Saturday, June 12, 2021

Are The Cons Trying To Provoke An Election?

He left Canada on an official government plane the other day to attend the G7 and NATO summits.

Today he is meeting with the G7 leaders and dealing with all kinds of big world issues. 

But soon he may be boarding another kind of plane to campaign across our country.

Because an election is almost certainly coming.

With just 10 scheduled sitting days left in the House of Commons before MPs take a two-month summer break from passing bills and debating in Parliament, the minority Liberals are feeling the pressure to move key legislation and are calling out the Conservatives for trying to stall proceedings.

And with good reason. 

The Cons are obstructing the working of Parliament and trying to block bills from passing before the session runs out.

Those bills include:

Bill C-6, which is intended to prevent the torture of gay kids, but has been under attack from some of the many scummy religious fanatics in O'Toole's caucus.

Then there is Bill C-30 which is intended to stimulate the post pandemic recovery, support Canadians who still need help, and place the first down payment on a new and badly national needed child-care program.

And lastly, but definitely not leastly, there is Bill C-12, which is Canada's best attempt so far to fight climate change, and which the Cons are trying to kill to pleasure Big Oil, and save their pathetic leader from embarrassment.

And who can blame them eh? This is embarrassing.

And so is this...

For it shows that even Green supporters understand that only the Liberals are serious about saving the country AND the planet.

There is of course the pandemic to consider. But with these numbers soaring...

And with more and more Canadians feeling happy about all those vaccines, or just grateful to still be alive.

Sooner or later these numbers should also takeoff.

Especially when Canadians see for themselves how O'Toole's ugly bigot party has been making a mockery out of our democracy.

For it couldn't be uglier, and is more RepubliCon than Canadian. 

Which makes sense, for as Lawrence Martin points out, many of the Cons ARE more American than Canadian.

Some polls suggest as many as 40 per cent of Canadian conservatives are supportive of Trumpism.

And unless O'Toole panders to them, he won't be Con leader for long. 

In Canada, the forces on the far right, as opposed to traditional conservatives, are vocal and ruthless and determined like they are south of the border. They’re not going away, there or here. Blunting their destructive impact will be a tall order. 

He sold his soul to the SoCon Devils

Now it's time to pay the piper.

We've already got enough ammunition to blow them all out of the water...

So if those RepubliCons want an election.

I say bring it on... 


rumleyfips said...

OT but notable.

We just had our second vaccinations moved up 6 weeks to June 23. Vaccinations are moving along well here in Nova Scotia despite wornout and dull tool lies about no vaccines coming into Canada.

The should be a committed committee report on WE fell so flat that a snake called slithery steve harpoon scratched his belly crawling over it. The media has decided to stop embarrassing themselves and are avoiding the debacle like a non-alcoholic beer.

Jackie Blue said...

Filibustering to prevent the passage of a law that would make it illegal to torture LGBT kids (or to avoid owning up to the Cowardice Party of Canada's record of who's going to vote against it) is a lot different from filibustering a Kevin McCarthy witch hunt that kicked up all smoke with no fire. Some Trudeau derangement trolls on social are actually accusing the Liberals of what the GQP are doing to roadblock the January 6 commission. Right, because WeGhazi was comparable to a fucking Beer Hall Putsch. They just can't quit their addiction to caricaturing Trudeau as Trump, can they? Maybe their argument sounded better in the original Russian.

I wonder, will the conference on anti-Semitism bring up how the Butter WeMails inquisition led to the elderly Jewish couple who owns Speaker's Spotlight facing anti-Semitic harassment? All thanks to a tag team assault from MAGA North Cons and the "conscience of parliament" NDP, on the warpath to own the Libs and recapture the once in a millennium lightning in a bottle that was Sponsorgate. And all at the behest of an embittered podcaster once employed by Conman Black. Canada's version of Project Veritas. How pathetic.

Dippers say they love minority parliaments and will die on the PropRep hill to make them a permanent feature of Canadian political life, supposedly because they force the governing party's hand to agree to "progressive legislation." Yet the Cons wouldn't be having any results filibustering progressive legislation, if the NDP hadn't pushed so hard for a minority parliament in 2019 simply to delay their own downslide into irrelevance. Just like the Greens are now self-immolating and the Cons are on the verge of tearing themselves apart, perhaps it'll be the NDP's turn to reap what they've sown. No "progressive" worth their salt pairs up with a slug like Skippy to smear a 72-year-old woman suffering from bipolar disorder as a fame whore riding the coattails of her husband's last name. The NDP are abhorrent and as unfit for office as the MAGA North Cons.

This minority parliament has proven to be an error of significant magnitude, but at least now there might be an opportunity to correct it. Bring on 1974 redux and get the MAGA North Cons and their Trump-orange Bernie Bot sidekicks out of the way, so that the government can actually do its job. Libéral Majoritaire.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Justin should just make all other political parties illegal. That would totally secure his future. ��

Jackie Blue said...

@anon 1:55AM Or, hear me out, those other parties could try coming up with constructive policies or critiques, instead of letting ideological extremists have run of the agenda, and wasting a whole year dumpster-diving for dirt on Margaret Trudeau. The NDP could try not blaming PMJT for things that aren't in his jurisdictional wheelhouse, while framing their constitutional gaslighting as "he's an elitist, a sociopath, and he doesn't care." Cons have the gall to complain about Trudeau the drama teacher but oh, look at Jagmeet, he gave such an Oscar-worthy performance he's even got Chantal singing his praises this week. Everything wrong is Justin's fault!

If the opposition could base their arguments in facts rather than lies or hyperbole, they'd deserve to be taken seriously. As it stands now, they don't. Although I'm sure that Singh will be out shortly with a tearjerker tweet and another data mining petition calling upon Trudeau not to invoke the notwithstanding clause as Premier of Ontario. Or to "do something" to stop Doug Ford from doing the same. Because it's not like Andrea is doing anything, so take it upstairs, right? Except the constitution doesn't work that way. Trudeau has no control over Queen's Park and Singh knows that.

So Trudeau maybe says something about doing something just to shut Singh up, even though he can't actually do anything, because he's not the Premier of Ontario and more importantly, he's not the provincial NDP opposition, who are apparently just as invisible to Singh as they are to everyone else. After which, the (federal) Cons will be out with a meme proclaiming Trudeau a dictator even if he doesn't say something about doing something, because Gerald Butts wrote an article saying that Doug Ford is wrong. And everyone knows a person who no longer works for the government is the "real" PM.

Maybe you should press NDP and Con MPs to take remedial civics, and pledge to stop the ceaseless committee witch hunts and tin foil conspiracy theories for TV ratings and polling points, as a condition of getting your vote. Canada doesn't need its own Benghazi derangement syndrome. Trudeau doesn't have to do anything. GQP Cons and BernBro NDP have imported it from the USA.

jrkrideau said...

I think the Cons have decided that they can be as irresponsible and obstructive as they want because they feel confident that the NDP or the Bloc will save them. It might come as a shock if the Liberals are a)doing well enough in the polls and b) frustrated enough by Con---and to a lesser extent NDP-- obstructions that they will call an election.

Personally I am betting no election before September at the earliest but O'Toole and Singh are stupid enough that I could easily be wrong. This kerfuffle with the Greens is going to change the vote math a bit.

Jackie Blue said...

OT: Who the fuck is Dean Blondell and why is he all over Twitter spreading more Trudeau marriage truther bullshit??? Is he the My Pillow guy of Canada? Sophie got COVID in London and the delta variant is spreading like wildfire there. She's only had one shot. Why would she go there again and put herself at further risk, when she can just quarantine at home? Moreover, why would she subject herself to Con vitriol accusing her of abandoning the kids?

Fife never deleted his tweet about Idris Elba, and QAnon is mewling again, this time about the Sherman couple and "illegal Liberal fundraisers." So JT has his own Clinton Body Count conspiracy theory now. It's official: there is literally no daylight between Canada's RepubliCons and the GQP.

Hope the Trudeaus have 1-800-LAWSUIT on speed dial. From what I can tell, there's a lot of people who need to see a day in court.

Jsb said...

If you judge by Twitter posts, the cons are fired up...on the other hand the liberals are not very popular in Canada it I wouldn't be too certain of my chances if I were a liberal partisan...🤔
And, no, I don't like the conservative party... I really dislike them... but it seems that in Canada, they are the most popular one, at least judging by Twitter...🤔

Jackie Blue said...

JSB, Twitter is full of bot farms and is not real life. (Which doesn't make trolls like Dean Blondell and QAnon any less annoying or troublesome.)

Stop with this distorted narrative and the myopic obsession with polls.

If Internet popularity was an indication of anything, Max would have a 200-seat majority.

Go out and breathe some fresh air.

Anonymous said...

"Go out and breathe some fresh air."


jrkrideau said...

@ jbs
. but it seems that in Canada, they are the most popular one, at least judging by Twitter...

Dewey Wins!*

Twitter is not even close to a representative sample of Canadian voters, even if we ignore the 'bots.

The classic US example of sampling from the wrong population.

Steve said...

Green party leader failing , blames Trudeau

Jsb said...
Interesting article...🤔

Steve said...

JT has to fix the NHL officiating.

Jackie Blue said...

Well, hopefully the Trudeau family lawyer moonlights at a consignment shop, because someone may need to exchange a tan suit for a libel suit. Not sure if Dean the idiot podcaster and the extremely online G7 truthers saw this today. "Pics or it didn't happen" as they say. There goes another Q conspiracy right in the trash. And these pics are adorable. Much more than the O'Tooles getting drunk by a campfire or the classic throwback of Harper coldly shaking his son's hand.

'Course, you could show them dozens of pictures of JT's birth certificate, and Maggie and Pierre taking him home from an Ottawa hospital during a Christmas blizzard in 1971, and they'd still think he's Castro's son. But you know, as Chrétien said, when you have a good proof, that means it's proven. So, here's your proof! :)

Happy Father's Day

Simon said...

Hi Rumleyfips….The WE affair was a monumental fake scandal that could only have taken off with the enthusiastic cheerleading of out shabby Con media. The fact that the Trudeau government was able to keep on working for the greater good is a tribute to the government and their leader….

Simon said...

Hi Jackie…The NDP is a collection of bitter losers, their leader is only in it for himself, and I think it’s about time we exposed their shameless behaviour before they do any more damage. For when almost everything Singh says is a lie designed only to smear Trudeau, the sooner they become even more irrelevant the better….

Simon said...

Hi anon@1:55 AM….only a Con could come up with such a dumb suggestion. The Liberals don’t have to make the other parties illegal, they just have to make them irrelevant, and they are doing a great job of doing that…

Simon said...

Hi jrkrideau….I am still betting on a fall election, but the way the Cons and the NDP are obstruction legislation Trudeau may have to go earlier than he had hoped, for without a functioning parliament he will not be able to do what must be done to get this country on its feet again…

Simon said...

Hi Jsb…do you know what bots are? Look it up on Google. And in the meantime listen to what Jackie and JD are suggesting for they know what they are talking about….

Simon said...

Hi Steve.,..I don’t believe in blaming the refs for anything,…unless the Habs lose….😉