Monday, June 27, 2016

Can Scotland Really Stop Britain From Quitting the EU?

As Britain tries to recover from the shock of the Brexit referendum result. With its economy and its political scene in a turmoil.

And its racist bigots on a rampage.

I'm sure many of its REMAIN supporters were glad to hear Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland, vow to try to block Britain from divorcing the European Union.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Jason Kenney and the Brexit Racist Horror Show

As you may remember the ghastly uber right-wing Con Jason Kenney couldn't wait to trumpet his joy at the Brexit result.

Calling it a triumph of hope over fear, even though it was exactly the opposite.

As well as a triumph of bigotry over decency.

So now I'd like him to try to explain this monstrous horror show.

The Harper Legacy and the Canada Revenue Agency

As we all know Stephen Harper used the Canada Revenue Agency for his own foul purposes.

To try to intimidate his enemies, and harass environmentalists, and even humble birdwatchers.

But although Harper has left the building, it seems the CRA is still haunted by his foul legacy.

The Brexit Fiasco: Now Some Say They're Sorry

It's been barely two days since the Brexit referendum, and no doubt some LEAVE supporters are still celebrating their big victory.

But not all of them. Some of them it seems are now having sober second thoughts.

And what with the pound having fallen to a thirty-year low, the stock markets shuddering, and the country split down the middle, and in danger of falling apart.

Now some of them are saying they're sorry.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Jason Kenney's Obscene Brexit Celebration

As you know I've been complaining about how Jason Kenney seems to be everywhere these days. The MSM just can't get enough of him.

One moment he's on his burro preparing to head to Alberta to try to unite the right, and evict the NDP commies from power.

The next moment he's causing some scandal on Twitter.

As he was doing again yesterday.

The Brexit Referendum and the Independence of Scotland

I knew the LEAVE side was going to win the Brexit referendum hours before the polls closed.

When I heard that the poor who live in the Britain's rundown Council estates were turning out to vote in massive numbers.

And the reason I did is because if you have ever taken the train from London to Edinburgh, as I sometimes like to do.

Only about two hours after you leave the glittering prosperous capital, you enter a very different Britain.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Donald Trump's Incredibly Idiot Day in Scotland

In one of my last posts I tried to explain why most Scots hate Donald Trump so much.

And why so many are planning to protest his visit. 

And now that he has arrived in that country, there was more evidence that Trump just doesn't get it.

And why he is unfit to be President of the United States.

The Con Media and the Cult of Jason Kenney

As you may remember, when I last dropped in on the ghastly Con Jason Kenney he was busy consulting his shiny crystal ball.

And trying to decide whether to run for the leadership of the Harper Party, or leave Ottawa and try to unite the right in Alberta.

Well, it turns out the ball was wrong.

Scotland Prepares to Give Donald Trump a Rough Reception

It's hard for me to imagine a more disturbing image. This file picture of Donald Trump screaming like a maniac at one of his two Scottish gold courses. With a piper beaming behind him.

And in the background the grass covered dunes, that line the shore of the North Sea, that I used to play on when I was a boy.

It feels like a desecration. It's just too horrible. 

But the good news is that Trump is heading back to Scotland tomorrow, and he's going to get a very different kind of reception.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Cons and the Never-Ending War on the Poor

You might think Lisa Raitt and her Cons might stop attacking the agreement to enhance the Canada Pension Plan now that a deal has been reached.

But no, Raitt is still on the offensive...

Now suggesting it's the work of Big Brother.

While Big Business is calling it the road to economic ruin.