Saturday, June 13, 2009

When is the Best Time to Defeat Harper?

OK I admit it. The suspense is killing me. I just don't know what to do.Should I run down to Canadian Tire right now and buy an axe? So I can be the first in line to chop the hollow head off this statue.... and use it as a garbage can.

Or can I wait until fall?

Of course...only Michael Ignatieff knows.

But I'm going to guess..... the FALL. And say that although I live for the downfall of the Harper regime, maybe that's a GOOD thing. Because I'm not sure the timing is quite right.

After all, as Nick Nanos points out , Harper is now an anvil around the neck of the Cons

Overall Prime Minister Stephen Harper is twice as likely to be identified as a weakness than as a strength which suggests that he is personally becoming a lightning rod for discontent with the government.

And since those negative perceptions cannot be reversed in time for a fall election, why not let Great Ugly Leader drag his sheep-like followers over the cliff?

You know let him beat them up a bit more, before we finish them off.

And then of course there's this...

Yup. Summer has finally arrived in Canada, and after all the stress we've been through recently I really do think most Canadians need a break. Badly. An election right now would mean even more stress. And who knows who would pay for that? A crazed people can do crazy things.

On the other hand .....every time I read this post by Warren Kinsella I'm ready to go tomorrow.

...In politics, as in war, you attack when your opponent is weak, not strong.... Right now - due to the recession, due to a stumblebum Tory team, due to their leader who nobody likes - we know the other side is really, really weak. In a few months - due to a economy rebounding, mainly - they could be strong.

All Summer, the Reformatories will crisscross the country, making all manner of "stimulus" spending announcements, alongside beaming mayors and Premiers. Opposition politicians don't get invited to those announcements. The Conservatives may not get more popular, as a result, but they'll arguably get less unpopular.

So now I don't know what to think. Except that wouldn't it be terrific if the Con Ministers were dogged on their porkbarrel tours by crowds of angry unemployed workers?

But as for the recession... it's not going ANYWHERE. Not at least where it most counts.... in battleground Ontario.

The province's manufacturing sector lies in ruins. Next it will be its tourist industry.

Because in my neighbourhood at least, the tourists aren't coming this year...

And by the fall it will be a DISASTER. More rope to hang the Cons with...more reasons to hate Stephen Harper. More miserable weather to make Canadians less generous...because when it's too cold to barbeque they'll be more ready to roast Great Weak Leader.

And of course more time to make sure WE'RE ready. More time to prepare the ground by reinforcing these perceptions:

It seems that those unfavourable perceptions have been driven by long-standing criticisms that the Conservatives are “not trustworthy” and “out of touch”; that they “don’t listen”, are “arrogant” and are “focused on political expediency over concern for Canadians”.

Because when we finally act to take down the Con Zombies.

We really do need to make sure that we have enough potato mines...

Because this isn't about whether the Iggy has BALLS. It's about having the BRAINS to choose the best time to bring down the Harper regime. Because the future of Canada depends on it.

Oh well. You know S├ębastien is always accusing me of having low expectations eh?

But the way I figure it....a whole summer to enjoy ...and blog about Stephen Harper's many weaknesses. The sight of the Great Anvil Leader dragging his own followers into The Abyss. A brand new garbage can in the fall.

Holy splattering Con Zombies !!!

What more can I ask for?


  1. Later, rather than sooner.

    Let the boy paint himself into yet another corner and let the economy get even worse. That would be more fertile grounds for two things.

    1) A federal election where the conservatives are voted OUT. We don't vote in governments, we vote them OUT; just ask the good people of Nova Scotia or cast your mind back to the federal election of 1993.

    2) A situation so impossible for the conservatives to retain any credibility and a power coup from within sees Harper unceremoniously removed from his office.

    These things will be more likely to happen later rather than sooner.
    By that time, Ignatieff will truly look a proper leader and Harper will be forced to leave politics altogether.

    Remember Harper, through his career, has quit more often than rise to the challenge. Leaders are not quitters. His churlish and petulant behaviour over the last years prove my point.

    Let the ground become more fertile for this to happen and let's work to make his non-return a reality.

  2. If the Conservatives get defeated now or later, the Liberals and other parties need to state that it was not their intention to defeat the government, but to defeat bad government policies and bills. The Conservative government can defeat itself.