Monday, July 31, 2017

Scotland Gives Trump Another Slap in the Face

When I left Scotland just over a week ago, I was sorry to see the highlands disappear through my train window, as I always am.

For I do love that place, and that country.

And for so many reasons.

I love being able to fish along the banks of the river Spey, and hear nothing but the sound of running water, and the buzzing bees in a nearby field.

I like to take visitors to my family's estate to visit this ruined castle, which just happens to be right across the street from this famous distillery.

And after having some whisky cake and a coffee in its magnificent cafe, have lunch at another castle.

One with a beautiful walled garden.

And then after taking the visitors to wander around this ruined cathedral... 

Or taking them to the place EVERYBODY wants to see...

Loch Ness, the home of Nessie the fabled monster.

Returning to my small Moray town with all its flower baskets...

Before heading down to the bay to borrow my dad's boat to go sailing on the North Sea.

With only Seb and these bottlenose dolphins for company.

But of course it's not just the sights, and the clean fresh air that I love about this place. It's also its long spirit of resistance.

And the modern country it's trying to become.

And in that regard I love the way it's always giving Donald Trump a rough time. 

The Trump Organization faces a long battle with Scotland’s environment agencies after they objected to its plans to build a new golf course on the coast of Aberdeenshire. 

The agencies have told Donald Trump’s company its plans for a second 18-hole course at his Trump International Golf Links Scotland resort north of Aberdeen breach strict rules on sewage pollution, environmental protection and conserving groundwater.

And that even though he's half Scottish, the Scots have made it clear that he's persona non grata...

So much so that the only places he dares set foot in are his golf courses.

For in any other place he'd be chased out of town...

Or made to know what people think about him in no uncertain terms...

When I was in Scotland I hoped that Trump would drop in for a visit after the G20 summit.

So I too could let him know how I feel about the way he is destroying these dunes where I played as a boy...

The largest coastal dunes in the world that buried a small village in the 17th Century where this channel meets the sea...

And hopefully will one day bury that damn golf course.

Scotland may be a small and humble country, but it has a thousand year history of resistance.

And as you can see in this video I made of this year's highland games in my small town.

Its spirit marches on...

I hope you enjoyed that brief glimpse of me in a kilt.

And no I wasn't wearing anything under it, even though it was a windy day. 


Down with the bawbag Trump.

And Scotland forever...


  1. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Down with trump, down with fascism.

    1. hi anon...yes, say it loud and say it often. And if you can say it while beating a drum, all the better...

  2. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Scotland looks pretty empty. Time for more refugees.

    1. hi I'm sorry, we can't take anymore. Scotland may be empty, but there are not enough shortbread biscuits or giant scones to go around. Not after I've finished with them. Now be a good boy, and don't be a bigot....

  3. Scotty on Denman2:41 PM

    Perhaps an infusion of Syrian blood will do the Scots some good. I remember an unusually hot and sunny summer there in 1972: saw amongst the pigment-challenged locals some of the wickedest sunburns I've ever seen.

    1. hi Scotty...well that's true, we need more people of colour period. One of my friends took a look at my video and said he's never seen anything whiter. And I had to tell him what can we do? They get to Edinburgh and Glasgow and stay there. But there was at least one Muslim family at the games, several black kids competing in the sports events. And there's now not one but TWO Kebab places in town!! So we are definitely heading in the right direction.... ;)

  4. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Brief glimpse of you? Are we supposed to guess? ')

    1. hi anon...yes, I'm afraid you are. I don't know why I wrote what I did at the end. I guess I was so excited to be swearing a kilt again after so many years, I just wanted to brag a bit. Just look for the big guy who looks more Canadian than Scottish... ;)

  5. Scotty, I saw one ginger lad with quite a sunburn, though although it was a fine day in the video, it didn't look particularly hot and sunny.

    I was looking for a photo of PM Trudeau at the Glengarry Highland Games (in Sinclair tartan, of course) but didn't find any. Odd.

    Don't worry, Syrian and other refugee genes will work their way into the bloodline. Always happens; that is the human way.

    And Simon, Seb you and dolphins sound like great company!

    1. hi don't start giving away any clues ;) And besides you're wrong about the sun. It's a funny thing, when it's cloudy it can feel quite damp and chilly, but when the sun comes out it's incredibly hot, and you can get a really bad sunburn very quickly. But at least I don't look like a lobster like some of the other unfortunate highlanders. And yes,sailing with Seb and those friendly dolphins, really is my idea of paradise...

  6. Probably the best holiday snaps I've seen recently, Noddy.
    You've done more for Scotland than the Scottish Tourist Board!
    You brought back memories of a holiday I took many years ago to Kirkcudbright and Ayrshire.
    I hear the "Song of the Clyde" even now, and see Ailsa Craig in my mind's eye.
    Welcome back.

    1. hi hinofan...thank you, I'm glad you liked my photos. Even though I didn't stray far from my family home this year, I had so many I couldn't decide which ones to use. But if I can encourage one person to visit Scotland I'll be happy, because it really is a beautiful place. I don't know southwest Scotland that well, we highlanders must keep our distance from those scurvy lowlanders ;) But I hear it's also very beautiful, and I'm hoping to visit the West coast and the Islands next year. Seb wants us to rent a caravan, but I find driving on the left in a regular car is scary enough, so I doubt we'll do that...