Friday, September 19, 2014

Stephen Harper's Insane and Deeply Disturbing Comeback Plan

In my last post I told you how Stephen Harper's obsession with destroying Justin Trudeau is slowly driving him over the deep end.

Making him believe that only by destroying Justin can he make himself popular again.

But he does have a Plan B.

And as Michael Harris reports, it's just as CRAZY.

The Madness of Stephen Harper and the Unusual Wisdom of Margaret Wente

According to the Ottawa rumour mill Stephen Harper is now so obsessed with Justin Trudeau, that none of his faithful flunkies dare mention Justin's name in his presence.

Lest he fall to his knees and start biting the carpet, or THEM.

And for more evidence of that all you have to do is look at the speech he delivered today at of all places the Canadian Heritage War Museum

Because it's crazy stuff. 

The Scottish Referendum and the Fatal Lesson of Quebec

Well it was a long night and a disappointing one. The YES side in the Scottish referendum didn't do as well as I had hoped it might.

Scotland will have to wait a little longer to become independent. And fear conquered hope.

Scotland voters have opted to continue as part of the United Kingdom after 307 years in an historic referendum vote, although most observers believe there will be a change in the relationship in the coming months. With just one centre of 32 remaining to report, 55.4 per cent of voters had voted No to independence, with 44.6 in the Yes camp.

But while that poor guy in the picture might not realize it for a while, there is still a lot to celebrate.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Monstrous Spy Machine

We know he loves total control. We know he rules by fear. We know he likes to muzzle his opponents.

But did you know that Stephen Harper has turned his entire government into a massive Spy Machine?

Ottawa has kept tabs on hundreds of demonstrations across Canada and around the world over the last eight years, from peaceful protests to public university lectures to riots. Newly released documents show about 800 public demonstrations and events were observed and reported on by government departments and law enforcement agencies since 2006.

And when you look at the list of those on his surveillance list it couldn't be more outrageous:

The Scottish Independence Campaign and the Velvet Revolution

And so it ended, with wild rallies all over the country. After two long years of preparations and months of feverish debate, Scotland's amazing referendum campaign is finally over.

And as I write these lines, Scots are heading to the polls to decide whether Scotland should become an independent country.

The campaign ended with a final message from the YES side urging them to take their own future in their hands, and choose hope over fear. 

Our nation is alive with energy and excitement about the future. And the collective democratic awakening in Scotland goes further and deeper than the independence movement alone. For all of this, Scotland is richer. It is this popular energy which gives confidence for Scotland’s future. Together, we can harness the passion, drive and vision that abounds in Scotland today and use it to build a better society.

It ended with a final message from the NO side warning of doom and disaster. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to Use Science Against Stephen Harper

Well now that I know that Stephen Harper is planning to stay on and lead his Cons into the next election.

Unless the Duffy trial starts sooner than he is hoping.

And now that I know that despite what he said about Michael Ignatieff...

He's not here for us either, and the next election will be all about HIM.

Why Canadian Progressives Should Have Supported the Scottish Independence Struggle

With one day to go before Scotland's historic referendum vote, the excitement is building and the polls are narrowing. 

Support for the Yes campaign is increasing but it still lags just behind No on the eve of Scotland’s independence referendum, an exclusive poll conducted for The Scotsman reveals today. 

The Yes vote stands at 48 per cent compared with 52 per cent for No, when the undecided voters are excluded, the survey of more than 1,000 voters by ICM found.

And the fact that the YES side is still standing, let alone so close to victory, is truly amazing.

Considering the campaign of fear that has been waged against them. And the way they have been shafted by the media. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why Stephen Harper is Terrified of Mike Duffy

It's taken a long time, but Mike Duffy's trial process has finally begun, and you can be sure that Stephen Harper must  be absolutely terrified.

Especially after Duffy's lawyer said Harper could be called to testify. 

Suspended senator Mike Duffy’s lawyer will not rule out calling Prime Minister Stephen Harper as a witness, as his client’s fraud case goes to trial.

After petitioning the court Tuesday morning to set the earliest possible trial date for his client, Donald Bayne said the defence is “considering any potential witness. It’s too early to rule anything out.” 

And Ol' Duff is doing what he can to try to make sure the trial could have a BIG impact on the next election.

Stephen Harper and the Start of the Next Election Campaign

Well there he was yesterday, kicking off the new session of Parliament, not in the House of Commons, but at the Ottawa Convention Centre.

Strutting across a stage in front of a giant Canadian flag, and the Con seals in his caucus. 

Looking like a used car salesman, or an American televangelist.

Promising tax cuts for the faithful at an election-style rally. 

David Cameron and Scotland's Butterfly Rebellion

Well there he was today, David Cameron, the leader of Britain's savage Con regime.

The Prime Minister who has inflicted the most pain on the British people since the bestial Margaret Thatcher.

Trying to bully the Scottish people into voting NO by threatening them with a "painful divorce."