Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Stephen Harper Bug and the Armageddon Game

I think I finally figured out why so many Canadians still don't realize how dangerous Stephen Harper really is. Why so many still think Great Fat Leader is just a ruthless politician. Instead of what he really is.... a secret religious fanatic and neocon monster who would tear this country apart.

At first I thought these Canadians were all idiots or ReformCon scum. To dum to know or care. Too greedy and willing to sell their country for the price of a tax cut. But now I think it's also something else...

I think that the reason many Canadians don't realize how dangerous Stephen Harper really is because he's like a bug that the human body has never seen before....

So the body doesn't attack it, like it needs to be attacked, and the infection spreads...

I think a lot of Canadians are too decent to understand that Stephen Harper isn't like any other politician in Canadian history. He's the most dangerous political extremist this country has ever known.

Because he belongs to an apocalyptic church known for its fanatical missionary zeal, Great Fat Leader plays politics like an all or nothing Armageddon Game.

Stephane Dion isn't just the Leader of the Opposition. He's the Antichrist. Harper doesn't just want to defeat the Liberal Party. He wants to destroy it. Great Fat Leader doesn't just want to make his mark on Canada. He wants to change it beyond recognition.

And he'll do anything to win.

When you cross a Karl Rove Wacko with a Wacko Religious Fanatic you get a really ugly and dangerous beast...

The good news is that after his Great White Zombie outburst in the Commons this week. The one even the Globe called a "wild attack" ......Canadians are starting to take a closer look at Stephen Harper. Just like the body does when it finally recognizes a dangerous bug...

And a lot of them don't like what they see.

"Sadly, Harper's vile and baseless attack on Bains is the latest in a series of sleazy pre-election attacks by the Prime Minister and his party and raises the question of just how low he will stoop in his bid to cling to power.

Clearly, Harper has adopted a take-no-prisoners style of governing in which all political opponents are seen as enemies who must be eliminated at any cost."

I think most Canadians are going to come to the conclusion that it's Harper and his ReformCons who must be eliminated at any cost. If Canada is going to live.

And that Great Fat Fascist Leader can never be a Canadian Prime Minister. When he governs to divide rather than unite. And acts like a mad dictator...too crazy to control himself.

But now that Harper has made himself the issue again. I humbly suggest that it's time for the democratic forces in this country to attack him and his hidden agenda with everything they've got. And of course smear him just like he smears them. Won't that be fun?

And the best news is.....when a country recognizes an alien invader....just like the human body does. And learns how to destroy it. After that we'll all be vaccinated.

And the dirty neocon infection will be gone for a generation...

Bye Bye Con.

Bye Bye Bug....


  1. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Thanks, Simon. It needs to be said. I pointed this out to friends a couple of years ago, and was accused of being religiously intolerant. History will vindicate me. Ha ha!

  2. people are addicted to having dis-ease. the harper virus infected too gave a brief high but it's long term effects are debilitatiing.

    aloha, my spirit warrior friend! isn't it lucky we had the vaccine long ago and are immune to the fat-virus brainwash/eat? :)

  3. Dr. J says:

    DayQuill, multivitamins during the day.

    NyQuill & Neo-Citran or Theraflu at night.

    Halls & Ricola in between D/N Quill doses.

    That bug'll be gone in a week.

  4. unfortunately, he will most likely be re-elected :(

  5. Hi anonymous! You're welcome. I don't think I'm religiously intolerant. I don't care what people do in their homes or churches. What bothers me is the mixture of politics and religion. And I honestly believe that
    you can't really understand Harper if you don't understand that. Here's hoping that history will vindicate both of us...

    Hey Scoutie!!! Welcome back. I missed you. I can't believe that religious fanatics have the nerve to tell us to do anything. After what they've done to the world for more than a thousand years. I only hope that Canadians realize the danger Harper poses...and what a crazy fanatic he really is. Because if he ever fools enough people into giving him a majority...we'll all be fucked...

    Good Evening Dr J....hmmm...very interesting almost makes me want to get the flu myself :)
    And Dayquil? I didn't know they made a daytime version...but it does sound ....stimulating. That and two coffees and you could probably stay awake for a week. Although in late February...I think I'd rather sleep zzzz wake me up when it's Spring...
    So get lots of rest for me...and I hope you're feeling better soon...

    Hi Rashid!! Maybe Harper will be re-elected...but as long as he doesn't get a majority we'll be ok. He won't be able to do anything radical...which will just KILL him...yippee!!! And the opposition can wait until exactly the right time to bring his gvt down. And then if he gets just another minority some people in the Con party will start to think that maybe Harper is the problem...and then the knives will be out for him... I can hardly wait for that show to start :)

  6. Instead of what he really is.... a secret religious fanatic and neocon monster who would tear this country apart.

    Wouldn't this argument work a lot better if there wasn't 500 left-leaning media outlets claiming the same thing on a daily basis?

    And if its such a "secret", how did you come across it? And please define what a "neocon" is. Was Stockwell Day also a "neocon"? Was Joe Clark? Preston Manning? Ralph Klein? Mike Harris? How can you tell?