Sunday, February 18, 2007

Blogging for the Tories and Judy the NDP Idiot

I must admit I got a horrible shock the other day. When I scrolled through the Blogging Tories...and saw my own words staring back at me from the middle of all that hideous blue. Some Tory blog had posted something I wrote about the nerd Dion being bashed like a pinata.

And not just any old Tory blog. The monstrous uber right-wing homophobic succubus from Alberta...... the The horror....the horror..

At first I thought it was just a bad dream. Then I was devastated. It's one thing to bash the right wing conspiracy and quite another to publicly bash the lefty one. I could see myself having to explain over and over again that NO...I'm not a Ted Moron supporter you idiot. Or of course I'm NOT a homophobe. Or even worse...I could see myself NEVER getting laid again....

But then I thought what the fuck. Why don't I just say it like it is? I hate all the politicians in this country. I think they're all a bunch of idiots and clowns.The Tories, The Liberals and these days even the NDP. I mean just look at Judy Wasylycia-Leis and the Goodale fiasco. If that's not a klown show what is?

After torpedoing the Liberals during the last campaign by calling in the RCMP. And then flapping her wings and screeching like some demented hen....demanding that Ralph Goodale step down over the income trust leak. And making it appear as if the corrupt Liberals were even more corrupt than they really were. And by so doing helping pave the way for a Harper victory....that has almost destroyed our country.

After all of that ......Judy wants Ralph to apologize to HER? Huh? Wot?

I'm afraid that NDP idiot doesn't quite get it.... I think she's the one who should apologize to the Canadian people. And I'll personally settle for nothing less than this....

I expect her to crawl on her knees from Ottawa to Winnipeg and back again.

To apologize to every Canadian she encounters along the way...even raccoons and roadkill...

And to stop every ten miles and flog herself with a studded leather she knows how gay people feel having to live in Stephen Harper's Canada. Thank you Judy!!!!!

Then and only then I just might forgive her. But I doubt it....

And I'm sure history won't either...

And oh yeah....I think she should also shave her head. If it's stupid enough for Britney....It's stupid enough for Judy.

And then get a brain transplant so she understands that the Conservatives are the real enemy...not the idiot Liberals.

Until then I guess I'll have to settle for small the story of this young gay blogger in Toronto....who like so many other gay kids sometimes has trouble coping with the bigotry of this world.

But has been asserting himself by starting this gay site. And decorating his bedroom door.

Isn't that great? Isn't he great? Of such small victories are bigger victories made...

As for the Blogging Tory problem...I better make it clear where I them and everybody else.

Or maybe ....coz I got to get back to studying for my exams......I better let the Toronto band Billy Talent explain it for me...

Yup...that's my kind of kind of flag...and the only party line I follow. I think cheap political games at a time like this are criminal. And that Harper is playing chess, while the opposition dumbos are playing checkers.

I think those dumbos are doing a rotten job. I think all the old people in this country are fucking with our future. Because they'll be dead while we burn....

As for the Blogging Tory succubus problem ....I'll just make sure that whoever else I bash...I'll bash the ReformCons extra hard every post.

So they'll never run my stuff again....

Now can I please get laid?


Anonymous said...

wow, yea though, i hate all politicians too. and right now, conservatives will jsut be copying the libs just to get the votes.

thanks for linking to my site, and, by the way, won't be online too much this week since im goign to my friend's house and she only has dial up!

Anonymous said...

If it’s any consolation, these guys have short attention spans. It’ll be over as soon as they spot the next shiny object.

Anonymous said...

"I think all the old people in this country are fucking with our future. "

Hey Simon - as one of the "old people" in this country I thought I would pass this on to you.

Take it any way you want.

I used to think like you too, that my parents generation had screwed up the world (back in the 70's - when "global cooling" was all the rage and the Fruit Fly Guy David Suzuki was on TV with a Nature Program and predicting another ice age).

But then Simon, I got a job, had a family and realized that the Liberal and Dipper Utopia does not and cannot exist or this country you profess to love would be called Russia.

See Simon I used to be a liberal thinker - back when I was young and my friends all had hair like our friend - commenter Bruce.

But Simon - then I grew up.

Anonymous said...


the only reason that a nice, tolerant world doesn't exist is becasue people "grow up" and stop trying to make the world a better place. people stop fighting for the beautiful things they believe in. people get tired, bitter, cynical, lazy, selfish and sometimes just plain stupid.

If I ever "grow up", Simon, just shoot me. Same goes if I ever start calling myself "Alberta Boy" or "Alberta Guy" or "Albertay Jay".

Lept said...

tell your 'alberta gurl'friend that not only has Bruce cut his hair but that she should move on down here - and shut her fucking stupid mouth in this, the wonderful kind of uber-capitalist-reality that I have imposed on myself for two fucking miserable weeks -
by the way, do you know any mounties in rescue mode?
(Brian is stuck with his family and he can't come on downnnnnnnnnnn).

harbinger said...

That's right it was the old peoples fault, the world was going to hell in a hand cart. 1974, scientists are saying the climate is getting colder because of man made emmisions being put into the atmosphere. Crops are goimg to fail and the world is going to starve to death!
Guess what? That didn't happen, after a few years we found the temperature was quite fine and we were eating well.
Skip to today: The big Global Warming scam, perfect for the young people to grapple onto, a noble cause,Blah Blah Blah.
The difference today is there is an agenda attached to called, Kyoto.
U.N sociologists have been trying
for years to find a way to redistribute the wealth in the world, now they have the perfect vehicle.
Scare the hell out of people with dire predictions, take tons of money from them to thwart disaster,
(the young people don't care, they don't have money anyway.)
Ruin and bring down the economies
of those greedy rich countries,(yours, your lifestyle),
give all the money to East Wachecigradistan, and the Suzuki's
will say," no more industry, no more pollution."
The sociologists will say," those
Wachecigradistaninians sure look good in Armani!

JJ said...

Hey Simon, if you feel they deserve to be bashed, then bash 'em, buddy. It's called "holding their feet to the fire", if we don't do it we end up being nitwits like Alberta Girl, going "Duh, yes Mr. Harper, duh no Mr. Harper, duh 3 fucking bags full Mr. Harper".

Anonymous said...

Alberta Girl, A change in priorities isn’t necessarily a sign that someone has grown up, as indicated by a concern with ageism and long hair on men. The length of my hair has never had any relation to the place I hold in life, people who know me in a professional capacity understand that, obviously you’re not one of them.

I’ve been so busy with my successful business in Toronto that I haven’t I haven’t had time to respond to an Alberta housewife who thinks that giving in to immediate family needs based on cold war ideology is justification for all of humanity. I can understand how raising a family and thinking into the future for their needs is important. But as a man who has lived in Alberta and was a card carrying member of the Conservative party I can assure you that our priorities are only proportional to our souls and our experience.

I’ve never had the great pleasure of raising kids and I never will. But as I have learned, I have friends with beautiful kids that I would never trade for anything on Earth. There is nothing more beautiful than an honest young soul and that is something to be nurtured and cared for because they are the hope against other people with weak souls wish to do nothing more than deny knowledge.

I’m sorry AG, but there’s a difference between “growing up” and conformity, lots of long-haired people like me have accomplished more in life, they have raised children and fought for humans rights, they fight for the world their children have to live in because they love them so much. People like David Suzuki come to mind, he has done countless times more than you as a conformist who almost remembers how to be an extremist housewife that you allowed yourself to be lulled into at one time.

As Lept said, I got a haircut, I clean up pretty good and for no other reason than I looked in the mirror and said it’s time for a change, but it never changes who I am.

Anonymous said...

Bruce, A.Girl does seem to be a bit of a moonbat, I have way long hair,and have grown up.(because of aging is something you can't avoid.)
People that know me would say I am very far from conformist, I follow no political party, I just vote for the party that is best for Canada at the time.
I have retired at age 46, have done very well,and always had very long hair. Linking one's appearance with your own expectations of that person is a truly asinine way to go through life.

harbinger said...

Remember this, you always have to have the conformists. If you don't have them you can't have anti-conformists or activists or anything,you will just have chaos everywhere.
No getting on a bus, no going to bars and no toilet paper.( I always think chaos would be having no toilet paper.)
So thank the conformists, without them we would all be dirtier.