Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm Under Attack by the Dominion Wingnuts

Oh boy!! Now I've really done it. Moved out to my top-secret Doomsday Bunker in the countryside just as Sébastien is about to return home.

What am I going to tell him? That I thought it was good idea to move out here...because it's just as hot as in the city except here we DON'T have air conditioning .......but that's a GOOD thing because I think I remember reading that it's bad for you?

When the REAL reason is that the Wingnuts at VD are after me!!!!!

Uh oh...this is BAD. What could possibly be more scaaaaarrrry and disturbing ...or more PATHETIC....than being attacked by an army of angry old white geezers in pyjamas and housecoats.

Although I'm not quite sure what this freakazoid is trying to be.

When will Simon understand that being a homo is a deviation of normal and many, many people do not like or want to put up with deviants. looks like a cross between a spinning sea urchin, a pineapple, and a grenade. But whatever it IS will some wingnut please sit on it? Or squish it. Before it goes off.......... its rocker.

Which reminds me... I do have a question for Connie the Fascist Mommy of that garbage site.....who seems to be even more stoopid than usual...

Hey ya dumb homophobe!!!! What's your problem? Didn't you read THIS POST?

Where one of your freaks said dis:

Does anyone know of a support number for the people in B.C. fighting this dictatorial decision to promote this deviant lifestyle.


And another of your nazis said dat:

Canadians must wake up to the fact that our country is being run by the Jew. unless canadians solve the Jew problem..... Canadians are going back to the dark ages.

And then of course there's this one....

let's behead the homos'

Hmmm...that does sound crazy....and VIOLENT. Remind me to shoplift a copy of the criminal code. Because as we all know you can't be too careful.

As for Connie's suggestion that I (or My Blahg) made up the gaybashing story...I'd just like to say...

Chewing and spittin tabaccy is a pretty good skill to have....for a redneck. But reading is EVEN BETTER. Duh?

I mean really... with enemies like those who Although with the old geezers at FD shouldn't it be ENEMAS?

But who knows....insanity is contagious.

So I'm taking no chances.

Maybe it is time to check out new horizons...

Maybe this time I'll lead the way. Maybe after all this time abroad he'll have to catch me all over again. Will he catch me in the end? Only if I let myself be caught. Will I? Oh probably....

As for those crazy old geezers at the FD hatesite...if they want to know how far I'm prepared to go to defeat their stoopid bigotry I can love the guy I love in peace....

They can read my mind ....or watch the video.....

Get it geezers? To the End of the World....

Now I've got to scoot....I'd love to stick around and kick some more redneck ass....but Sébastien's long journey home is almost over....

And I'm swimming out to meet him...

We are life. They are death. WE are not afraid. Eat your hearts out bigots!

Hate kills.

But love conquers all...


  1. Dumb. Pathetic. Homophobes. The free dominion is certainly a swamp of sewage mouthed bigots. I would certainly love to meet one of these dudes or dudettes face to face and have them say these things to my face. Their cowardice would shine through immediately. Funny how some people spend so much time getting their jollies out of hating someone else because of who they love. Kind of reminds me of this chain smoking teenage big mouth back in high school who spent most of her time bullying other people rather than doing something positive for herself or community. She amounted to absolutely nothing and is now a gravel voiced old hag. Thought she was so cool back then, now she and her friends still spend their time degrading others, never once looking in the god damn mirror.

  2. I've only ever visited FD once. They're a small group whose views have never survived public scrutiny.

    Time is something you never get back once it's spent. Don't waste it on these nuts. Reach out to the people they're harming instead; unlike the kooks at FD, they're not beyond help.

  3. Hi Waterboy!

    Yeah I couldn't believe it when I saw that site.It was like some kind of bigot carney. When I first saw the comments it made my blood boil...and I still think some of those posters should be charged...but on the other hand they really are a pretty marginal and loser bunch. And yeah they talk so big and belligerent but of course their probably just angry old white men bitter at life...bitter at everything. Let them stew in their own muck while we fight bigger battles.
    Think of it this way....every real battle we win makes them even more unhappy and pathetic... :)

    Hey mark!! you're right.I guess it's because I had never heard of this site before that I was so shocked. But what you said about time wasted really hit home...especially since it's summer and every hour is precious!!!
    I'm never going to visit that ugly site again.
    It's like a nightmarish version of the the cards who paint the roses red in Alice and Wonderland...and the queen says off with their heads. Connie the Cow is of course the Queen and J.B. Stone is the Joker. And then there's that hideous pineapple thing...oh never mind it was HORRIBLE!!!! :)

  4. Golly...I hope that crazy newfangled music didn't send your pacemakers for a loop...or blow your hearing aids right out of your hairy redneck ears.

    I was thinkin' the same thing...Never seen FD before. Visiting it regularly would make me crazy (ier) :)