Sunday, March 06, 2022

The Convoy From Hell and the Trump Cons

Uh oh. Grab your masks, and some air freshener, the convoy from hell is hitting the road again.

And they're inviting everyone to honk up a storm, and bring lots of flags!!

“Bring them flags, decorate them vehicles, don’t forget to honk them horns. Let’s roll,” a protest poster says.

Which reminds me of the hideous hypocrisy of those Cons, and one of the main reasons why I hate them so much.

For wrapping themselves in Canadian flags, while terrorizing men, women, and children.

And working to forcefully overthrow a duly elected government, and maybe murder its leader.

And what also burns me up, is that now we find out that much of that grotesque insurrection was financed by right-wing Americans and Trump supporters.

Out of 200 of the top American donors to the convoy protest that paralyzed downtown Ottawa and blocked parts of the Canada-U.S. border, half have names matching those of donors to Republican candidates, the Republican Party or former U.S. President Donald Trump, according to analysis by CBC News.

Who were prepared to spend a lot of American money to bring down a Canadian government.

For it was an attempted coup, aimed at our country and its values.

And Justin Trudeau is right. 

We need to investigate what the Cons were planning to do with all that dirty money.

"There are also reflections we have to have on misinformation and disinformation and looking at ... the role of foreign money and foreign influence in attempts to undermine or even destabilize our democracy," Trudeau told reporters last week when asked about lessons the government has learned from the protest.

And grill every one of those Trumpy traitors at a public inquiry.

As well as investigate the role of the religious right, who were heavily involved in the terrorist convoy.

The presence of multiple known Canadian far right figures organizing it, isn't surprising. What is surprising are the wide range of diverse, strange, and dangerous ideological—and theological—ideas about the “convoy” in the donor comments from the GiveSendGo leak.

For these comments couldn't be more disturbing.

God Bless the WORRIORS rising up against Tyranny and Corruption in their GREAT HOMELAND of CANADA. YOU ARE LEADING THE CHARGE!!! You are giving HOPE and INSPIRATION to MANY other WORRIORS in the WORLD to follow. We pray for you and your families SUCESS for failure means END of FREEDOM for us ALL. WWG1WGA!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!”  

The Storm is upon us, it’s going to be biblical. Keep the faith, take courage. Love never fails.” 

“Trump won. F Hide Biden! F TruDope! All dictators & Traitors will get what they deserve. Praise the Lord.” 

“The 0.0001% globalist politician/bankster parasites have double their net assets during the criminal planned SCAMDEMIC and Robbed our GOD- GIVEN Human Rights. NO MORE GLOBALIST CRIMES!! BRAVE TRUCKERS: THANK YOU – CANADA IS SUPPORTING YOU!!! 18 Wheels will flatten the parasite politician/bankster/globalists, starting with that coward Turdeau, Klaus Schwab’s little puppet. TRUCK OFF TURDEAU!!!” 

Or look and sound more deranged, like these anti-vaxxers marching through Toronto the other day.

Especially since Candy Bergen and so many of her Con caucus are both religious fanatics AND Trump supporters.

And we can't be sure whose side the Cons are really on, for they are no longer a Canadian party.

I mean look at them. Two Cons marching down a road in Toronto with a Trump flag and a Fuck Trudeau flag. 

Could there be anything more disgusting or more treasonous?

And the good news?

Most decent Canadians will never support a party like that one.

Our flag is better than any of the Con flags...

And when the Day of Judgement comes.

And it will come.

We are going to destroy them...     


Jackie Blue said...

I am so disgusted with Chantal suggesting that Trudeau "fell short" on the convoy issue and rose to the occasion on Ukraine -- and that the takeaway from this is that he should hurry up and let Freeland be the torchbearer in the next election. She's from QC, who are probably the most jealously guarded of jurisdiction than any other province save Alberta, so why is she ignoring Ford and Watson's dropping the ball??? ToryStar is a rag and it's clear the direction their new ownership is taking the paper, to the point of doing Putin and Fox News' work by beating the drum for regime change in Ottawa.

If anyone has reached their best before date or the end of their professional shelf life it's her. I hope the PM and Liberals continue to ignore the noise coming from the chattering class and continue to do the damn fine job they've been doing all around. As I mentioned earlier, as someone I follow said on the bird app, ousting Trudeau in favor of Freeland alone would be like splitting up Batman and Robin. Fuck you, Chantal Hébert. Go cry into your Jean Charest cuddle pillow because Justin Trudeau isn't going ANYWHERE!!!

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....Don't worry, Justin Trudeau isn't going nowhere. It's all a Con scam. I just deleted two comments suggesting the same thing, that Trudeau will soon be resigning after botching the convoy issue, and Freeland is the Ukraine expert so she should become Prime Minister etc etc. When in fact Trudeau handled the convoy issue brilliantly with an exquisite sense of timing, giving the Con thugs enough rope to hang themselves and Ford, and the polls show Canadians are pleased with the way he chased the Con scum out of town squealing like pigs. The Cons are just so desperate they're starting to invent things, and are in fact scared stiff that the brilliant way he is handling the Ukraine issue will add to everything and set him up for another majority. I guess like many Canadians the traitor Cons are stressed out to the max, they know that Poilievre will never be a match for Trudeau, they're desperately afraid of the inquiry, so I wouldn't be surprised if they all started talking in tongues. Also, I've discovered that there is Putin cheering section buried in the bowels of the Conchellas, so there should be fun times ahead...

Anonymous said...

There really is no vaccine for stupid people. Mix that with hateful attitudes and you've got yourself some seriously deluded anti vax morons. I swear they'll still be protesting long after the mandates and pandemic are over out of spite and sheer idiocy. It's no wonder they get sucked into the rabbit hole of Qanon, Russian disinfo and the CPC who know it's BS but magnify it anyway because it suits their agenda. Thank God the majority of us are able to disseminate fact from fiction because in the end, we will win and they will lose. It's as simple as that. And as they liked to frolic around maskless for the last two years, they should be easily identified then named and shamed for endangering the rest of us and for prolonging the pandemic. And as a final slap in the face to these selfish assholes, ban them from owning a Canadian flag because any true Canadian I know would never behave as they have these past two years.

Simon said...

Hi JD….I wish we could ban those Con traitors from owning Canadian flags, but I’ll settle for jailing as many of them as we can. But the good news is that it is definitely a dying movement . Where they were once a roaring mob, now they are just a squealing collection of weirdos standing in the street with counter demonstrators outnumbering them in many places. When Justin Trudeau brought down the boom on them he made those Cons look pathetic, or even more pathetic than they were before. Reading the comments to some of their posts I was struck by how many were just longing for the depraved parties they used to have during their foul occupation. One could almost feel sorry for those poor Cons, if they weren’t such fascists. I guess, they’ll have to wait until Candy hosts another Cougar Night at the Heartbreak Hotel….😉

Anonymous said...

Hey dip shit, Justin basically had to threaten people with jail to get them to just leave him alone. It’s pretty pathetic.

I wonder if he is suicidal. ��

Simon said...

Hey Con job or just loser, you're the one who sounds suicidal. And how many times have I told you not to mix meth and cheap booze, because it's definitely affecting your brain and making you sound even dumber than usual. Talk about pathetic. I mean do you really think that Justin Trudeau had to bring in the Emergencies Act just to get the terrorist truckers to leave him alone? How about the other 100,000 people who lived in the neighbourhood? Or don't they count? You know, I admit it, I love to wind you dumb Cons up. And the crazier you sound, the more I enjoy it...

Jackie Blue said...

So Jean James Jingleheimer Huawei Charbonneau Charest says he's in it to win it as of Thursday. And he's launching in Calgary of all places lol. Should we be rooting for him to take over and split the party in two, or for Skippy to win and render them an unelectable Trump rump?

Pierre D. said...

@Jackie Blue

Definitely root for Charest. Kherriden the Korrigan is joining him, the Harper-days lackey who will pull the strings. Poilieve will win and immediately lose any debate he joins with PMJT, Singh, Blamchet, Kuttner et al. Pigeon Pierre is so unlikeable we might get ANOTHER majority...a Liberal one, to bookend these crisis times.

One can hope...