Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Great Scotland England Soccer War

I've got something to confess. This guy and his team mates broke my heart today. I know I said I was going to cheer for England. But about two minutes into the game my feeling about the auld enemy resurfaced, and I started cheering for Trinidad and Tobago. And I wasn't the only one. Turns out most of Scotland was too.

It's quite an ugly little soccer war.

Today some Scots were trying to be friendly. Despite their crushing disappointment.

But the whole thing has pissed off the English so much they've fired off a new barrage of Scottish jokes. They're like Newfie ones. Only dummer. Who says you can't play soca on the bagpipes?

But I suppose I can't blame the English for feeling a little bitter. And I hate to think how angry they're going to be when they discover that the Scots invented the beautiful English game! I wouldn't be surprised if they separated.

So I hereby announce that next time I really will be cheering for England. I'm half English after all (sob) And besides if I didn't my mum would kill me.

On the other hand, as a Canadian , the Stanley Cup playoffs are another story. That's even more complicated. I'm cheering for Edmonton until the series is tied. Then I'm going to have to do some serious thinking.

I mean Albertans have such swollen heads. Imagine what they would be like if they won the Stanley Cup? Imagine how big they'd have to make their cowboy hats. Maybe I should be cheering for Carolina. To spare the rest of Canada from such an ugly sight.

Or maybe not. (sigh) I'll probably do exactly the same thing as I'm doing by cheering for England at the World Cup. And feel exactly the same way about it. For exactly the same reasons.

Well done England. Scotland and the rest of Canada forever! Soca Warriors you were magnificent.

Go Edmonton go! (sob)


Hugh McMillan said...

Sweden will cuff them. Putting aside the fact I hate them, England look a very poor team.

Anonymous said...

soca on the bagpipes:

Simon said...

Hey Celtic Invasion I checked out your site and wow!!! I knew it was possible. Congratulations very cool..