Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Peacock and the Chickenhawk

It was the Afghanistan Show on Parliament Hill today. And what a colourful show it was.!!There was Hamid Karzai strutting around like an elegant green peacock. Asking Canadians to please bleed some more.

And above all please please please please send more money soon. Preferably in unmarked bills. So he can payoff all the warlords, corrupt officials, and thugs in his increasingly shaky government.

While out on the lawn it was a sea of red. Or a large pond or whatever.

Hey if some people want to express their support for our troops that way I'm all in favour. Go for it. As long as they don't try to pretend this red shirt shit is a Canadian idea, because it's not. It's an American one.

And as long as we don't confuse supporting the troops and supporting this mission. Like our ridiculous chickenhawk of a Prime Minister did today.

"You cannot say you are for our military and then not stand behind the things they do.."

Oh yes we can Great Leader. Just because we support our troops doesn't mean we're going to give you and your gung ho generals a blank cheque to sign them up for the crazy so-called war on terror. And have them running all over foreign lands killing all kinds of brown people. We're Canadians remember? Not neocon yankee blowing wannabes like you.

And what does this horseshit mean?

"We don't start fights, but we finish them and we won't leave until they're done...."

And when would that be I wonder? How long does it take to win a war that can't be won? A long time I bet. President Harpo should save cheap slogans like that for some pee-wee hockey game. You know the ones where the parents fight in the stands. And throw beer cans and timbits at the referees. While encouraging their kids to kill the other kiddies on the ice.

Speaking of kiddies.......the good news is that we should have all the recruits we need to get the bloody job done. Turns out we're raising a new warrior class. In our skools.

If you want to know what one of those fights looks like, check out this little kick in the nuts.

Wow!! Isn't that awesome? And think about it ....there are 3053 school fights listed on YouTube alone. Isn't that frightening? Quick somebody give those little Popeyes some spinach.

Or better still sign them up right away for the Great War on Terror. So they can make videos of themselves killing brown people, and at least we'll look like we're winning the war that can't be won. One body or video at a time.

Although we don't really have to rush things. We probably can afford to wait about five years or so before signing up or drafting those little savages. After all Great Leader says we're not leaving until we win. So we should be there for at least five hundred more years. If we're lucky.

Or maybe not. I don't know about the peacock. But something tells me that long before that.

The chickenhawk will have lost his feathers. And fallen off his perch.

Fuck the Afghanistan Show. I can't wait for THAT show to start.

Do you think they'll put it on YouTube?

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Simon said...

Yeah it's absolute insanity. I haven't the slightest doubt that like every army that ever invaded Afghanistan we're going to leave with our tails between our legs. We may have the best of intentions but the road to hell is paved with them.
I feel sorry for the soldiers though.. time will surely prove...they fought and died for nothing...