Sunday, September 24, 2006

Harper's Theocons and the Doggy's Asshole

Ever since I started blogging I've been warning everyone I can that Stephen Harper isn't the man he pretends to be.

I warned that he was a fanatical ideologue from the sinister Calgary School whose sole mission in life is to change Canada beyond recognition. By turning it into a yankee blowing neocon jungle, where our beautiful, gentle, and noble Canadian values would be replaced by violent and greedy Amerikan ones. But by now most Canadians know that.

What too many of them still don't know is that Harper is also a secret religious fanatic with a hidden agenda, should he ever win a majority, to turn Canada into a hideous theocracy. Well now they do.

In an article in the latest edition of Walrus magazine journalist Marci McDonald shines a light on the inner workings of the Harper government and finds it crawling with theocon maggots. Crazy American style religious extremists who are incredibly powerful and may be influencing Harper's decisions on everything from foreign policy to the environment. Here are a few excerpts:

On the strange little evangelical Church that Harper frequents....

According to its Statement of Faith, adherents believe the Bible is “inerrant” and the Second Coming is “imminent.” Women are still not accepted for ordination, and a position paper on divorce does not mince words on a related matrimonial subject. “Homosexual unions are specifically forbidden,” it decrees, “and are described in Scripture as manifestations of the basest form of sinful conduct.”

Or Jason Kenney's real job...buttering up the lunatic fringe who believe that judges are more dangerous than terrorists.

....these days, Kenney may have more clout than any minister, playing emissary to groups with whom Harper doesn’t wish to leave prime ministerial fingerprints, above all on the religious right. Despite being a Catholic, Kenney is a regular on the evangelical circuit, turning up at so-con confabs and orchestrating discreet meetings with the boss. “ Jason,” says one Ottawa insider, “has a lot more influence than you might think.”

Isn't that a frightening thought?

But the scariest stuff is the haunting question that McDonald raises about whether the government's decision to kill Kyoto is motivated not just by its craven attempts to please the Calgary oil lobby. But also as a sop to the crazy religious wingnuts who believe that environmental degradation is a good thing. Because it will hasten the arrival of their so-called Messiah. Wingnuts like one of the theo-cons closest to Harper, the porker homophobe Charles McVety.

For Charles McVety, any mention of the environmental movement sparks a tirade against the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. “The Bible talks about a false religion and one-world government, and what we have developed is exactly that,” McVety rages. “The false religion is the worship of Mother Earth — I call them earthies!” He dismisses Rio’s Earth Charter as “that pagan document.”

Yikes is that scary!! I must admit that after reading that I began to panic. With the same sex debate about to rear its ugly head again it's entirely possible that some wingnuts might end up knocking on my door. And with my anger management problem I simply can't allow that. Not after how I behaved with the two Jehovah Witnesses who tried that a few weeks ago. When I was alone in the bunker....

Geez I'm sure they must have thought I was the anti-christ.I wouldn't be surprised if they were still running .... by now somewhere in Saskatchewan. Still looking over their shoulders. Still waiting for Big Jesus to strike me down and carry them off to heaven. How disappointing. Sorry.

Anyway after that I decided to put up a sign to warn off wingnuts ahead of time.

Although now after reading the Walrus article I'm not sure that's the right approach. It might just encourage them. Make them think they can see Big Jesus by just knocking on my door.

Instead of having to go to all the trouble of starting the Final Conflict in the Middle East. Uh oh. Maybe I better threaten them with an attack dog.

But what am I going to do? I can hardly teach my gentle lab new tricks at his age. Train him to bite people instead of licking them as he likes to do to every human he ever meets. And I don't really fancy the idea of waking up to find my new doberman wagging his tail at the end of my bed, With a wingnut's head in his mouth. Too messy. Might put me off my breakfast.

But I think this dog should be absolutely perfect.(h/t Beep )

Yes I think I can use the pooch to make my point as forcefully as I can. And still please my anger management instructor.

And my point is this. Fuck their little plans for a theocracy. The day I recognize a religious freak government's right to tell me what to do, or who to love, will be the day the world really ends.

You see I don't care from what pretty, pious or self styled divine doggy asshole this theocon bullshit oozes out of. Christian, Muslim, Jason Kenney's or whatever.

As far as I'm concerned.

It's just the same steaming pile of doggy shite.

And the sooner we stoop and scoop these cons, and toss them into the garbage can of history.

The cleaner, and safer, and more Canadian our country will be...


scout said...

great post but, EWWWWWW.

hi waterboy, i can't believe that about your sick.

hi bruce...ya, theocons is a great term!

hey simon, cool site, think i'll link ya!

Anonymous said...

I agree, BC, his deception is working and I'm very, very concerned. And it has nothing to do with one issue. Afghanistan, his ridiculous child care policy, his no policy on the environment, the number of american fundies coming into our country to speak at CPoC fundraising functions. It's bloody scary. The longer he has in power, the worst it will become because he has the advice of the best misinformation specialists around. The Liberals are letting it happen by having an unconscionably long leadership. campaign.

JJ said...

Greatgreatgreat post. That dog!!! I almost peed my pants laughing. Nice work.:)

Simon said...

Hi everyone...I'm glad you enjoyed the doggy's derriere...Bruce are you going to keep the skull and crossbones on your "go away or see Jesus sooner than than you thought" t-shirt? Or would that be too scary? Thanks JJ altho I'm glad you didn' know...
And thanks for the link Scout I'll be visiting your site too from now on. As for you Waterboy and Good Grief what the hell are you trying to do? Scare me out of my wits? Boy
I hope you're wrong.What's the use of winning over Quebec and the East, if we're going to lose the West? But you know I still think we're going to win. These neocons will end up in the garbage where they belong. We're fighting for the noblest and most Canadian things. They're fighting for nothing at all except greed and hate. As Bruce says it's up to us to answer the call. And kick these bastards all the way back to the neocon hell they came from. What a privilege. I welcome the opportunity. We all should. And just think of it this way. The harder the struggle the sweeter the victory. And the better the victory party!

2:16 AM

Anonymous said...

Greetings Montreal Simon,

You hit the nail on the head. I was involved with the Funnymentalist movement in the States, and spent a lot of time researching where they got it from.

Here is the story. first in the 3rd century AD the 'Literalists' rose and claimed everything was literal in the Bible. Now, remember that at that point the Roman Catholic CHurch had not quite made it to delare the Pope Infallible.

King James I 'authorized' the translation into English in 1611 and that is where the King James Authorized Version comes from.

It was not until Gutenberg made his printing press that mass printing of the Bible was done. Up until then the Bible was only possesed by the Catholic Church, hence the Latin Mass, and there was no Reform Movement until Martin Luther, a Catholic priest revolted again the Papacy's dogmas.

Today the primary supporters of the 'literalist' interpretation of the Bible, and they will almost without fail quote the KJV, as the Pentecostals, The Southern Baptists, Missionary Baptists, and some of the Ameican Baptist churches.

The Lutheran, Weslyan, Presbyterian, Methodist, and other demominations focus on ritual.

The movement began rising in the 1960's with the Peace Movement. It has grown to be predominant in the southern U.S. and especially the Bible Belt, which includes Texas.

Yes, they are extremely dangerous and do want the earth to be destroyed. They, likewise, have totally failed to grasp the teachings of Christ or God. They, like any other fanatics are totally focused on their own arses and justify their position by claiming they alone have scriptual comprehension.

They do not, and have become equivalent to the Nazis, al qaeda, and the other major extremist groups. They are extremely xenophobic, homophobic, anti-socialist, anti-humane, and hawkish. The worst want to return women to being barefoot and pregnant and subserviant to men. They love the death penalty, and as with all their positions are counter to the very teachings of true Christianity. They are no different than the very forces they are having a war on terror against.

They gained political control in the U.S. through evangelists like Falwell, Robertson, Schuyler, Roberts, Swaggert, and a plethora of lesser TV personalities.

The leaders were people like Ralph Reed. The infiltrated the Republican Party and started doing exactly what we see happening here in Canada with the CPC. A serious attempt to establish political power and a theocratic based form of government.

When I got involved decades ago I was seeking truth. I found it, but it was NOT the truth I was looking for. Yet, obviously, I was supposed to see what I saw, and believe me I found a depth of corruption and misrpresentation that Hell itself would be proud of.

I will post this as well over at RM's blahg as that was the link that brought me here.

Simon said...

Hi Bill..... interesting comment. You know I always knew that these people were life denying.I could see it by the way they acted, or the deadness in their eyes.But what really disturbs me now is how many of them really see this world as just a way station to a better one. When in fact this is, of course, the only world we'll ever have.And we need to take care of it, and take care of ourselves. But they are so full of fanaticism and hate they can't see that....

beepbeepitsme said...

Hey, thanks for the link :)

Simon said...

Hey pleasure. Thank you for your amazing blog. It always cheers me up! :>)