Friday, July 21, 2017

Why Are The Cons Trying To Destroy Canadian Jobs?

The other day I accused Stephen Harper of acting in a treasonous manner, by trashing his country in Trump's America for crass political purposes.

But now his filthy Harper Party has taken that traitorous behaviour one foul step further.

By threatening to destroy tens of thousands of Canadian jobs.

For as Canada and the U.S. prepare to renegotiate the NAFTA deal, the last thing we need are grubby Cons like Peter Kent selling us out to Donald Trump, like Neville Chamberlain sold out Europe to Adolph Hitler.

By trying to whip up hatred against the Trudeau government.

Conservative foreign affairs critic Peter Kent penned a scathing op-ed in the Wall Street Journal he says in order to educate the American public about the Omar Khadr case, while also blasting the federal government’s decision to issue an apology and a reported $10.5-million settlement to the former child soldier and Guantanamo Bay detainee.

And inflame the maniac in the White House...

While the ghastly Con hog Michelle Rempel makes an absolute fool out of herself on the Fox News network...

Rempel told host Tucker Carlson Monday night that “most Canadians are absolutely outraged about this” and accused the Liberals of making the decision “in a vacuum” while MPs were away for the summer.

Looking like a stooge, and lying like a thief.

“This is not, like, a partisan political issue,” Rempel said. “This is something that people who actually voted for this government are going, ‘I’m not comfortable with this.’”

And even though Trudeau correctly points out that the NAFTA talks are too important for cheap partisanship.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the renegotiation of the North American free-trade agreement is "too important" for partisanship, after federal Conservatives went on a crossborder campaign to criticize the Liberal government for paying $10.5-million to former GuaAndntanamo detainee Omar Khadr.

The traitor-in-chief Andrew Scheer is vowing to continue that dirty game.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer vowed Thursday to keep up his party's condemnation of the settlement, saying any negative outcome resulting from the Khadr payout lies with the government.

But then why should anybody be surprised?

When that sinister religious fanatic has no shame either, and is about as Canadian as a three dollar bill...

And the good news?

If the traitor Cons were hoping to hurt Justin Trudeau by hurting their own people, it's just not working.

Canadians are not happy about paying Omar Khadr $10.5-million, but they’re not yet ready toss the Justin Trudeau government out over this issue, according to newly released polling data from Campaign Research.

An Angus Reid survey conducted over the same time frame as the Campaign Research one found 71 per cent disapproved of the government’s settlement with Mr. Khadr.

 However, the same Campaign Research survey found the popularity of the Liberal government and other parties mostly unchanged from a month earlier. The Liberals were favoured by 40 per cent of respondents, up one point from a similar survey done in June. The Conservatives were at 31 per cent, compared to 30 per cent a month before. The New Democrats were at 19 per cent, where Campaign Research polling has had them for the last several months.

 “It appears that the Khadr controversy failed to galvanize public opinion of the prime minister and the government as some thought it might,” Campaign Research CEO Eli Yufest said in a release.

The people it seems still prefer Justin Trudeau.

And so much for Michelle Rempel's claim that we are all Trumplings...

And the even  better news?

If Rempel and her creamy Cons keep beating that hollow drum, they risk overplaying their hand, and damaging their party beyond recognition.

And since I don't think they can stop, for they are political perverts, and they are traitors.

We have them where we want them.

And we ARE going to destroy them...


  1. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Yes Rempel, it's so not a partisan political issue that the only one to blame for it is that Justin Trudeau fellow, who just happens to be your political opponent. No need to mention the circumstances of Khadr's detention or his interrogation by CSIS or the Supreme Court's ruling that his Charter rights were violated, it's all that damned handsome Trudeau's fault! Dammit, he's too handsome! He's such a dreamboat!

    The sad thing is... you just know their hardcore supporters really do believe these pithy lies.

    I must admit I'm disappointed that such a large majority don't understand why this settlement was necessary. Granted, I'm not sure how the surveys were worded; after all, does anybody "approve" of millions paid out to smooth over government malfeasance? But given how much press this story has received, can ignorance really account for 71% disapproval? I don't know.

    1. hi anon...I have to admit that when I saw Rempel claim that it was not a partisan issue I almost fell out of my chair, or my hammock, laughing. And when I saw she had failed to mention how Khadr was tortured, I felt like vomiting. But as for that poll I wouldn't worry about it too much since it is rather deceiving. Seventy-one percent of Canadians may be annoyed to see the government pay somebody so much money, but most of them agree that Khadar was mistreated. And as more of them understand that we're paying for Harper's mistakes, the Cons will end up looking really bad...

  2. Anonymous10:51 AM

    They have already overstepped. The vast majority of Canadians are not impressed by tattling and sucking up to the Americans. We are a sovereign country, we don't care what anyone thinks of our court system.

    1. hi anon...quite right, our RepubliCons don't seem to understand that the Khadr settlement has almost nothing to do with the U.S., and everything to do with the way the rights of a young Canadian were violated. And the American court system has no lessons for Canadians...

  3. Anonymous11:06 AM

    "We have them where we want them."

    You are such a drama queen Simon F.

    1. hi anon...listen Con you can criticize my writing style, or the way I present the facts. But you can't deny those facts. The Scheer Cons have made a huge mistake by sounding like Harper never left, and it is exactly where we want them to be. They had a chance to make it look as if they had turned the page, but they blew that one chance right out of the water, and with it any chance of winning the next election...

  4. "But now his filthy Harper Party has taken that traitorous behaviour one foul step further. By threatening to destroy tens of thousands of Canadian jobs."

    Speaking of jobs...

    Fraser Institute's Calgary Herald op-ed used 'B.S.' data to attack raising the minimum wage

    1. hi David...yes, that's a good example of Con Thought. Raising the minimum wage will hurt the most vulnerable. Big Brother couldn't have said it better....


    Conservative Party charters large bus for their Omar Khadr Outrage US Tour 2017

    Conservative MP films bizarre CNN-inspired newscast denouncing Canadian journalists as 'fake news'

  6. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Simon, these treasonous bastards would have either been hung or shot not that long ago for their anti Canadian rants yet here they are going on American Trump channel Fox news stirring up hatred for our government and country. I'm guessing their favorite rectal cavity known as Steven Harper has reinvigorated their bottom feeding political habits?
    They are without conscience in their quest to destroy JT even if it costs us jobs, but they will learn that the vast majority of Canadians see them as they are, RepubliCons, ReformaCons or quite simply, opportunistic scum that will be scorned and ultimately erased from Canadian politics forever.

    1. Anonymous9:01 AM

      Not that long ago the Khadr family wouldn't have been allowed to immigrate to Canada in the first place.

    2. hi JD...I agree with you completely, those treasonous bastards should be ashamed of themselves. But as I said in my post I believe they have made a big mistake. Canadians don't like those who would stir up the Americans against them, when it's none of their business. And like you I believe the Cons will eventually pay a heavy price for that treason...

    3. hi anon 9:01 am...the Khadr family has nothing to do with the case of the child soldier Omar Khadr, who I remind you was born in Toronto, Canada. Is every case in our court system now going to be determined by how we feel about the families of those charged? I don't think so...

    4. Actually Arab migration to Canada goes back (at least) to 1882, well over 100 years ago:

      My late professor Dr Norma Salem, of Coptic Egyptian origin, wrote several essays on the subject.

      People from the "Arab world" are an important factor here in Montréal; most are from the Maghreb or the Levant - especially Lebanon but now also many fleeing Syria, in demographic, economic and cultural terms (including culinary ones). They include Muslims, Christians and Jews, as well as people not identified with a faith community and membes of some small minority (and persecuted) faiths.

  7. Anonymous2:39 PM

    How many jobs have the Lieberals destroyed in Ontario?

    1. hi anon...actually, the last time I checked the province was booming. But I imagine that you get your facts from The Rebel and Ezra Levant is not exactly an economist...

  8. worms Roxanne worms

  9. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Trudeau called it way back in 2011, during the Kyoto debates.

    Peter Kent is a partisan pièce de merde.

    1. hi anon...I don't like to use vulgar language, but if anyone deserves that it would be Peter Kent. It's hard to believe that he was once a bright-eyed journalist. How lowhashe fallen....

    2. It makes me sad to remember his wonderful late sister...

  10. Anonymous1:03 AM

    Is the Con leadership intellectually lazy, dishonest or both? Its as if they were asleep for the whole Khadr story and just woke up when the settlement was announced. I can understand why a busy Canadian with limited information might conclude that paying a "convicted terrorist" $10 million is an outrage but for paid government officials to ignore the facts and spew destructive rhetoric borders on criminal. Perhaps its the domain of a far right (or far left) party but certainly not fit to be the official opposition much less govern.
    Yes terrorism continues to be a threat and the international legal framework needs to be improved to counteract it but strong arm abolition of basic human rights with "a fight them to the death by whatever means available" mentality will only strengthen terrorism rather than weaken it.
    The Khadr story starts with his father placing him under the tutelage of a group of Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan. Although parts of the Taliban had connections to Al Qaeda they were not on the US or international terrorist list so were considered military combatants. Perhaps the lack of a terrorist designation was because the Taliban and US were allies against the Soviet Union in a previous war or the Afghan government wanted to negotiate with them which would be difficult if they were classified as terrorists. Terrorists are criminals subject to criminal law, military combatants are subject to military law. A seemingly minor point but it has major legal implications. Khadr was a underage military combatant when captured and should have been treated as a prisoner of war taking his age into account as per the international convention that Canada signed on to. However a simple POW designation for Mr Khadr was not good enough and the US decided to charge him with war crimes. This is where justice gets really murky. Khadr was captured in a small compound that had been bombed and shelled for over 4 hours. It was assumed everyone was dead but just to be sure a soldier approached from the back (OC1) as others approached from the front. OC1 saw a combatant still moving and killed him, when the dust settled he saw another one still moving and shot him (Khadr) twice in the back. During this time a grenade was thrown by someone that killed Speer. No one actually saw who threw it. Although it is couched in fancy legal jargon the war crime was essentially continuing to fight (to the death) in a manner that kills innocent soldiers who thought you were already dead or certainly would be once OC1 finished the mop up. With Canada's help he was tried and convicted of a US inspired retroactively imposed war crime that is not internationally recognized. As an under age prisoner of war Khadr had a choice, admit to the "war crime" or stay in the Guantanamo hell hole forever. It is the type of story martyrs are made of..... that is if the roles were reversed and Khadr was an underage Con soldier who fought to the end but somehow survived only to be imprisoned under torturous conditions forever.

    1. hi RT...thank you for summing up the Khadr case, and reminding people what a travesty of justice it was. In my life I have known few cases that have shocked me more, and none that made me more ashamed to be a Canadian....

  11. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Hi Simon

    The Khadr case is a red flag on the potential direction of our society if it was left unchecked. We cannot accurately predict the future but at the same time it was unsurprising that the Taliban went from a local militant friend to an international adversary similarily if governments are allowed to circumvent basic human rights without recourse its not difficult to predict society is headed to a very dark place. The irony is that although the hapless Cons are enablers they are no where near competent enough to rule the resulting transformation.