Sunday, April 03, 2022

How The Toxic Trudeau Haters Are Poisoning Our Democracy

In my last post I wrote about how the far right religious fanatic Rachael Thomas had called Justin Trudeau a "dictator." 

After consulting a dictionary and/or her Bible.

It was such a kooky comment it made her look like a SoCon Carrie, getting ready to set the House of Commons on fire. 

But sadly, she isn't the only toxic Trudeau hater spewing crazy nonsense in every direction.

For as Gary Mason points out, the whole insane episode began when Brad Redekopp, Pierre Poilievre's good buddy, compared Justin Trudeau to the monster Vladimir Putin. 

And became just the latest Con to poison our democracy.

Something rather remarkable happened in the House of Commons earlier this week: A sitting MP accused this country’s Prime Minister of running a jackboot dictatorship.

And in his next breath, he referenced Russian President Vladimir Putin, a dictator currently unleashing death and destruction on a peaceful democratic neighbour.

Yes, federal Conservative MP Brad Redekopp (Saskatoon West) really did compare Ottawa’s use of the Emergencies Act to help end the so-called “freedom convoy” occupation of Ottawa to what Mr. Putin is doing to Ukraine

It was grotesque, made worse when Rachael Thomas, who likes to play the martyr, rose to support the deranged Redekopp. 

“Mr. Speaker,” she began. “I just did a quick review in the dictionary. According to the Oxford dictionary, a dictator is a ‘ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained control by force.’

“There are many Canadians who would hold the view that this applies to Mr. Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada.”

Once again it was grotesque, but then of course, nobody should be surprised that Thomas and Redekopp come from Alberta and Saskatchewan.

It likely isn’t coincidence that Ms. Thomas and Mr. Redekopp are from the Prairies. Alberta and Saskatchewan represent the epicentre of anti-Trudeau rage in Canada. That same rage was at the heart of the Ottawa protest and related border blockades. 

The Christo fascist armpit of Canada.

Just like nobody should pretend that toxic Trudeau hate was not at the heart of this fascist insurrection.

Vaccine mandates were just a proxy, the cover used to give the insurgency some vague credibility. We can’t forget that organizers had drawn up a manifesto that included the demand that the current government, and Mr. Trudeau in particular, be removed from office.

Or be surprised that Candy Bergen did nothing to make Thomas and Redekopp retract their ugly words.

Interim leader Candice Bergen is like the substitute teacher that everyone ignored in Grade 9. The one who tried to teach while kids were talking and throwing things at one another. Otherwise, she would have forced some sort of walk-back from her two caucus colleagues by now.

Since she is also a hardline SoCon, and had an obvious crush on the hairy honkers...

Or for that matter, nobody should be surprised by anything Pierre Poilievre says or does.

Pierre Poilievre, the presumptive front-runner in the federal Conservative leadership race, is touting a campaign video that gives prominence to a woman wearing a vulgar anti-Trudeau T-shirt.

For no politician demonizes Justin Trudeau and his family, more than he does. With the possible exception of Scott Moe and Jason Kenney.

Political leaders such as Jason Kenney have made personal attacks against the PM an art form. The Alberta Premier does this to fuel his base, to make those who hate Mr. Trudeau hate him even more – consequences be damned. It’s what he and his advisers believe is in his best political interests.

And when you add it all up, that's how the Cons are poisoning our democracy.

Of course, it's not just the Con politicians who are responsible. There are grumpy old geezers all over the country who hate Trudeau just because he's for the rights of women and LGBT Canadians, and would drag us back to the past to the hellish time they came from.

But it is foul, and it is dangerous, for it can only inflame many of the kooks out there to try to hurt or kill the Prime Minister.

And what has Justin Trudeau done to deserve that?

Answer: absolutely nothing...

All he has done is try to behave like a decent Canadian should, and work hard to make Canada one of the best countries in the world.

If that's not good enough for the many kooky Cons out there, then we have a real problem.

For they clearly hate Trudeau more than they love Canada. And if we can't tame those rabid beasts, we might as well bid our country farewell.

For it will not last long...


Jackie Blue said...

The morally bankrupt media, in their eternal quest for ratings and to satiate the venomous disdain for PMJT among their own stale pale male punditry and press gallery, is unforgivable for downplaying, sanitizing, or outright ignoring this threat in favour of manufactured Will Smith slap-fight nontroversies like SNC and WE. The more they try to brand themselves as "straight shooters" bothsiding this anger, the more "both sides" will tune them out. Progressives will get fed up with the bias, and the lunatic right will continue to funnel their way over to red-meat propaganda like Post Millennial and Canada Proud. There's no justification for fence-sitting anymore. If MSM can't accept that they're sealing their own fate, no amount of ratings sweeps will save their asses from functional irrelevance.

I've linked this article before because it remains prescient, just like Wernick's testimony which was angrily dismissed as a "distraction" from something the media bubbleheads decided was more "serious." The Walrus was the only outlet reporting on this way back in 2016 -- and *where it was coming from*. Note that at the time, it was still the "moderate" Rona in charge of the party and that Mad Max's version of the Tea Party or UKIP had yet to exist. This is CPC through and through.

And it isn't solely the blame of US RW media like Fox, or even the fault of Trump, because the Trudeau hate was going on well before Trump was elected. Yes, the parties are all connected but this is the fault of Harper's cons and their media friendlies, ginning up hate against a duly elected prime minister they *still* refuse to admit is democratically legitimate. It's also the fault of the "straight shooter" MSM ignoring it because their ratings metrics and personal biases didn't consider it "newsworthy." Just like they ignore the accomplishments of this government while hyping up the negative. US media does the same thing: Jobs reports continue to be glowing under Biden but MSM only wants to talk about inflation and his kid's laptop. I guess it's so jarring to find Canadian media doing the same to PMJT because it flies in the face of the "Canadian identity" of "we're not Americans."

And still he continues fighting. 10 years in fact has passed since that history-making prizefight when Ezra was practically creaming himself in hopes that PMJT would be paralyzed or dead. What does he get as a reward? A spot in the Globe whining about his free speech being censored. #CdnMediaFailed every single day. They're failing the public and failing democracy as much as they're failing themselves.

PMJT is the cons' and the media bubble's portrait of Dorian Grey. For as long as they continue letting their hate and cynicism decay them, as he continues to win elections to their soul-eating chagrin, the more they're committing a slow professional suicide, while he never changes and remains above the fray. Either the Star, Globe, CTV, all these feckless bubbleheads wake up and report properly on who is looking to harm the PM and family, and most importantly, what side of the aisle those losers overwhelmingly represent, or they bothside themselves into extinction. But as the kids say these days (or used to say), nothing of value would be lost. The more they try to strike him down, he becomes stronger than they will ever realize.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....Yes, our miserable Con media has really hit rock bottom. They are allowing the little Fuhrer Pierre Poilievre to get away with the most right-wing extremist platform this country has ever seen. They can't even bother to fact check his absurd claims that the Trudeau government is responsible for rising prices. They allow him to get away with his equally absurd claim that what this country really needs is more oil and gas, as if climate change wasn't our biggest and most dangerous challenge. And yes, worst of all, they are totally ignoring the rising tide of anti-Trudeau hate that doesn't just threaten the Prime Minister, it threatens our peaceful way of life. I know they hate the hashtag #CanadianMedia Fail, but it is what they deserve. And there could be no better example than the sight of the Con airhead Vassy Kapellos masquerading as a foreign correspondent. I can only imagine what a true war correspondent like the BBC's Lise Doucette would think of her, but fortunately Kapellos didn't get near a battlefield and was reduced to interviewing people in Ottawa...from Warsaw. I've never seen anything more ridiculous. and it reminded me of National Lampoon's European Vacation. And so soon after Travis Dhanraj asked the Prime Minister why he had to travel to Europe on the "tax payer's dime" to meet with NATO leaders. It's insane, and the media needs to be taught a lesson it will never forget before it leads us to a very bad place....

Anonymous said...

The fact is Canada and global democracies are in a world war and have been for a long time now. The war against disinformation, misinformation or more apropos, lies. It's stunning that anyone in Russia right now caught seeking or sharing the truth face lengthy prison terms while those in the west who are dividing their nations with lies and hate are considered as exercising their right to free speech. How fucked up is that? They are literally screaming fire where none exists and we're seemingly incapable of shutting these fuckers up. One need only look at the melting pot the US has become and where we're headed up here unless drastic measures are taken. Global democracies whose governance is based on reality need to unite and enact laws that severely punish those that intentionally spread lies and foment hate for political/monetary gain. Same goes for FB and Twitter who do very little to nothing to stop the spread of the right wing BS that permeates their sites. As for our complicit MSM, JT needs to reverse Harper's changes that allowed 85% of our media to be US right-wing owned, as in postmedia and the rag tabloid sun. They deserve nothing less than to be declaring bankruptcy and slithering off into oblivion. Speaking of slithering, CTV amplifying the nazi euro MEPs over JT's well received speech was an all time low for them. Calling them out is useless, however, this might get their attention. If everyone cancelled their phone/internet/news/satellite packages with Bell and avoided clicking anything CTV on the web, I think they'd notice that and be sure to tell them why you cancelled. I've been done with them for eons now but back then it was mainly due to extremely shitty service. As for the rebel and their troglodyte tentacles, how about we extradite the whole pile of shit to New Zealand and let them prosecute them for inspiring a mass murderer? Barring that, nothing short of shutting them down will do.

JT and JS can do a lot in 3 years. Once the inquiry exposes all the inconvenient truths the Cons so desperately want to keep hidden from us, they can then act to severely punish those involved with the Bozo insurrection and enact laws that would severely hinder it from happening again. In the meantime, here's a simple rule to teach your family and friends. When anyone on the right accuses someone on the left of something, you can guarantee that 99.999% of the time, that is exactly what they are.

DDR said...

In 1970, Canadian media philosopher, Marshall McLuhan wrote, “World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation.”
After watching the Insurrection in the States January 6th, and the recent Tucker assault on Ottawa and the border bridges, its amazing how correct he was.
And I can't help but recall Senator Michael MacDonald, the Harper flunkie who was never elected to a parliamentary seat after running and failing four times but Harper seen fit to hoist this asshole up to a life time achievement award, for kissing his ass I guess, with a life time seat in the Senate.

There hasn't been any repercussions, no recusal or resignation, for a sitting Senator, who, while pissed to the gills out in public, actively promoted sedition, spouted anti scientific nonsense and slagged his wife for showing fear for her family during the occupation.
Is this the best we have representing Canadian values in the Senate?
The Conservatine traitor made a half ass apology blaming the person who recorded him, as if this was the real crime, and not a fucking word from the media.
I really hope this enquirey into the Trucker CONvoy has some punch, and that there will be reprecussions, but I won't hold my breath.

Simon said...

Hi JD...Brilliant comment. I think you're right, we are in a world war where the truth is in a desperate struggle with the fascist forces of darkness. I have to admit, when the Cons started trying to normalize lying I didn't take the threat seriously enough. I thought nobody could be dumb enough to believe what they were saying. But I was wrong, enough Canadians did believe them, and of course our shabby media did nothing to set the record straight. So now we live in a world where up is down and black is white, and like you I believe that democracies must do more to crack down on those who would undermine our freedoms while squealing "freedom" like the pigs they are. Also allowing American owned media to dominate our country and act as propaganda services for the Cons can't be allowed to continue. It's absolute madness to allow them to use those alien organs to confuse and divide Canadians. And you're right, if the government doesn't act we must organize mass boycotts to drive home our message. The truth is on our side and it must prevail, if this country is to survive...

Simon said...

Hi DDR...Yes, it is amazing how prescient the great Marshall McLuhan was. I only wish he was still with us so he could add his voice to those denouncing the scummy Cons. And yes, why has Michael MacDonald got away with encouraging the occupation of Ottawa, and even calling his own wife a "Karen" for wanting the protest to end. Somehow our useless media managed to gloss over his outrageous comments, and focus instead on Justin Trudeau's use of the Emergencies Act, even though without it the insurrection would have gone on forever. Like you, I'm not sure the inquiry will go anywhere, but if enough Canadians stand behind it, and demand answers, who knows what might be uncovered...

Steve said...

When we are talking about democracy or the Perrie Penis idea of freedom we should be careful.
Any close examination of Democracy in Ukraine and Russia will find little differences.

Anonymous said...

A thought provoking subject Simon. The Con strategy is simple, democracy cannot survive in a highly polarised society. Whether the Cons win or lose an election doesn’t matter as the ultimate outcome of a dysfunctional democracy is a dictatorship and they know how to barter with dictators. The assault on democracy is not limited to North America as even democratic Switzerland where all major legislation is subjected to a referendum beforehand has a thriving conspiracy party vying for power. One family even committed suicide to escape the unbearable anxiety associated with their conspiracy beliefs.
The question is no longer why but how do we stop the madness considering attempts to limit the consumption of garbage is viewed as an antidemocratic limitation of free speech. The anti Trudeau image is just psychological shorthand similar to teaching and lecturing people on how to be good Christians and then eventually condensing the emotions into flashing a sign of the cross to rekindle the rush. Cultism 101
When conspiracy laden political spam started flowing in earnest some 10 years ago it seemed likely that eventually people would tire of it and would set their software to relegate it to the junk folder. This has not happened and if anything it has gained momentum and has evolved from a curiosity to a hard addiction similar to drugs or porn for many. So what is the solution and why are democratic governments either oblivious or incapable of even taking modest steps to address the problem? Although there are a lot of political freeloaders like Poilievre the root of the problem is media outlets use emotion to engage people long enough to sell their wares. There is no direct link between the advertiser and the emotional junk used as the hook. Forcing the advertising promoters out into the open as the sponsors would be a good place to start, alternatively if there are no sponsors the consumer should be charged and the money donated to an addiction support fund. Not to be overly pessimistic but time is running out as robotic journalists can scan millions of social media posts, identify what’s trending , slap together an article with an optimised emotional tone and inject it back into the self sustaining media loop. No pseudo journalist required to stoke destructive anxiety in the name of corporate and political profit, it can be all automated!