Monday, April 11, 2022

Pierre Poilievre and the Trumpification of Canada

When the so-called Freedom Convoy invaded Ottawa Pierre Poilievre was there to welcome them with open arms.

He supported them, he defended them, he brought them coffee and donuts. He started using the word "Freedom" all the time, to let the hairy honkers know that *wink* *wink* they had a real friend in Pierre.   

Now he wants them to return the favour, and help make him Con leader.

Only to have Jean Charest use that sordid relationship against him.

And demand that Poilievre resign.

Doubling down on his condemnation of his Conservative leadership rival, Jean Charest says that Pierre Poilievre should be disqualified from becoming leader of the federal Conservative party over his support of the “Freedom Convoy.” 

“He supported the blockade. There's consequences to those decisions. And one of the consequences is that he should not be a leader of a party, even less a prime minister,” Charest said, noting that the protests led to businesses having to close, costing people their jobs.

And that's not all. He's also going after Poilievre for vowing to "axe the (carbon) tax, the best way we have to fight climate change.

And for trying to use bitcoin to undermine the Bank of Canada...

In the interview, Charest also went after Poilievre’s position on cryptocurrency, which includes suggesting Canada could become the “crypto capital of the world,”and condemned him for “attacking the Bank of Canada.”

“You want to be prime minister of Canada, and you're telling Canadians that cryptocurrency is going to wipe out inflation? Does anyone credible believe that? Is there any economic person in the country who actually said that he was right? I mean, this is not just wrong. It's bizarre,” Charest said.

When you add it all up, it's a pretty devastating indictment.

So how is Poilievre trying to defend himself?

By accusing Jean Charest of being a LIBERAL!!!!

And by defending the truckers again.

You know these people...

In another time they might have appeared comical, but in these troubled times they are the harbingers of fascism.

And a warning about the Trumpification of Canada. Read this thread and see what you think.
Poilievre is appealing to the same kind of people who elected Donald Trump in the United States.

He has been waiting for his chance to become their Great Leader for many years...

So far our shabby media has failed to recognize the danger. 

But sooner or later they will.

In the meantime, one of the best ways to take the wind out of his sails is to portray Pigeon Poilievre as one of the kookiest Cons this country has ever known.

And with a record like his, that should be a lot of fun....

He may be quite a pigeon, fit to be a Con leader.

But we don't need a Trump in Canada.

So he will NEVER be Prime Minister....



Anonymous said...

Pigeon Pierre. That's a great video of PP's not so greatest hits, Simon. The sad irony of it is the one preaching about the values of hard work is working so hard to divide this country into a Trumpian shithole. There's no value in that other than lining his pockets amidst the adoration from those not too bright and full of rage at their self inflicted lot in life. No worries though, PP will make the freest country on the planet even freer. ??? Huh? And with his degree in bitcoin Peckernomics, they'll be virtually richer than they could ever imagine. Or so they think.

As it appears, by September, the princess and the PP will be arguing over linens and mattresses at Stornoway. Inevitably, the princess will have to abdicate the Stornoway throne to the chosen one. He is risen, like a moldy yeast infection while Candida Bergen will fester on the sidelines. They truly are a nasty fungus spreading amongst the low IQ/racist population that will never be enough to elect him PM. Although Michael Gardner makes some good points in his thread, he overlooks the fact that Canadians have seen this movie play out before and has yet to conclude. We watched in horror at the absolute shitshow that was Trump and I just can't see Donny Douche wiggling his way out of the multitude of indictments that will be surely coming his way. Personally, I think it would have been easier to figure out the few laws that he didn't break and go from there. I believe that the worse it gets for Trump, the worse it gets for PP.

If PP Le Pew is chosen as leader, the Con MPs that are opposed to him(hmm, I wonder how many?) will have to decide whether they break away from the fantastically deluded and mystical world of PP, or crawl down the rabbit hole alongside him and anyone dumb enough to fall for his preachings. One thing is for certain, after seeing his crowds, some lining up for pictures with him(puke emoji), I've come to the conclusion that a portion of our population has serious mental health issues and in PP, someone who is more than happy to exploit it to the detriment of us all.

Carl L said...

At least Charest IS calling out out the lunacy of Skippy the Pew. Not sad to see that he's fightting back. I still think that the right-wing ultra-religious SoCon lunatics are too deeply rooted in the party for them to pick Charest to be their electable leader, but I could be surprised. After all, who saw Andre Sheer coming, back when Mad Bernier had the wind in his sails?
What I'm wondering though is, in the event where Skippy the Pew were chosen the as the next Con leader, will the Charest red tories rebel and split, or will they fall in line like sheeps?

Jackie Blue said...

If the next election isn't until 2025, Pippy the Pinhead will likely be overshadowed by the return of the Orange Menace. A disastrous but unfortunately likely outcome for the meth lab country downstairs, but perhaps a necessary sacrifice to yet again warn the upstairs neighbours about. PMJT can only benefit from the obvious contrast, between himself as the progressive avatar of Canada running against the tangerine troll and the pigeon who parrots his angry squawking (and tweeting). Assuming also that the civil war in the big blue circus tent gets even nastier (and it most certainly will), a nice bonus would be if the CPC completely fractures once and for all. Watch the feathers fly.

In the 1980s, notorious Klansman David Duke ran for state rep in Louisiana against an old-guard Republican who was mired in financial scandal. The pitch from that now forgotten opponent was "it's either the crook or the racist." Seems like history is repeating itself in the slugfest between Low-Energy Crooked Jeb! Charest and Skippy J. Trump. Please clap. Fortunately, whoever "wins" the Pyrrhic participation trophy that is the QAnon Party of Canada's "leadership" won't be the only choice in the general election. Justin Trudeau could take on a tired old fossil who has the Huawei princess on speed dial just as well as he could the cuckoo pigeon. And he most certainly will.

Bottom line is that the Conservative Party in whatever form must be destroyed if Canada is to survive. That thread from Mr. Gardner is a warning for those left of centre not to get complacent. But if the arc of the universe truly does bend in the direction of justice, that loudmouth pigeon will get fried into chicken nuggets before he ever gets close to the PMO. Maybe it's time to make some signs to rile up the Liberal faithful and ABC voters:

Pigeon Poilievre, Go Pluck Yourself!

Bill Malcolm said...

It is indeed troubling that a sizable number of total nitwits apparently think Pepe is for real. But then, most people don't read, haven't the faintest clue about history, are bereft of general knowledge, get their news off Facebook which is even less reliable than MSM, and think about two feet beyond their noses. The big picture isn't for them, nor do they feel it has the slightest relevance.

I think it was forever thus: people have to understand what it is they currently do not understand or "get". And admit their fallibilities and the possibility that they may well be underinformed. But who likes to admit that there may well be layers of subtlety and fact they are completely unaware of? Everyone likes to think they're a genius in their own minds. So if people blindly grope about, secure in the fantasy that they're "on top of it" when the actuality is that they're not, crazy things can happen. Like the ascension of a self-promoting idiot like Poilievre to the Con throne. No doubt on some level he believes his own BS, just like Trump does his.

Does anyone like the fact that the rich actually run things (except they the bigheads themselves of course) in our society? Obviously not, but the opposition to that is completely diffuse and disorganized. And the rich actively keep the herd under- and misinformed to maintain their hegemony. They even sponsor studies to see whether they are a superior genetic race to the mere plebs. Monarchies have lasted centuries on premises like that.

I don't claim special knowledge and know there are certainly many plot twists I'm not aware of and thus haven't incorporated in my world view after 75 years of trying. The only thing I can be sure of is that the line of BS about whether our Western values are superior to say Russia's or China's is the product of minds employed to keep us thinking that it is and anyone believing differently is a complete unpatriotic dunce. And the populations of those other huge countries are fed their own line of BS as to why their respective systems are better. These huge countries demand utter loyalty from smaller countries stuck in their economic zones of influence. Or else. Pierre Trudeau pointed out the obvious fifty years ago.

The whole world is thus ruled generally by sociopaths who got to the top of the larger nations. The lesser-spotted Poilievre is just one of them in a smaller theatre of influence, angling for his time to be in charge to boss people about and feel the surge of adrenalin that comes with being the big kahuna. A big fish in the little pond of Canada, which is itself beholden to US whims.

No matter, the Earth itself is reeling from excessive over-utilization of resources and overpopulation, and will soon bring an end to the way things are. Nobody will really lift a hand to avoid environmental disaster, least of all the rich and their lackeys the politicians. People will look out their windows on the increasingly fewer nice days when there aren't floods or wildfire smoke and pronounce -- it looks fine to me.


DDR said...

It's time for the Liberals, NDP and the media to start, not only questioning Skippy, but calling him out for his ponzi scheme Bitcoin plan to replace the Bank of Canada with crypto-currency.
With the recent shut down and arrest of the dark web site, Hydra, by the German police, this should give them the opening to attack.
Make sure the uninformed people are aware that these dark web sites are avenues to obtain the worse in what humans have to offer, from hitmen to child porn and can only exist with the anonymous cover, and the shady world of crypto-currency.
Then use Sun news type questions.
Why is Pierre Poilievre so keen on Bitcoin?
Does he have a hidden agenda?
Has he ever purchased something illegal off of the dark web with his bitcoin?
Does he condone the use of bitcoin for child porn?
How about hitmen?
Is he planning on shutting down Revenue Canada and opening a dark web site instead?
Will billionaires and corporations now pay taxes in imaginary bitcoin, while the rest of us use real money?

Simon said...

Hi JD...I can't believe the way some of the Cons are falling for Poilievre. They're making the Pigeon feel like he is some kind of televangelist and the result is hilarious. Except that the ones bringing all that fire and brimstone into his tent are the terrorist truckers and their kooky movement, and Poilievre is still pandering to them, and needs to be denounced. But the media is more interested in the relatively large rallies he has been getting, that in what Poilievre is saying, and so have no idea how far right he has strayed from the values that make us Canada. And consequently have no idea how much of a threat the far right is becoming. I'm still hopeful that Poilievre will bring down the house on himself and the Cons, but we do need the media to do its job...

Simon said...

Hi Carl...I'm glad Charest finally spoke up and denounced Poilievre's nutty notions. With the media so quiet somebody had to. I'd like to see if any other other Con candidates are also criticizing Poilievre, but somehow I doubt it. With the possible exception of Patrick Brown they are the greatest bunch of nobodies I've ever seen. As for Charest, he doesn't even have a seat, so if he is beaten by Poilievre he will probably just fade away, along with the last of the Progressive Conservatives. However it's too early to declare Poilievre the winner, and as he reveals how much of a far-right extremist and Trumpling he really is, his fortunes could still fade fast...

Steve said...

I want to see a straight up fight better Penis and Jt.
Lets see what kind of country we are.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...I have always believed that Poilievre is not as smart as our hapless media would make him out to be, and one of the reasons is that he doesn't seem to realize that his fake Trump act would come to a screeching halt if the real Trump roared back to life. And secondly, his absurd claim that he can make us the freest country in the world makes absolutely no sense, since we are already one of the freest countries. And as Stephen Harper's faithful poodle he did everything he could to suppress the vote, and turn this country into a prison state. However, what he calls his "movement" is having an Elmer Gantry moment, thanks to his pandering to the trucker terrorists. But when Canadians finally realize what that fascist quack is really peddling, I'm sure they'll laugh him out of the tent. Canadians can be dumb, but not THAT dumb...

Simon said...

Hi Bill...Good comment. And this sums up our biggest problem:

It is indeed troubling that a sizable number of total nitwits apparently think Pepe is for real. But then, most people don't read, haven't the faintest clue about history, are bereft of general knowledge, get their news off Facebook which is even less reliable than MSM, and think about two feet beyond their noses. The big picture isn't for them, nor do they feel it has the slightest relevance.

The abominable ignorance of so many Cons, aided and abetted by our lazy media, that has allowed Poilievre to spread his kooky nonsense without taking the time to expose him as a shameless quack. They haven't even noticed that Poilievre has made no mention of the war in Ukraine, because so many of his trucker supporters are cheering for Russia. It's beyond belief. And his notion that he can ignore climate change, and it will go away, is absolute madness....

Simon said...

Hi DDR...I like those questions you suggest Poilievre should be asked. And I would only add this one: Did you slip your terrorist trucker friends a little bit coin to help them topple the Trudeau government? Because that's not just Con grifting, it's treason. Right now he is portraying the crypto world as something shiny and bright, and a new way to become rich, and sadly fooling a lot of people. But as you point out, it is in fact a shady world where crooks thrive, and the naive lose their savings. But then Poilievre is a millionaire, who has a vendetta against the Bank of Canada, so he doesn't give a damn. If he can steal some of Bernier's supporters by shouting "Bit coin rules!!!" and "Freedom!!!" that's all he cares about. But trying to peddle that quacky platform in a general election won't work, so the day of reckoning will be a harsh one....

Simon said...

Hi Steve....Long before the next election Pierre Poilievre will be down on a fours begging for mercy. We have so much dirt to use against him, we could take him out tomorrow, but we have to wait until the time is just right. Damn...

Pierre D. said...

Jackie has made perhaps the most cogent point (yet again, thanks Jackie!) when she brought up the Great Cheeto's return. Once he's selected as the Republican leader for 2025, we might as well put Justin Trudeau's face on the $20 bill because the election will be his to lose. Of course, there are many, many events that can happen between now and then, but with Chrystia Freeland delivering "balanced" budgets (appropriate spending on necessary issues) and the right splintering itself, it's looking like we may escape a Poilievre rule.

Don't take your eyes off Jean Charest though, as his Twitter feed has embraced Rebel Media, which is an instant disqualification. Leslyn Lewis is irrelevant, except that she'll siphon votes off Pigeon Pierre. Patrick Brown is the one to watch. He's incredibly sneaky, has a great ground game and will win one of the voting rounds for sure. He has as many supporters as Poilievre and just is keeping his head down before the election. And he is very, very worrisome for a variety of reasons...

Steve said...

No matter how crazy I allege the MSN of Canada, which is everybody now that the Star has been sold will support Penis.
I should point out that it is just like the war in Ukraine,
Russia eviler, Ukraine good, no matter what the facts.

Phillip Huggan said...

I'm happy Que. politicians know of its nanoexpertise even in small towns. Some of space could be Western Cdn expertise. Triton has ethane. Edm or Jasper could provide chilling facilities. The idea being to test satellite parts and research existing things in giant ethane coolers, sapphire solar cells or some other wind nanotech providing the power. It will be humid for alot of sensor experiments, but much of Antarctic research could commence there. A process for insulating coolers from ambient under-ice 34K to nested smaller coolers getting warmer and warmer is useful for big in situ vent-based aquariums. These come after coralline algae light based smaller ones. Drills are made of cryogenic ice and elements. Ice is itself shielding. It can interface with sapphire and types of carbon to make a more durable structure. The USA will want this research.
BC in concert with Seattle can do the glass coral or algae research. Also maybe the flora. GMO-ing krill and bacteria can help them live at slat and cold and maybe even Ammonia on some Moons. Eventually the biomass exceeds Earth's and food research is here.
MB can make nano-drugs and may be needed for radar networks and taking a 300m GPR dish to Triton. I'm thinking 2041 for a Saturn mine w/ Callisto, 2045 w/out. Leave for Triton 4 yrs later. I will cut NY State is as near equals.