Thursday, February 22, 2007

Stephen Harper and the Great White Fat Zombie

Yikes! It finally happened just like my voodoo idol told me it would. Great Fat and Crazy Leader's mask finally fell off. And it wasn't a pretty sight. It was a real live horror show!!!!

Bedlam erupted Wednesday after Prime Minister Stephen Harper suggested Liberal opposition to controversial anti-terrorism measures is aimed at protecting a Liberal MP’s relative from investigation in the Air India bombing.

Whew! What a relief. For a while I was afraid Canadians were too dum to understand the difference between a Canadian prime minister ......and a US-style neocon nerd with a bizarre and sinister authoritarian streak....and a messianic determination to change Canada into a yankee jungle.

"The online survey — conducted among a random group of 1,000 people from Feb. 15 to Feb. 19 — reported 46 per cent said Harper would make the best prime minister."

Huh? Any dummer than that and you'd have to water those idiots like plants...

But now I'm sure even those dumbos understand that this Great White Fat Zombie isn't who he is pretending to be....that he is REALLY weird...and has a really dark side...

"Sometimes Stephen Harper just can't help himself....

"The leader who talked himself into trouble over Alberta firewalls and Atlantic Canada's "culture of defeat," the one who derailed his election chances late in the 2004 campaign and almost blew the winning conditions on the eve of the 2006 vote, was back in fine self-immolation form yesterday..."

Oh no..... isn't that awful? The Great White bubbling in his own fat.

Just as he was building up a little momentum and looking for an excuse to call an he can rig the courts and populate them with right-wing crazies and homophobic religious wingnuts...he turns into an ugly evil monster..and eats his own tongue. Mwahahaha!!!

Now he's fucked. Now everyone knows what kind of a coarse and brutish right-wing demagogue he really is.Now he'll never get a majority. Now he'll even have trouble calling an election. When Canadians hear the word election come out of his hissing zombie mouth...and see that weird look in his dead eyes... they'll either scream and run. Or come after him with pitchforks.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people go after Great Fat and Crazy Leader now. I think they'll want to know a lot more about the man he really is. And always was.

I think they are going to ask a lot of questions about his wacky religious beliefs....and what he used to say before he started pretending to be a nice guy...

I'm sure Canadians are going to want to know what his secret plans for Canada really are. And why oh why does he want a majority so badly?

And so they should. The Zombie started the fire. Let's see if he can stand the heat....

In the meantime will that ridiculous Great Fat Nerd stop pretending he's some kind of strongman leader. And stop jumping Stephane Dion.....coz it's starting to remind me of this....

Shame on him!!!

Now if only we could teach Dion...

How to do the doggy back....


  1. Anonymous7:52 AM

    "Gnunarrrr.....votes...votes...precious votes....gwanarrr"

  2. Yep, the ugly albertan is showing. I wonder if he'll put it back in the box or just let it roll. I'm hoping to see more of the Real Steve.

  3. The theatrics of politics always disappoints me. I know precisely why Harper remains unapologetic for such a low blow, and it's why I'm constantly shaking my head at the whole state of the government right now.

    I was in Ottawa for the first time two weeks ago, and saw the House for my own eyes. I was amazed at how small it was; for some reason the chamber looks a lot bigger on CPAC. It suddenly hit me that when you watch these guys yell and scream on TV, it's not because they need their voice to carry across the room. My apartment is wider, for heaven's sake! They just all act like children --- all of them.

  4. I had a dream that he was speaking at my univeristy. I was in the crowd when he finished and asked if there were any questions. After a girl asked him for a blueberry muffin recipe, I stood up, insulted him at length, and challenged him to "bare-knuckle fisticuffs". Then the alarm clock woke me up, and I coughed up a gallon of my lungs. Caught a terrible cold this week. Great dreams though, thanks to the meds. :)

  5. I always appreciate your work in finding the best untouched photos of Harper :)


  6. Hey anonymous...I agree with you. I think.... As in gwanarr call an election.Or gnunarrr there goes your majority...

    Hi JJ! Oh he'll try to put it back in the box. They are working full time trying to soften his image. But all we've got to do to see the Real find the coffin he sleeps in during the day. And open it...

    Hey Mark!

    Yeah...I know what you mean...question period is just a tv show...and the house is much smaller than it appears...altho not as small as the British's teeny. As for Ottawa, as I'm sure you also looks bigger and better on tv... :)

    Hi Jay!! I'm sorry to hear you have been felled by a dastardly...and no doubt Republican bug. I hope you get better soon.
    And please let me know what meds you are taking...coz I luv that dream!!!!

    Thanks Kenn!! Yes I go to a lot of trouble to try to take or find the best possible pictures of Great Leader. Not just pictures that reflect his porky neocon exterior. But those that reflect his inner soul...or lack of one. I've found some really scary ones...but I know I can do better...before the alien creature bursts out of his chest...and everyone knows he's a monster...

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