Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iran: When Freedom is Everything

As I explained in my last post, I'm in full summer mode. But as I lay in the sun in this field of poppies this morning they reminded me of this story.

Of the blood and the bravery, and the desperate struggle of the Iranian people against the bastard fascists..

Whose filthy savagery makes my blood boil. And makes me feel so helpless.

And then I read this account.

At times, Mousavi's victory march threatened to crush us amid walls of chanting men and women. They fell into the storm drains and stumbled over broken trees and tried to keep pace with his vehicle, vast streamers of green linen strung out in front of their political leader's car. They sang in unison, over and over, the same words: "Tanks, guns, Basiji, you have no effect now." As the government's helicopters roared overhead, these thousands looked upwards and bayed above the clatter of rotor blades: "Where is my vote?" Clich├ęs come easily during such titanic days, but this was truly a historic moment.

And I saw this video...

And my spirits soared again.

Now all I want to say is long live the heroic struggle of the Iranian people.

I may be lying among the poppies, but my heart is in the clouds.

Because I know that tomorrow will be better.

"We should go under the rain.
We should wash our eyes,
And we should see the world in a different way."

Go go go my brave and beautiful brothers and sisters.

The whole world is watching and cheering you on.

Because freedom is EVERYTHING...


P.S. I've resisted signing up for Twitter...because quite frankly I don't need more online excitement.

But after reading this.

Now I think I will....


  1. If you do sign up to a Twitter account, allow me to become one of your first followers. :-)

  2. i don't even know what twitter is, even though i've seen the name around long enough :D.

    and iran...well, when it all comes down, when the really big shit happens (first nations prophecies as well as the long mayan calendar), we'll all be in for surprises knowing we've never exorsized democracy in the west, even though we think we do. we're as easily brainwashed as any other nation.

  3. Those Iranians truly are inspiring aren't they? As for Twitter, I didn't think much of it at first. Conan O'Brien mocked it fabulously too, quipping that Facebook, YouTube and Twitter would eventually merge to become the biggest time-wasting website of all time: "YouTwitFace").

    But now I get it. Someone always figures out the usefulness of a new tool eventually, no matter how poorly packaged. BTW: If you do sign up there, I'd be interested in following you too, Simon.

  4. Hi Chrystal Ocean...I will not only allow you to be my follower...I'd be HONOURED. :)

  5. Hi Scout...all I know it's like blogging except you have to keep your posts to 140 characters which I figured for somebody like me would be practically IMPOSSIBLE.
    On the other hand since most of my posts can be summed up like this:

    "The Harper government really SUCKS."

    And that's about thirty characters I think I'm up to the challenge... :)

  6. Hi Scott...yes I've been amazed by how the Iranians have been using social networking to stay one step ahead of the Mullah-ocracy.
    YouTubes are still my fave...although that's a bit dicey. I had to replace one of the YouTubes in this post three times in less than 15 minutes after they were taken down.
    But as far as organizing demos and stuff Twitter seems to rule.
    And I must say their decision not to bring the network down for maintenance to help the Iranian freedom fighters really moved me.
    So I will give a try and since you were the first person to support me when I started blogging to have you as a follower would be a huge honour... :)