Friday, September 08, 2006

Harper's Shame and Karl Rove's Gay Daddy

So the cat is finally out of the bag. The terrible truth revealed. The NATO force in Afghanistan doesn't have enough soldiers or equipment to carry out the mission.

A mission that has become deadlier than Iraq.

I've been warning for months that we were trying to do too much with too little. Too bad our gung ho generals didn't seem to notice. Or bother to tell us about it. But never mind. The question is what are we going to do now?

I wish Stephen Harper had been answering that question today instead of playing more political games with a ridiculous appearance before a Senate committee to prattle on about his rube plans for Senate reform.

But that question won't go away. And one day he'll also have to explain to Canadians why he rushed to sign us up for two more years, despite all the warning signs pointing to a fatally flawed mission.

Why he put politics before the lives of our soldiers, just so he could drive a wedge into the Liberals, and get some brownie points from Chimp Bush for signing on to his crazy war on terror. So much for neocon values. They talk like chickenhawks. And act like weasels.

Speaking of weasels and Chimps ...I was almost moved to tears today by the story of White House wunderkind Karl Rove's touching relationship with his 300-pound gay daddy.

But not quite. I mean I was disappointed that if I ever meet that piggy homophobe I won't be able to shout "Whose your daddy bitch?" But it's such a good example of neocon family values. I had a good laugh instead.
Talk about a gorilla in the room. Rove should know you can't buy that kind of propaganda. Yuk.Yuk.Yuk.

But it gets worse, I mean better. It turns out Rove isn't really a Christian. Oh Lordy. Lord!

Even though he may have brought in a team of exorcists to purge the Clinton Demon. Doesn't that make it kinda like satanism the White House? Politics and ju ju is such a dangerous mix. So much for family values...

I can hardly wait for Chimp Bush and his gorilla to haul out their anti-gay marriage campaign, just about at the same time as President Harpo starts to beat that drum. Won't they sound lovely together?

It might help the Chimp squeeze out a few more votes. But as for President Harpo, with his polls already going south, particularly in Quebec.

And after what he did to our soldiers. I think it should prove fatal.

Once upon a time Stephen Harper had a chance to fool enough Canadians into giving him a majority. But in the course of one short Canadian summer he blew it all by himself. Soon he'll be fighting for his political life. And the issue of gay marriage, of all things. might prove to be his coup de grace.

Wow. Never mind piggy Rove and his gay daddy.

Would that be piggy justice or what?


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