Monday, July 24, 2017

John Ibbitson's Obscene Ode to Andrew Scheer

I realize that the Globe writer John Ibbitson has written some rotten columns before, most of them in praise of Stephen Harper.

And I realize he works for a newspaper that somehow managed to endorse the Cons, if not Harper, in the last election.

Which was of course somewhere between absurdity, and insanity.

And after the way Harper and his foul Cons raped this country during the Decade of Darkness, was totally disgusting.

But Ibbitson's last two columns, the most recent in praise of Andrew Scheer, are just as absurd, and just as morally depraved.

For first he set the table with a column last Wednesday, that claimed that the Khadr settlement is to Justin Trudeau what the census was to Harper. 

The Omar Khadr affair is for the Trudeau government what the census scandal was for the Harper government: a midsummer meltdown that permanently taints the reputation of the prime minister.

When the census story broke in 2010, the Liberals painted Mr. Harper as a philistine prepared to destroy knowledge for the sake of a blinkered ideology. Similarly, the Conservatives are using the Khadr settlement to paint Mr. Trudeau as not only soft on terrorists, but willing to pander to one. The census charge stuck to Mr. Harper, and the Khadr charge will likely stick to Mr. Trudeau.

Which is absolutely outrageous, for the two situations are not even remotely comparable.

Stephen Harper's bizarre decision to gut the census was one of the most deranged and disturbing acts in modern Canadian history...

The act of a mad man, who wiped our part of our history, and would have left Canadians stumbling around in the evil darkness of his monstrous Harperland...

While Justin Trudeau was just trying to close a very dark chapter in our history, where the human rights of a young Canadian were violated over and over again by his own government.

It was the right and Canadian thing to do, and to suggest that Canadians will hold that against him is to suggest that most of them are as dumb and as bigoted as the Cons.

And as I have pointed out before, that flies in the face of reality.

We have news of a new poll this morning that may come as a surprise. A large-sample online survey by Abacus Data, conducted entirely after news leaked of the Trudeau government’s $10.5 million settlement and apology to former Guantanamo Bay inmate Omar Khadr, shows voter support for the Liberals holding steady at 43 per cent.

That’s the same level of support Abacus found for the Liberals in May, and three points higher than the party scored in the 2015 federal election.

And is no doubt news to Justin Trudeau...

But if that first Ibbitson column was absurd, his most recent one is even worse. 

Andrew Scheer has a decent chance of one day becoming prime minister, if he continues to display the political smarts of the past few days. Opposition parties can self-immolate before getting a chance to seriously challenge a government. But the new Conservative Leader is displaying good sense in handling his early challenges. 

Stephen Harper’s heir appears to have inherited his predecessor’s good judgment, which should help him in rebuilding the Conservative coalition.

For anyone who suggests that Scheer is being "politically smart" by giving the Charter of Rights the finger, and stirring up anti-Muslim bigotry.

Or suggests that trash talking their country in Trump's America, for crass political purposes isn't being controversial...

Even though that could cost Canada tens of thousands of NAFTA jobs, must be out of their minds, or a traitor.

And anyone who suggests that Harper had "good judgement," must be as crazy as he was, or a low Con stooge.

You know, about a year ago I wrote a post about Ibbitson's new book on Harper. 

I quoted what Bob Rae had to say about the book and its author.

The “Harper revolution” is permanent and can never be undone. For all his flaws, we are told, his successes and achievements justify the ruthless means. Ibbitson is a fan of the core of the Harper agenda and so attempts to put the most positive gloss on its shortcomings. He is a sophisticated and intelligent cheerleader.

And it only confirmed what I have always believed: Ibbitson was, is, and will always be a pathetic Harper groupie...

And that's probably why he likes Scheer so much.

Because he knows another Harper when he sees one.

Just like I do...

And this is the bottom line: Andrew Scheer is a sinister religious fanatic, and a clear and present danger to our human rights and our democracy.

And we will not be safe, or free from Harper's foul legacy, until him and his treasonous Cons are exposed for who they are.

And destroyed in the next election... 


  1. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Ibbitson is pathetic, always has been, always will be. our media has underestimated Trudeau for almost 5 solid years. Reminds me of the Chretien years when the big loss was always around the corner. They praised Stockwell Day of all people. Idiots.

    1. Hi anon... It has always puzzled me why in a centre-leftish country, most of our MSM is so right-wing. Having a gay man like Ibbitson praising an anti-gay bigot like Scheer really is the limit. And then they wonder why they are all going bankrupt. My position is this: either they start representing this country better, or they can all go to hell...

    2. Anonymous8:56 AM

      I did not even know Ibbitson was gay.

  2. Remember, 'John Ibbotsin' is a pseudonym for a bunch of monkeys at a bunch of typewriters not producing the works of Shakespeare.

    1. Hi rumleyfips...well that explains it. And to think I used to believe all those monkeys worked for the Rebel, and the ape Levant. I can't wait to see all those Cons sitting on street corners, typing furiously, and begging for quarters....

  3. Play the southern strategy to victory, thats the burn down the village to save it winning plan. Unfortunately in the USA it works and there is a good chance it will begin to erode common sense in Canada.

    For example I am a socialist minded person. However the absolute politically correct regime and groups like black lives matter make me uncomfortable. In the big picture its no big thing, but it enables the right to pick off the weak.

    1. Hi Steve...yes it's true, some lefties can be a little precious and soft. But as you know I'm not like that. I despise the weaklings in our own ranks almost as much as I loathe the Cons. The way I see it we're in a war with the right, only one sIde will survive, and I want to make sure it will be our side...

  4. Anonymous11:47 AM

    "Andrew Scheer is a sinister religious fanatic".

    *Snickers* I wonder what Scheer would think of you.

    1. Hi don't get your knickers or your snickers in a not. I have no idea what Scheer would think of me. But since he is a filthy anti-gay bigot, and doesn't believe in women's rights I think it's safe to say he would hate me almost as much as I loathe that grinning jackass.

      P.S. I will soon start revealing why I call him a sinister religious fanatic. And trust me it's not a pretty story...

  5. Black Lives Matter started in the US where it was pretty much open season on young black men in many police forces.

    1. Anonymous3:43 PM

      Please, tell us more about Saint Michael Brown.

  6. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Hi Simon I absolutely LOVE your picture of Scheer as Uncle Sam. That traitor never looked better. You are so creative, you make all the other Prog Blogs look soooooo boring. Don't you dare quit. :p

  7. Hi anon...thanks for that kind comment. I'm happy you like my Uncle Sam Scheer. However, I'm working on some other versions since I find that one too flattering... ;)

  8. Anonymous10:32 PM

    When all you have is a hammer (Christian fundamentalism) the whole world looks like a nail. Thanks to big data and targeted messaging the various parts of the hammer can be sold to various groups under the big tent. A handle for the fiscal conservatives, the face for the bigots to pound their foe with,a cheek for the fearful pessimists, a claw for the politically inspired hallelujah crowd. The reality is Canada is not bound together by Christian fundamentalism and ultimately the the fully assembled hammer represented by "you are either with us or with the enemy" mentality would either destroy the party or Canada or both. Trudeau's leadership values are largely in sync with the values that hold Canada together so progress (including economic) is easier than under the Scheer lead Cons where significant energy and opportunity would be wasted on stealthily imposing their values while hiding behind the blame game. Fortunately Scheer just doesn't seem to have what it take to master the blame game but perhaps a couple of good script writers and some acting lessons will change that.

    1. hi RT...All you say may be true, and religious fanaticism is not the route to power in Canada, more like the highway to hell. But Scheer is such a fanatic, and is turning the PMO into the closest thing to a papal conclave, that I'm not sure that he understand that. Luckily for him our hapless Con media won't even examine the backgrounds of the people he is appointing to top posts in the PMO. But if they won't I will, and I guarantee you it will be interesting...

  9. John B.5:26 AM

    I think that Ibbitson is just suggesting is that the negative effect that the Omar Khadr story may have on Justin's political fortunes would be of comparable consequence to the damages that Harper stood to suffer but didn't over his ideological stand on the census. I don't think he's making a comparison by means of a moral equivalency. He may be right.

    Besides those of us that are as dumb and bigoted as the cons, there are many others less so who are nonetheless quite fed up with the arrogance, deceit and irresponsibility of various members of Omar's family and the lack of viable remedy that's been available to the situations they created. If Justin doesn't become more careful and offer more detailed and complete explanations than he has so far, whether deservedly or not, he'll wear all the shit that others have created, and Sheer may walk this one to the bank. This really doesn't have anything to do with Omar anymore, if it ever did. "Political smarts" generally flourish where truth and morality don't reside. Ibbitson is just offering his commentary on the ball game with somewhat less bias than has often been his practice. In any case, it's far from over.

    I haven't decided whether or not to hope that I'm wrong.

    1. hi John...I completely disagree. Ibbotson's arguments make no sense at all. He claims that Trudeau could be damaged by the Khadr case like Harper was damaged by the gutting of the census. Only to go on to say that Harper wasn't damaged at all. What?
      Also if Trudeau had been damaged by the Khadr settlement it would have registered in one of the two polls taken since that settlement became public, and so far at least there's no evidence of that. And finally, Omar Khadr's family should have nothing to do with what Canadians think about the settlement, for in what twilight world do families play any role in court cases. Omar is a victim of his family, he has made it clear that he does not share their views, or at least the views they once held. So Trudeau has no explanation to offer anyone, except the ones he already has. The settlement is the result of governments violating the rights of a Canadian citizen, and if he hadn't had the political courage to settle now, it would cost taxpayers even more than they must now pay. The Cons may choose to belabour the point, but after the way they have trashed their own country, and threatened tens of thousands of jobs, my guess is they will return to their rat holes, and STFU...