Monday, February 26, 2007

The Homophobe Zombies of Jamaica: The Video

About a week ago I told you a scary little story about the Homophobe Zombies of Jamaica. And how riot police had to rescue three gay men from a mob of 2000 people....who wanted to kill them.

Well now I have the scary sequel..... A video of the attempted lynching...courtesy of another Jamaican freak.

The report by a local station was shot off a tv so it has pretty bad video. And I have no idea what those crazy homophobes are screaming. I don't speak Zombie ..... "chi chi man...a nuh fi wi faith...battyman fi dead...." or whatever that ugly "language" is.

But at least you can get a real idea of what it must have been like to be there...

Wasn't that special? Can't you feel the hate? Are they savages or what?

Needless to say the video wasn't exactly a hit in the bunker. Farm Boy said after that seeing that he'd never have a shit again. He'd have a Jamaica.

Even Sebastien was really angry too. I've rarely seen him so mad. He wants the Canadian government to file a protest with the Jamaican government about the persecution of gays. And he says straight people in Canada should boycott Jamaican owned hetero-only resorts like Sandals. Until they learn their lesson.

Hmmm....good luck..... I told you he's a hopeless idealist...

But as for me.... I'm just glad it's now on video for all the world to see.... what a filthy, bigoted, dangerous country Jamaica really is. And really ignorant too.

"A by bwoy dat. Cause anus is anus and man nuh fi go de soh!

Uh oh...there's that Zombie language again....I don't know what it means.....except for the "anus is anus" part... but even if I was straight I wouldn't go there and find out...unless you can pack an Uzi with your bigot repellent and sun tan lotion...

Seriously though....I'm also glad that the video will make it real easy for my poor gay and lesbian brothers and sisters in Jamaica to apply for refugee status in Canada. And be accepted without any questions. Just by saying .... I'm gay and I live in a cannibal place called Zombie Island...the homophobe toilet of the world.

Now all I can hope for is that Rita will finally put her foot down and have my beautiful Bob Marley reburied in Ethiopia.

"It was a dream of Bob Marley and it is a dream of the family to bury him in Ethiopia. As we believe in what is to be, must be, it will happen in due course...."

It can't happen soon enough for me. Bob's first fans outside Jamaica were gay people.

He loved Jamaica but not that one...the One Love one...not the Crazy Hate one.

The people of that Cannibal Island don't deserve him...

I on the other hand deserve remind me to play the tape again for Sebastien...

Before we go to bed....

A fi nuh wi go a by bwoy battyman dat one Zombie homophobes...


  1. Anonymous11:33 PM

    sweet mother molson.......

    sign me up for the Babylon Boycott. fucking outrageous. as soon as Harper's hung out to dry, letters to gov't for an official complaint / formal protest to be filed.

  2. Anonymous11:56 PM

    I’ve been watching homophobic shit come out of Jamaica for some time now, this is a country with serious problems toward its own humanity.

    I know a guy (straight) who owns a house there only because he’s a huge Jimmy Buffet fan and he dreams of living the life, they call themselves Parrot Heads. He can’t afford it but he keeps it in spite of the fact that he’s too fat and ugly to ever emulate Buffet. You better believe I said that out loud.

    He would do well in my mind to get rid of the place and he knows all about the homophobia there. The worst of it is, he has two, count em, two gay brothers but he’s such a fuckin white parrot head he doesn’t understand the system he supports there.

  3. That's horrible. I really had no idea Jamaica was so homophobic until you posted something about it awhile ago... I'd heard the expression "battyboy" but I didn't know what it meant.:(

    This is a major human rights problem, and Sebastien is right, Canada should put some pressure on Jamaica to clean up its act. What a disgrace.

  4. Hey're right no use filing a complaint while Great Fat Leader still has this country in his clammy grip. But I expect you to lead a delegation of straight people down to your local Sandals travel office...and give them the boot!!!

    Hi know Jamaica was the first Caribbean island I ever saw...and I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. The colour of the water and the green of the hills.I fell in love with the place.So I can understand the Jimmy Buffet fan coz boy would I like to live that life. But sadly homophobia turned out to be the snake in that garden of paradise. And it's not just Jamaica either...although it's the worst. I've read of so many horror stories in that country...often aided and abetted by the makes me really sick. The reasons are complex...but mostly I blame ugly religion....

    Hi JJ...yeah as I was just saying it's really really bad there. In fact, I've read many reports and articles that call it the most homophobic place in the world. And yes Sebastien is right...I made fun of his idealism...but that's why I love him. And why I'll be helping him. We're going to visit as many travel agencies this weekend as we can...and ask them if they warn people about what's going on in Jamaica. And we'll take it from there... But as I said to long as Harper is in power you can be sure Canada won't say a thing. I saw some stats the other day. Once we used to file all kinds of human rights complaints. Now we hardly file any.
    But we'll try to get something going... If there is anything we can do to make those bigots squirm...I'm for it!! :)

  5. Simon, that's a great idea, hitting the travel agencies. So many people must not be aware of this issue, and it's certainly something I'd want to know before I dropped big bucks on a carribean vacation (so I could go to Mexico instead). Good work!

  6. Um I am Jamaican. I am not a fan of homosexuality. I am not a fan of Heterosexuality. None of the label crap. I am a fan of humanity. I am a female and I ONLY date men. I am referred to as "straight".

    As a Jamaican I will say I am pro life. I'm not here to pick sides nor apologize for my culture. I am here to tell it like it is. No man on this Earth is to decide whether or not a next man is to live or die especially because of their descision to be happy with whom MAKES them happy.

    I will also say I am HIGHLY offended by your blatant disrespect for my culture regarding my island as a "toilet" "zombie island" and "unworthy of Bob". You cannot play fire for fire with Jamaican people. Though I am openminded I will say when it comes to my people there is NO retreat. Thats how we have been since slavery as African slaves fighting upon arrival up until the present.

    Bob Marley, rest his soul. In cas eyou were unaware Bob Marley was a Rastafarian. True enough he sang about "One Love" and unity. Rastafarianism is the backbone of Jamaican society. So although I respect Rasta beliefs being that they fight for my race and upliftment I will say they can be quite hypocritical. I am saying this in regard to your "we dont deserve Bob" foolish rant. Bob was a Rasta. Rastafarian culture regard ALL supporters of the Vatican, White Supremesy and HOMOSEXUALITY as sinners, Bobylonians and our natural enemies. With that said Bob Marley who is regarded as an icon of peace I can guarantee you, would not be fond of your movement. I may be hard to swallow/ digest but it is a fact. I cannot say he would be supportive of the murders but he surely wouldnt be at a straight/ gay alliance rally as he represent the culture of the Rasta movement which is the epitomy of Anti-Gay in Jamaica.

    Lastly, I will also futher digress by saying Jamaica is FAR from being the only country in the world with a dis content for gay culture. In other Caribbean island which I will not name, being gay is an automatic 10 sentence. In African countries (some) you'de be lucky not to be sentenced to death. In the middle east prison and death is manditory not to mention several asian countries and ofcourse Europe and even "liberal America" where a gay couple cannot enjoy walking hand in hand without being attacked verbaly/physically. Your struggle is universal. Its not against Jamaica which has a high gay pop. who has to hide out solely. Education is a must on BOTH sides of the equation.

    "A by bwoy dat. Cause anus is anus and man nuh fi go de soh!"

    Translation: "That is a MAN! An anus is an anus and a man is not to penetrate it [an anus]".

    And incase you didnt know Jamaican Patois is a historically RICH and beautiful language! More power to your movement but move wise and with dignity.