Wednesday, April 06, 2022

The Disturbing Gospel of Pierre Poilievre

Pierre Poilievre has been setting a frantic pace in the Con leadership race, and seems to be easily outpacing the other candidates.

As Stephen Harper's former flak Andrew MacDougall recently wrote:  

In case you hadn’t noticed, Poilievre has been pulling enormous crowds as he tours the country in support of his bid....To a Conservative membership fed up with losing, Poilievre is something akin to a religion.

But if it's a religion, it's a weird one, and the Gospel of Poilievre is deeply disturbing.

The notorious bully is trying to look like a kinder, gentler version of himself.

But Lord knows I'm not impressed. 

And neither am I impressed by Poilievre's bizarre campaign to become the Bishop of Bitcoin.

Claiming that what is little more than a giant Ponzi scheme, is the best way to free ourselves from the "control" of the central bank, and fight inflation. 

When as a former Governor of the Bank of Canada points out, that claim is absurd and could lead to a depression.

And this well known economist is not wrong either.

The Con grifter Poilievre would lead this country to financial disaster.

But what bothers me most about that puffed up pigeon, apart from his vow to "axe the carbon tax" and end the war on climate change, is the way he is always going on about "freedom."

Not just because as Bruce Anderson points out Cons and freedom don't go together.

And Poilievre is the last person I would trust with my freedom:

But also because I simply can't understand why our crappy media can't or doesn't want to understand that freaky fascist is still pandering to the trucker terrorists. 

The ones who tried to overthrow a duly elected Canadian government.

But maybe this will help them understand who Poilievre really is, and why he never mentions the murderous assault on Ukraine.
Because Poilievre is one of THEM.

But don't tell that to some of the old geezers at Progressive Bloggers who were seen yesterday reading some idiot post comparing Poilievre to Justin Trudeau. And clapping like seals.

Can you believe that? Is dementia THAT cruel?

But whatever they say, Poilievre is a Harper flunky who doesn't share the values of this country.

He's a fascist who would turn this country into a police state.

And we will make damn sure that he never gets to govern our Canada...


Carl L said...

Question is, will the other leadership candidates call out his lunatic BS?
Are there even enough rational people left in that party?

Anonymous said...

Well, one thing's certain. PP's got a lock on the racist/in serious need of mental health votes. It's frightening how deluded these people are and being the POS that he is, PP is taking full advantage of their delicate mental conditions for his own gain. He/they say "he has risen". I say "so has my breakfast". Thank God the majority of us will see or already know that PP's a populist, con artist joke catering to a base that would make most decent Canadians cringe. With all that's going on right now I believe everyone could use a little levity. Here's an amazingly accurate and hilarious take on the current state of our politics and I hope this guy keeps them coming.


Myworld1916 said...

Not that I'm lessening or anything but if Poilievre is so laughable, I've become so enraged and pissed off recently when it comes to his provincial Quebec homologue Eric Duhaime who is seeming to easily woe voters in the Quebec city region, including left wing sovereignists from Quebec Solidaire (NDP equivalent aka). As I try to express it, it's really stepping on my 'beans' when this doofus has only tried to be empathic and quoting people who talked to him about suicide when it comes to channeling all his energy in axing out Quebec's covid lockdown when in fact he never mentionned nothing of it before that when his only goal is privatizing the SAQ monopoly and trash talking Justin Trudeau at once (keep in mind he's still a radio host on Quebec city's radio X which can be pulling another Péladeau if he doesn't desists). You know, people who are seduced by Duhaime are saying he is not right wing, but they haven't seen nothing yet since he and his goons of Fillion and Sénéchal are only telling him what he want's to hear. No wonder once he's gonna cater his vote to diverse faction they will all be spitted out once he's elected. I could go on and on but the ones he represents as 'broken' by the covid lockdowns are the ones who could've prosper. I could've prosper if it wasn't from some administration bullcrap (remedial programs at my school, no sports programs or anything à la katimavik, etc...).

Simon said...

Hi Carl...According to the latest poll I've seen, I don't think the other candidates stand much of a chance, and no chance of calling out his BS.

Polievre: 66%
Charest: 18%
Brown: 6%
Lewis: 6%
Atchison: 1%
Baber: 1%

Maybe something could change if the media took a hard look at the fascist nonsense he is spouting, but I'm not going to hold my breath.
Poilievre is heading for victory, and it will be up to us to make sure that's as far as he goes. And I'm looking forward to that...

Simon said...


He/they say "he has risen". I say "so has my breakfast".

Good one. I feel the same way, and judging by the crowds he is attracting, I also have to question the sanity of those who think he's some kind of Messiah, and not a kooky little fascist. I would really like to find out why they feel that way about him, but even if he is elected he will have to wait three years for the next election, and that will be more than enough time for us to destroy him. I think he's going to find the going so tough I wouldn't be surprised if he spontaneously combusts. Hallelujah, the Bitcoin Messiah has risen !!!

DDR said...

As much as Skippy can try to out deplorable Bernier, I don't think it will work.
It's the same problem Scheer and OToole had with the CPC. They have to act like an extra special douchebags, with anti-women bodily autonomy rhetoric, bigoted LGBTQ+ opinions, and endorsing radical religious practices like coversion therapy, to get the votes from SoCons during their leadership convention.
When that's over they have to walk back these terrible ideas because most Canadians want nothing to do with turning their idea of turning Canada into Gilead.
Bernier has no issues saying the ugly stuff out loud in Public, and this has made the real far right crazies abandon the CPC and jump on the Berniers bigot band wagon that is the PPC.
Imagine, Skippy isn't enough of a bigot to deserve their vote. I never thought I'd say that about an actual elected member of Parliament.
I, for one, love the fact that the Right is finally splitting their vote, like we have been doing for decades.
Having said that, I think it's still smart, as a progressive to vote strategically, especially with an election in Ontario coming up.
Even if you are a left leaning NDPer, if your candidate in your riding has no chance of defeating the Con candidate them bite your lip and vote for the Lib who might unseat the Con.
Until the Right gets their shit together and actually starts working with and for the people and not Big Oil, they should be obliviated from Canadian politics.
Remember, ABC,
Anybody Besides Cconservatives

Jackie Blue said...

So I take it no one in MSM is going to do the yeoman's work of us toiling on social media, to point out the disturbing connections between Skippy and the fringe lunatics singing the praises of charlatan snake oil salesmen like Jordan Peterson, Brett Wilson, and whoever in the online ether is shilling for Chuckie Cheese tokens to replace the central bank. Let alone just how loud those dog whistles are when he goes on ad nauseam about the (((central bank puppeteers))). But to his deluded followers, he's just throwing the money changers out of the holy temple of Parliament. Why are those of us who point this out dismissed as "TruAnons" when we call it out for what it is?

Pepe the Pigeon messiah has dabbled in wink-nudge antisemitism before, with his Great Reset nonsense and his uncritical retweeting of Kerry Lynne Findlay's Freeland/Soros video. Not to mention, in the midst of WeGhazi, a seemingly forgotten abortive attempt at a mini-non-scandal that saw him connecting Katie Telford, her husband and some random PMO staffer to something he called the "Silver Triangle." Curious that his efforts to project some sort of menage-a-trois fantasy about the Liberal backroom used the insignia of Holocaust prisoners' uniforms as his diagram, to smear a Jewish man as "corrupt." Coincidence, I think not.

The shirt-tearing from the press gallery when Trudeau rightly pointed out the Cons have made besties with "people who carry swastikas" was vomit-inducing. I emailed the Globe yesterday to let them know that they had omitted important information about Skippy the chipmunk's favorite Bitcoin podcaster: that Robert Breedlove has gone on record as comparing central banking to Nazism, and counts Pepe as one of his biggest fans. Still haven't gotten a reply from the reporters. But hey, "never again" is only meaningful when it can be abused as a cudgel against a Liberal prime minister attempting to *stop* the Nazis and their enablers, right?

Pippy is Orange Twitler with a helium voice and equivalent size hands. "He is risen"? No, he is *risible*. And his ego is bigly yuuuuuuuuuuge.

Simon said...

Hi MyWorld1916...I don't blame you, I always thought Éric Duhaime was extremely annoying. But then what do we expect when he began his political career working for Stockwell Day before moving on to work for Mario Dumont? And then hit rock bottom by becoming the Quebec correspondent for Rebel News. Although perhaps that dubious honour should go to his ghastly book La fin de l'homosexualité et le dernier gay.(The End of Homosexuality and the Last Gay) where claimed that homophobia was a thing of the past, and gay kids didn't need any help. He may do reasonably well in the Quebec City area which is Quebec's Con bastion, but anywhere else he's just a joke...

Simon said...

Hi DDR... It's clear that Poilievre is trying to steal some votes from Bernier's kooky People's Party. But as you point out, he's not enough of a bigot to steal many votes from Bernier, so I don't see that going anywhere. What he does have going for him is the support of the trucker terrorists, and no doubt Leslyn Lewis will gather up the religious right supporters, so she can present them to him like she did to O'Toole. But again I don't see that going anywhere either. Judging by the polls it looks like he will be the new Con leader, but three years as Opposition Leader should not only erode his popularity, but also torpedo the Cons. I don't want to completely rule him out as a threat, or as another would be Canadian Trump, but I think we can handle him, as he is his own worst enemy...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....I'm still not sure who Poilievre thinks he is these days. I know he's the king of the Trudeau haters, but as I said in my post he's also starting to resemble an American televangelist, and with his wacky theories on just about everything a caricature of Trump. That however might blow up in his face if Trump is re-elected and the last thing Canadians would want to see is a Canadian Trump impersonator. I keep hearing some in our shabby media claim that he's a sharp political operator, and he does have the old Harper gang working for him behind the scenes. But if the media does its job, I can't see him going far. If I'm wrong, you will find me in a cave in the Scottish highlands, for it will be the end of the Canada I know and love....

Pierre D. said...

Pierre Poilievre will never be a (permanent) Prime Minister of Canada.
The math is simply unfavourable to him, he is repellent to anyone with an education or any form of foresight or critical thinking. He is the Yoda of the Yokels, the rabble love him.

And now that Chrystia Freeland (long may she reign) has dropped a budget that addresses housing, the military and helps the less-moneyed through dental care and soon. health care, Canada is on the way up up up.

It was hilarious seeing CPC stooges dismissing the dental plan with Vassy Kaspelos:
"But it's like $500 a year per kid, maybe twice per year!"
"But 50% of Canadians have insurance, this helps no one!"

Always the party of the fat cat, CPC.
Oh, and the oil lobby is on notice. Clean up or get the truck out.

Good day sunshine, good day sunshine, good day sunshine....

Steve said...

Perrie Penis will as Pm will bring in the blockchain vote that always picks him as the winner.

Anyone who runs for leader of the company of a blockchain platform makes Trump look ethical.

Anonymous said...

Skippy is destined to become the self proclaimed leader/exploiter of the motor heads. Another legacy group where sniffing combustion fumes for work or pleasure has become an integral part of their psyche. Cons are exploiters, with the transition away from fossil fuels this group is ripe for exploitation. The love affair with bitcoin stems from the trucker movement where bitcoin funds seem to have circumvented the monetary freeze for now. What the geniuses of common sense do not realise is that all bitcoin transactions are of public record and although the bitcoin wallets are anonymous the feds have ways of determining ownership unless you are privy to some very sophisticated ways of playing cat and mouse. Organic fume sniffers do not qualify! Common sense is a virtue when matched with rigorous analysis but is just another form of hubris when used on its own. Skippy is a hubris addict so the affinity is strong.


Simon said...

Hi Pierre....Like you I don't think that Poilievre will ever be Prime Minister. He has stirred up the Con base, he is as you say the Yoda of the Yokels, but his far right extremism will turn off most Canadians. To make matters worse for him, his bitcoin obsession and his continuing support for the trucker terrorists will come back to haunt him, and make him an object of ridicule. And yes, the Freeland budget is a beauty and can only help the Trudeau government win more support. So please let me join you in a round of this song:

Good day sunshine, good day sunshine, good day sunshine

The Cons are dying and it feels sooooo good....

Simon said...

Hi Steve...The blockchain issue may attract some dumb greedsters who think it can make them rich. But when the media reports how so many end up with nothing at all, and begging for pennies in the street, that fad will make Poilievre look like even more of a fraud. If that's possible....

Simon said...

Hi RT...The bitcoin world is a shark tank full of grifters waiting to take advantage of the gullible. And in Poilievre's case it only reinforces his ties to the trucker terrorists, so I can't imagine it being such of a vote getter. Poilievre is doing what all he can to win over supporters of the People's Party, but again I can't see that helping him in a general election. And three years as opposition leader should finish him off, especially if Donald Trump is President again. Which should finish the pigeon off, and his party...