Friday, September 29, 2006

Count Harpo and his Vampire Legions

When I heard that President Harper was in Romania exchanging notes with other dictators at the Francophony, I figured he'd also be visiting his friends in Transylvania. To exchange notes on how to suck more blood out of Canadians. Or spill it in Afghanistan. And I had this amazing dream. I dreamed I had cornered Count Harpo in an old castle just before dawn. And was preventing him from crawling back into his coffin. By bombarding him with one clove of garlic after the other.

Then just as I was down to my last clove, and all seemed lost, the sun suddenly came up. And fried him. He hissed and he spazzed out. He begged for the Chimp to save him. He started talking in tongues and filthy neocon babble.Then with a crackle and a pop and a puff of foul smelling smoke he was gone. And Oh what a beautiful day it was!!

Then I woke up. It was grey and raining. Harper and his evil ReformCons were still in power. Still sucking the life blood out of our country. And everywhere I looked the undead were on the march.

There is no need to study the effects of gay marriage on children it's already been done. As this blagher points out.

But of course the jackass homophobe Ted Morton and his religious extremists don't care about children. All they want to do is use them to try to hurt gay families and gay children in our schools. Criminalize gay people, ban abortion, and turn our country into a fascist theocracy. Those are the same kind of crazies who tried to prevent a rape victim with the mental age of four from getting an abortion. They aren't Christians.... or even human...... they're life-denying monsters.

And it looks as if Stephen Harper, who shares their twisted views, is about to give his vampire legions more time to organize their hate campaign against gays and lesbians. By delaying the same sex marriage vote

So we'll have to have to live with all that hate, and the threat of having our equality rights stripped away or diminished, for a few more months. After fighting for them for so many years. It's a drag but it doesn't really matter. When the battle does begin we'll be ready for them. We didn't choose to be in the frontline of the battle against those who would turn our country into a theocracy.

But fate placed us there. And we're happy and proud to be fighting for all of us.

Me and my brothers and sisters are pretty good at that. We've been forced to fight for a long time. We fly the rainbow flag of freedom.
We may have been born in chains, but we're free now.

And we'll never let them take away our rights or destroy our beautiful country. Never let them hurt gay families or make the lives of gay children hell, with their bigotry and their bullying. Or tell us how to live or who to love. Never ever. Not a fucking chance.

We'll take them on in the courts or in the streets for as long as it takes. And in the hills if we have to. We'll never give up.

We know that the war against religious extremists in Canada is more important than the one in Afghanistan. Because only the war at home can ever cost us our country.

We also know that in the end we'll win. Not just because our cause is a just , noble, and life affirming one. And their cause is twisted, inhuman, and evil. But because hatred and bigotry don't stand a chance against love.

And our love is strong. We've been forced to fight for it. And nothing makes you stronger and braver than fighting for the one you love.

As for that stinky old vampire don't worry about him. Forget the garlic and the wooden stakes.

It may seem awfully dark in Canada right now.

But his sun will rise soon enough...


scout said...

geeze, i think we had parallel evenings because i posted on romania and it being a dream too.....only mine was my style, yours is yours (whch i admire).

morton's parents must have been cruel to him for him to inflict cruelty upon others. love wins, no matter what.....nice post.

Simon said...

Thanks Scout...and I luvvv and admire your style too. It's really neat and very cool and funny.I wish I could write like that instead of going on and on.Maybe one day. In the meantime vive la difference as we say in Quebec! As in everything in life the more diversity the better. I figure that if we come at them from all directions we'll eventually drive Harpo and his wingnuts out of town....and back to the jungle where they belong.But yeah love...and knowing how to throw a punch or two...conquers all :)

scout said...

self editing is tough...when i do my 'serious' blurbs they're long (to me) , but i quite enjoy your posts. individual style is just that, so keep yours and the evolution will come if you want to shorten things. ya, vive la difference!!!

harpo. i think the jungle would be too much for hiim. and throwing a punch or two comes from passion, which is part of love :)