Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ayatollah Sistani's hollow little fatwa

When I first saw that a group of Muslim clerics in Montreal had called a newser to issue a fatwa against homegrown terrorism at first I was delighted. I figured what the hell? Why not fight fire with fire? Then I saw who the fatwa was from. And I almost vomited.

Turns out the guy who fired off the fatwa is none other than Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, who late last year issued a fatwa calling for gays to be killed "in the worst and most extreme way." Then he changed his mind and said that only lesbians should be punished. But by then he had lots of gay blood all over his holy hands. The blood of children too... much is a fatwa from someone like that worth? I'm sure it's worth something. But not very much. It rings a little hollow. The only fatwa that might impress me is one that declares that violence, hatred and anti-gay bigotry are not the Muslim or Canadian way.

But I'm not holding my breath for that one. It would be like waiting for the Blogging Tories to stop promoting hate. After all the stuff I've read recently aimed at natives, muslims, and gays, that just isn't going to happen. Check out this latest example.

Isn't that nice? Not content with bashing the living, now they're going after our poor dead brothers. I suppose they're free to be as vile as they want to be. But they're not going to get away with rewriting history.

The reason so many gay men died of AIDS in the United States (and in Canada to a lesser extent) was because right-wing governments didn't lift a finger to help and educate people until it was too late. Those brothers didn't just die of AIDS. They died of ignorance and bigotry as well. A whole generation was lost because of that. That's why this generation bashes back.

But I don't expect these ReformCons to understand that. The neo con nerds are too busy reading Ann Coulter's book under the bedsheets. Giggling, gasping and whacking off. That's why they call them crazy nerds. And why bigotry sells.

As for the ReformCon MPs they're busy turning the Canadian Parliament into a Monkey House. Or a bizarre version of the Reichstag. Before it was burned down. What's next klown costumes and billy clubs?

Make no mistake about it. The troops are restless. The Conservatives are preparing for a Fall election. The buzz is all over town.

And the greatest threat to Canada as we know and love it is not a bunch of homegrown wannabe terrorists.

But what could happen if a man like Harper, and the many homegrown religious wingnuts and bigots who support him, ever get a majority.

You want a fatwa?

Fatwa that one dude....

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