Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why is Stephen Harper Destroying Canadian Kids?

It takes a really evil monster to do what Stephen Harper is doing to Canada. Not only is this neocon fascist killing our troops in Afghanistan to please George Bush and the other criminals in the White House.

Now.....for the same reason.... he's destroying Canadian kids by declaring war on the killer weed.

The number of people arrested for smoking pot rose dramatically in several Canadian cities last year after the Conservatives took office and killed a bill to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana.

What kind of monster would destroy a young person's future for just smoking a joint? Even though most Canadians support decriminalization. Even though we know it's the right and DECENT thing to do.

Education and drug prevention programs are the Canadian way to go. Not the Amerikan way of locking people up. What the fuck are we doing? Except hurting harmless pot smoking Canadians and giving Quebec another real good reason to SEPARATE.

Because that crazy yankee shit just doesn't fly in Quebec. Not with the people. Not with the police.

One Montreal cop who asked not to be identified said some officers can spend an entire career on the force without ever arresting the people they catch smoking a joint.
"I'd rather stop someone breaking into a house or stealing a car," he said.

Wow!!!! What a concept...Oh boy.....once Canada was a young and cool country.

Now we're really old and BORING.

Once we were ahead of the curve and an example for other countries. Now we're just American stooges. Now we're the laughing stock of the whole civilized world.

Now it's REEFER MADNESS all over again.

Oh not the old scary movie that taught me to stay away from joints....and stick to brownies....

The even scarier neocon fascist version...

Oh yeah if you're young or think that kids shouldn't be jailed ....or have their lives ruined... for nothing.... you've got to hate Stephen Harper. If you love Canada you have to hate these fascist Cons...

Would it be too much to ask our useless opposition parties to put the interests of Canadians ahead of cheap politics..... and try to put as much pressure as they can on these idiot yankee stooges to get them do the RIGHT and CANADIAN thing?

So we can put this crazy Reefer Madness where it belongs...right next to Harper in the garbage can of history.

End the hysteria over what is a relatively harmless drug compared to extremely dangerous ones like booze.

And give young Canadians another reason to be proud of Canada.

By at least TRYING to be cool....


  1. I started flying my red & whites upside down after I realized that the election results had come in enough to be final...for this reason and others (treatment of the First Nations and being a frightening zombie Bush humper first among them)

    It's not the Canada I was born into, nor the one I was taught to believe in. I am afraid, though, that it may well be the one that I die in.

  2. marijuanna leads to heroin, homosexuality, native indian behavior, radicalism, paganism, and bad wonder he's out to ban it :D

  3. I agree 100%. Legalize it, tax it, and move on for God's sake. Pretty soon we're going to have overpopulated prisons with all the problems that creates. It's a ridiculous waste of tax payers money.

  4. Uh, what's the point in having this argument with a Harper government in power? It's not like we're going to teach them anything. They already know all they want. All we have to do is get the fuck rid of them.

  5. You can Brian Mulroney and Pierre Trudeau for you Americanising of Canada. Trudeau had ten years to fix that problem and did nothing.Mulroney continued the tradition andsold out the entire future of this country.
    don't blame Harper for that. The Liberals and the NDP played as big a part selling out this country to America as the Progressive Conservatives did!

  6. blanksy,

    Harper and his whores are doing more, faster, and quieter than those before him did. So we should completely ignore him, is that what you're saying?