Thursday, April 09, 2020

Justin Trudeau and the Con Leadership Failures

It's a great shot. Justin Trudeau meets with some of the members of his Team Canada for the first time after three weeks in self isolation.

With a lunchbox on his desk, and the weight of the world on his shoulders.

But even though he must be exhausted not having taken even one day off, he's out there every morning giving Canadians the latest on the battle to defeat Covid-19.

Even when the news is grim.

And so many Canadians could be killed by that murderous virus.

Canada could suffer as many as 22,000 deaths from the coronavirus pandemic, even with strict physical distancing and the widespread closure of businesses and schools, Canadian public health officials have warned.

But on Vimy Ridge Day, that's how I expect a Canadian wartime leader to behave. 

Cool, calm, non partisan, but determined to lead this country to victory.

Which is more than we can say about the (acting) Con leader Andrew Scheer, and his would be successor Peter MacKay.

For as Bob Hepburn points out, Dumbo MacKay and the Ugly American are both suffering from a failure of leadership. 

With anxiety mounting among Canadians desperate for helpful information about the COVID-19 pandemic, news about Andrew Scheer, Peter MacKay and the federal Conservative party is no longer newsworthy.

And it’s a good thing for them that they are being largely ignored by Canadians because all three have performed abysmally since the COVID-19 crisis erupted, displaying an appalling lack of judgment, leadership and simple political smarts.

Indeed, their performances during this crisis raise serious questions about whether the Conservatives will be seen by voters as a serious alternative to the Liberals in the next federal election.

And at a time when a murderous pandemic is stalking Canadians, his attempt to undermine the government's attempt to flatten the curve, and save the economy, is simply unforgivable.

But then most Canadians know Scheer only too well. They know that he's more Con beast than human. 

A far right-wing religious fanatic, a misogynist, a racist, a homophobe, a pimp for Big Oil.

And they prefer Justin Trudeau. 

Nearly three out of four Canadians (74 per cent) approve of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s handling of the crisis, according to the poll.

Trudeau has gained 30 points since the last election. He has the support of many in other parties.

Not surprisingly nearly all (97 per cent) of Liberal voters gave Trudeau top marks, but a majority of NDP voters (71 per cent) along with 54 per cent of Bloc supporters also approve of the prime minister’s performance. Just under half of Conservative Party voters (46 per cent) said they approve of the way Trudeau is handling the situation.

Scheer, the lame duck loser, has been reduced to begging for airtime...

Which I'm sure has many Canadian shouting at their TV sets:

Why is anyone paying attention to him? Why is he taking up air time?

While MacKay in this e-mail message makes it clear, again, why they call him Dumbo...

But it doesn't really matter, for as I said on Twitter the other day...

That's what counts. 

We have the leader we need for a dark time like this one.

And Andrew Scheer and his grubby Cons are heading for the garbage can of history...


  1. Weak Andy doesn't want Parliament to meet via FaceTime because he knows Trudeau and Blanchet would put virtual stickers on his face to make him look like the clown he is. He'd rather put MPs and staffers at risk so he can grandstand for the cameras and sabotage another relief bill, which he can't do in a private chatroom because he'd get put on mute or banned from the forum. I guess it's only OK if his gal pal Rempel blocks everyone outside her echo chamber. Nobody cares anyway what she or Andy or Skippy have to say and it drives them all nuts. #PassTheDamnBill.

    1. Hi Jackie....Scheer and his filthy Cons are so desperate they can't think straight anymore. But their grotesque partisan games in the midst of a pandemic will be the final nails in their coffins. They have never looked so bad or less Canadian and they will pay for that big time in the next election. These are stressful times for all of us, but that's something to look forward to when this nightmare is over. So stay safe and stay smiling....

  2. Photo of Pont Jacques-Cartier with rainbow illumination:

    1. Hi lagatta....Thanks for those great pictures. I used to love watching the fireworks on the Jacques Cartier bridge on a warm summer night. But I have to say the humble Champlain bridge is looking fabulous too....

  3. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Ever since the Conservative convention was postponed Scheer has started acting up again. I think he believes that most Cons will agree that MacKay and O'Toole are too dumb to be the next leader, and they will turn to him instead. These days anything is possible.

    1. He thinks he can "un-resign" and win a majority by catching the government with their pants down, unaware in their underwear.

      Kind of like *checks notes* Pierre Trudeau in 1980.

      Yup, Andrew... Scheer... thinks he can be Pierre Trudeau.


    2. Hi anon....Yes, it's hard to believe but there are some reports/rumours that Scheer is deluding himself into believing that he should be the next Con leader. I think I may write a post about that, we need all the laughs we can get ,these days....

    3. Hi Jackie....does he think he's Pierre Trudeau or does he think he is Jesus? And on the third month he rose from the dead....

  4. Anonymous5:32 PM

    HI Simon, I can't get over how Justin Trudeau has managed to increase his support by 30 points since the last election. Surely that must be a Canadian or even world record. I can't decide who will blow up first, Andrew Scheer or Pierre Poilievre ?

    1. Hi anon....As I'm sure you can imagine I too am delighted by Justin Trudeau's stratospheric rise in the polls. I can't remember anything like it, but I love it, and I'm hoping that Scheer and Poilievre both blow up together πŸ’₯πŸŽ‰

  5. Anonymous9:45 PM

    The Cons were shocked with the power and speed Nature played her hand. It popped their anti everything pseudo reality bubble and they were left speechless. That was then this is now. For a big election win the criminal-in-chief needs a credible blame the others story line and a robust economy by the fall. Overall the numbers are simple, social distancing combined with restricted business takes approximately $0.5 trillion per month out of the US economy and assuming the Covid 19 death rate peaks at around 60,000 per month why not restart the economy and extend the flattened curve for several months rather than remain shutdown and reduce the death rate to near zero. The payout for an early start is approximately $8 million per unnecessary death. In Con-land its an easy decision, dead MAGA supporters along with the innocent can't vote and there is always opportunity to welcome new suckers into the fold. Some of us have a very uneasy feeling that possibly in the short run and certainly in the long run mother nature has not played her last hand especially when there is a high roller gambling with other peoples lives sitting at the table! Be prepared Con land north is not immune to similar thinking.


    1. Hi RT....The Cons in the U.S. And Britain are responsible for thousands of deaths that might have been saved, and I have no doubt that if the Cons hadn't lost the election the same thing would have happened here. They have no empathy, they put business before people, they are as dumb as spoons, and more ape than humans. But as I've said before, I'm hopeful this plague will finish them off....

  6. Anonymous10:48 PM

    "We have overcome diversity before". ??? What? By definition that's "a range of different things". This is what Dumbo calls a worldwide crisis. What a moron.
    I'm guessing with JT's high approval ratings, Scheer and his fellow Contrarians heads are exploding on a daily basis. They cant help themselves from trying to shine a negative light on Justin and they're too stupid to realize that they are coming across as the problem, not the solution. They are ensuring that the next trip to the polls will result in a massive majority that I hope will reduce them to non-party status. They've earned it so lets give it to them.

  7. Hi JD....Yes, I think you're right. They're hate for Justin Trudeau is so visceral they don't understand that attacking a popular leader at a time like this one can only make them look bad. And like you I fervently hope that Canadians will remember and give the Liberals a super majority in the next election. The Cons have shown they are unfit to govern and I honestly believe that with a bit of luck we can bury the Cons for a generation....