Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Con Clown Cheryl Gallant Disgraces Herself Again

As I like to say every time I write about Cheryl Gallant, this is all you really need to know about that ghastly Con clown:

She's a religious fanatic, and a brutish anti-gay and anti-Muslim bigot. She told wounded soldiers suffering from PTSD that any stigma was in their heads. She has compared abortion to a terrorist beheading.

She has heaped scorn on Atlantic Canadians who earn their living on the sea, for depending on the Coast Guard to rescue them. She calls environmentalists plant eaters, regularly compares the Liberals to the Nazis.

And needless to say is always disgracing herself.

Like the time she was caught debasing the memory of a murdered Canadian hero in order to peddle some glistening Easter hams. 

The slaying of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo while he stood guard at the National War Memorial in Ottawa galvanized the country, but now a Conservative MP is using his death to peddle Easter hams in a bizarre fundraising campaign.

Only to make an absolute fool out herself when asked to apologize, and run away squealing. 

No doubt to the great dismay of her most devoted fan or ham...

And the horror of most decent Canadians.

Well believe it or not, that Con porker has just disgraced herself. Again.

By staging a fake news broadcast to accuse the media of fake news in their coverage of the Omar Khadr settlement. 

Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant is accusing media outlets, including seemingly the Citizen, of putting out “fake news” in regards to their coverage of the federal government’s $10.5-million settlement with Omar Khadr.

“Whether it’s the Toronto Star, CBC, Globe and Mail, CTV or even the National Post, editorialists and columnists have been tripping over themselves in a rush to justify Justin’s payout to Khadr,” Gallant said, in a video posted to her Facebook page last week, against a backdrop that included media signs including the Ottawa Citizen logo.

And although Gallant quickly deleted her Facebook video, thanks to the good people at Press Progress the most pertinent parts of her insane rant were captured for posterity...

As well as some of her other  nutty comments.
Or gaseous emissions.

And while this question needs to be answered immediately:

Although the "GNN" videos purport to be broadcast "live from Parliament," it remains unclear whether Gallant's MP's office is being used as a makeshift news studio or if the videos are produced using public resources. Gallant's office did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

So do these:

(1) Will the wibbly wobbly sinister religious fanatic Andrew Scheer have the guts to discipline Gallant?

When he is just as bigoted as she is.

(2) Has Gallant finally lost the last of her marbles, and will she be confined in a safe place where she can't hurt others, or make an absolute idiot out of herself.

And lastly but not leastly, will that glistening Easter ham ever stop loving her?

Cheryl Gallant, a ghastly bigot and a Con clown.

And just one more good reason the Harper Party should never govern this country again...


  1. These people are certainly aggravating to say the least as they make it pretty much impossible to have an intelligent conversation on important issues. Fortunately it seems that much like Levant or Milo, their stupidity eventually goes too far, they something utterly asinine and most sensible people then see them for who they truly are and drop them like a reeking bag of rubbish. (Though you might appreciate the PROPER word for garbage :) )

    1. Hi Way Way Up...nice to hear from you. I hope you are OK and that things are looking up in poor Fort Mac. I think you are right. The extreme right-wingers may turn a country into a mad house for a while, but sooner or later they go too far, and they end up hurting themselves. And thank you for using the proper Scottish word for garbage, which is of course removed by the bin man... ;)

  2. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Oh they will govern the country again and you will loathe the day carrot top.

    1. Anonymous11:58 AM

      Anon 8:42 - Is that a threat, internet tough guy?

      mr perfect

    2. Anonymous5:23 PM

      Oh look, it's the rectal orifice MC again. That you behind the Guy Who Fawkes Himself mask, Ezra?

    3. Hi anon 8:42....golly, I haven't been called a carrot top since I was about ten years old, which sounds a bit like your present mental age. I bet you were a real bully. But then most Cons are, and that's why they must and will be crushed like roaches...

      P.S. I wouldn't recommend making fun of people with red hair here in the north of Scotland because there are an awful lot of them and I fear it could prove rather painful, and maybe even fatal...

    4. Hi Mr Perfect....yes it is another threat, I get a lot of them these days. Most of them I log and then delete. None of them can intimidate me, I've been fighting bullies from the age of about twelve, and their cowardly threats are like water off a duck's back...

  3. Anonymous10:20 AM

    The connies of today have done a remarkable job rehabbing the image of Brian Mulroney.

    1. Anonymous5:21 PM

      The party of Diefenbaker is as distant of a memory for Canada as the party of Eisenhower is for Americans.

    2. Hi anon 10:20....I have to say that compared to the Cons of today Brian Mulroney looks quite good. He was an old scoundrel, but his fight against apartheid was both honourable and very Canadian. And since Margaret Thatcher hated him, he couldn't be all bad.... ;)

    3. Hi anonymous 5:21...yes you're right. I don't think have voted for either Dief or Ike, but they were both much more honourable and decent than the Cons and Republicanns of today. I wish more conservatives understood that, and what they have lost by allowing extremists to hijack their parties....

  4. I travelled from Ottawa to attend the college in Pembroke a couple of years ago, part of Gallant's riding, and during the election a friend from school, an older man, was wearing a Gallant button. So I asked him if she was good and he replied, "No, she's awful. Absolutely terrible". So I asked him why he was voting for her and he said "because she's not a liberal". So despite how awful some of these cons are, their rural base won't change their votes thereby guaranteeing them a long stay in parliament. You'd think these otherwise nice rural people would not want to be associated with such types but there you have it.

    1. Anonymous2:26 PM

      This is not just a rural phenomenon, remember Tom Wappel? Next to him, Brad Trost could be a cheerleader on a float at Pride Parade. And yet he was elected 6 times in Scarborough, and never reprimanded by Jean Chretien or Paul Martin for his extreme views.

    2. Hi aka Joe....I have never understood how anyone could vote for someone like Cheryl Gallant. But I'm afraid you're right, attitudes get entrenched and people vote against something rather than for someone. And the Harper Cons went out of their way to pit rural Canadians against those in cities, which only encouraged those divisions. And out of that muck come people like Toews and Gallant...

    3. Hi anon 2:28 pm...I try very hard not to generalize, and understand the concerns of people who live in rural areas and cities. And you're right bigots can crawl out from under rocks anywhere. Part of the problem is that some rural areas like the ones I know in Quebec don't see many gay people or Muslims, so it's easier to dehumanize them or see them as some kind of threat. When in fact humans have far more things in common that things that divide them, and those who fan the flames of bigotry are hurting us all...

  5. Anonymous5:35 PM

    That this Khadrgate thing is even a "scandal" in Canada is sickening. He was a child, brainwashed by his deranged father, and a victim of the Bushwitz concentration camp that Steve-O Mussolini was all too gleeful about throwing the boy in and leaving him to rot. As a lifelong denizen of the free-range insane asylum below the 49th, it both saddens and angers me how the cancerous phenomenon of GOP Trumpist hatred has unfortunately spread to our northern neighbor, who has long had a trademark reputation for being polite, inclusive, and of course, saying sorry even when something isn't entirely their fault.

    Now, our own Cucker Tarlson of Faux News has recently decided to jump into the fray, dogpiling all over poor Justin over Khadrgate. This after he cribbed a page from none other than Levant's playbook, in issuing an abhorrent smear attack on the Romani community in Pennsylvania on what is now his "flagship" program on the channel (pretty sure that flag has a hakenkreuz on it).

    Canada must not let this morally brave but politically costly decision by the Trudeau government to turf the Liberals and render him a one-term wonder like Jimmy Carter. Whether that's by splitting the vote or outright giving the cons a majority is irrelevant -- the prospect of a Trump/Scheer partnership is too terrifying a spectre to even consider. The GOP North and their media acolytes are pure evil, and they're working overtime to rip off the mask of what the ostensibly "nice" Canadian harbors in his heart. All I can say for this "sorry" spectacle is to quote the title of a documentary about our young hero's fateful boxing-match victory:

    God save Justin Trudeau.

    1. Anonymous4:48 AM

      God save Justin Trudeau.....oh he won't.....he won't.

    2. Hi anon...who told you that Jimbo Jesus Scheer? And when he speaks to you does he speak to you in English, German, or Tongues?

  6. Hi anon... You're right, the reaction to the Khadar settlement has been absolutely disgusting, and there is no other word for it. I have written about his story for a long long time. I have said over and over again that I consider it to be a big black stain on the reputation of this country. I have even compared it to the Dreyfus case in France. And no story I have ever written has brought me more vile comments and death threats. So I must say I'm not surprised by the reaction the settlement has elicited, just very disappointed. But the good news is that Omar Khadr seems to have survived his ordeal, and is in many ways a remarkable young Canadian. Although I would have defended him even if he had been a real bastard because he was a child soldier. And you'll like this, according to a poll in the Hill Times the controversy has not put the slightest dent in the popularity of Justin Trudeau, which is slightly up rather than down. So I'm pretty sure that the more the Cons keep plucking that bigot banjo, the more damage they will do themselves....

  7. The sane face of the insane cons lost the election. This group will take them back to two seats.

    1. Hi Steve....I don't know how sane the Harper Cons were, but I think you're right, the Scheer Cons are heading for an absolute train wreck. They needed to differentiate themselves from the Harper legacy, but instead they are trying to double down on it....

  8. John B.7:05 AM


    "elite-stream consensus/media"

    Did this idiot make up these terms or are had they already entered the stublocon vernacular?

  9. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Simon, you can go back to your vacation. Nanos, Campaign Research, and Abacus have all confirmed Liberal support is steady. The cons have shot themselves in the foot.

  10. Conservative MP films bizarre CNN-inspired newscast denouncing Canadian journalists as 'fake news'


    Conservative Party charters large bus for their Omar Khadr Outrage US Tour 2017

    Conservative MP films bizarre CNN-inspired newscast denouncing Canadian journalists as 'fake news'