Thursday, June 15, 2006

Klown Firemen and the Terrorist Fire

Can you believe these ReformCon Klowns? First they light a fire by making sure that just about everyone in the United States knows about the wannabe terrorist arrests. Like it was some kind of publicity stunt to get a pat on the back from Chimp Bush.

"Media advisories were put out to all the major agencies, CNN, Fox News, the whole bit. I even received an e-mail through the governments Connect2Canada e-mail list detailing the operation..."

Then they fan the flames just so President Harper can make political points out of it on the Government of Canada propaganda site

Now that the fire is a raging inferno threatening to consume us all, they're desperately trying to put it out like firemen klowns by
pissing on it. Good luck. Is that a neo con nerd wanker weenie roast or what?

But look there's our ambassador now...

Would you trust this man with a box of matches?Do you find him reassuring? Hmmm...I didn't think so. And I don't think the Americans will either. The damage is done. Millions of yankee tourist dollars have gone up in smoke.

Maybe President Harper can bribe even more voters this summer by offering a cash prize for anyone who spots an American tourist. And rescue some cheap political points out of the smouldering ruins of this disaster.

Look..... I realize that these Conservative clowns are sometimes pretty funny. With their wacko right-wing know like the childcare program that isn't for children. Or the way they remade Killing Kyoto into a comedy starring Rona Ambrose. Or call the softwood lumber pact a deal instead of a surrender.

Then there's the way the Tory seals behave in Parliament. Barking out rude comments or making obscene gestures with their flippers.

And of course Stephen Harper's flattering, oily imitation of Chimp Bush is still the best comedy show in town. We Canadians do need a good laugh. But we can't have fun all the time.

Unless we give these Conservative klown firemen the hook. And make it snappy. They'll burn our whole house down.

I don't think we can afford to wait until Harper's planned fall election. If we can't take away their matches.

I say impeach them now.

Or be prepared to piss a lot later...

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Lept said...

A fatwa or two could be in order?