Dumbo" McKay is unavailable for comment.
Hundreds of millions are spent to prop up our new national broadcaster, Postmedia, to ensure a steady stream of state run propaganda. Finance minister, Pierre "Peckerhead" Poilievre is unavailable for comment.
And finally and most apocalyptically, due to supply lines being cut by Scheer's ongoing war with natives, food and basic necessities soon run out. This quickly leads to anarchy in the streets, further spreading of the virus and thousands more dead and dying. Canada soon has the highest per capita death rate in the world. The Coronavirus has officially mutated into something far worse, a Con-demic.
Feeling lucky yet?

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....Thanks for the link. I had seen the headline but was too lazy to read the story. But it is a good story and it helps explain why Team Canada is doing such an amazing job. And you're right, what a nightmare it would have been if Scheer had been leading the fight. He would have been another Pence calling on us to pray away the virus. Whenever I publish a poll I wish I could make a giant billboard out of it, and put it up outside his house. I'm pretty sure that it would make smoke pour out of his ears....

Simon said...

Hi JD....That's absolutely brilliant. And so true. There are so many good lines I this is one of my faves: "Scheer's promise of millions of masks vaporizes when the masks arrive from a Halloween supplies manufacturer in Taiwan." I'm lucky I wasn't having a coffee or it would have been all over the place. But of course a Con-demic would not have been funny, it would have been an absolute nightmare. And yes, I feel lucky every day of the year....

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon and thank you. It means a lot coming from you:)
My only regret was not being able to fit Dean Del Mastro in there as minister of corrections. Maybe next time. Cheers!

Simon said...

Hi JD....You're welcome. But don't worry about Del Mastro, you can always work him into another story, the one where the crooked minister arrests Michelle Rempel for trying to sneak back into Canada illegally, after plying her trade in Oklahoma....😉