Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Klown Klan and the gay marriage vote

Sebastien called me with the shocking news. President Harper had just announced there would be a vote on gay marriage in the fall. Sebastien was so excited he could hardly talk. Even in Saguenay French!! He's happy that we don't have to wait any longer. That the fight is finally on. I'm sure a lot of gays and lesbians feel that way.

But as for me I must admit I was crushed. I know I should have seen it coming. Monkey bigot see monkey bigot do. But I was planning to goof off all summer. Now I'm going to have to head for the trenches again to defend gay marriage from the wingnut hordes. And I don't even want to get married!!!

But of course I'll do my duty. It's more than about marriage. It's about human rights and respect. Or more plainly put: It's about keeping the dirty, bloodstained paws of the life denying, religious wingnut hordes off our bodies and out of our lives. So we can live and love in peace like everyone else.

Although this wingnut club has been walking on all fours for a while. And so has it's leader Patsy the Pitbull cross(over) Don't you just love Patsy's rainbow tie? Or how about the wingnuts Garth Turner went after? Aren't they something special?

Boy will that part be fun. Poking a stick at these homophobes until they spew foam out of every orifice. And show what the ReformCon party is really all about. Didn't someone warn our fake President never to open Pandora's Box?

Oh I know that some people, a lot of people, think it's a brilliant move.
That Harper just wants to get it out of the way. Losing the vote so he can win a majority. After this poll. I suppose anything is possible. When 70 percent of Canadians don't trust you with a majority, maybe it's time to start asking why. And jettison the social conservative baggage (i.e. the hidden agenda) that is obviously weighing you down.

I'd like to believe that. But I don't. I think Harper's too much of a socon himself to shaft his wingnut base that much. If he wanted to do that he could have held a vote now. Instead of giving the wingnuts a whole summer to pressure and threaten MPs.

In fact ,I think he'll surprise people and introduce a civil union package. And carry that into an election. The wingnuts would vote for it, just to take the word marriage away. And a lot of other Canadians might think they can support that -- even though that would be just another example of that racist mantra: separate but equal.

Make no mistake about it. This vote, whatever the question, whatever the outcome, is the most shameful act in Canadian Parliamentary history. When a government moved to take away the human rights of a minority. And a yankee loving President turned our beautiful Canadian House of Commons into the Bigot House of the Klown Klan. No gay or lesbian Canadian will ever forget or forgive that. I know I won't.

I also know that the wingnuts will use the summer to whip up hatred against gays and lesbians. There will be more attitude and dirty looks to put up with, more bullying, more bashing. Many will be hurt some may even be killed. During Harper's little summer of hate. But that won't stop us either.

None of us will ever stop fighting for our rights to be equal, and live and love in peace and respect. Many of us have been forced to do that all our lives. Fight for the rights other Canadians take for granted. Defend ourselves from the bullying, and the bashing and all that other crazy hate.

We don't have the U.S. dollars or the American right wing organizers the wingnut groups are deploying to try to strip away our Canadian rights. We've got nothing compared to them. But because we're gay and lesbian we do know how to fight.

So Sebastien is right. I should be ashamed of myself for complaining about not being able to goof off this summer. Not when I have a chance to fight for a cause like that. Against an enemy like this. Heck I'd pay to be gay to do that.

Besides I do want to be invited to the victory party...

So while I do intend to goof off for a little while longer. After that it's war.

Get ready my little wingnuts. Fucking with my rights is bad enough.

Fucking with my summer is unforgivable....

Didn't anybody warn them about that?


Anonymous said...

This free vote nonsense is just disgusting. I agree Simon that this is going to be a summer of gay bashing. Not only from the religious right busy-bodied hate peddlers, but on the streets and in the home where more young people pay for this bullshit with their blood and dignity. Funny how this was announced the same day that Chimp announced his "speech" on protecting marriage from the homos on Monday. I found the last round of putting up with idiots like McVety and Landdolt disturbing but I don't think we've seen anything yet. They are emboldened by Harper's presidency and will gay bash to their heart's content. And you are so right, this is really not about the marriage, it is about the gay. Time to take to the streets and stop this bullshit. If anything positive comes out of this, hopefully the CPC will sink into oblivion for good and never come back.

Lept said...

Is the Saguenay accent as impenetrable as that of Pasp├ębiac? (mind you, try French with South African vowels...)
To be serious:
The notion of forcing the more fascist elements out into the light is good BUT how does one get through the control freak?

Robert McClelland said...

Here's the first talking point.

Harper thinks 3 days is enough time for Canadians to talk about the 2 year extension of the Afghan mission but the already decided same sex marriage issue requires a whole summer of deliberation.

Or something like that.

Simon said...

Robert if I could sum things up as succintly and brillantly as you, I would! But you're right the gay debate should have been a one-day affair. As all the arguments have been heard over and over again.But we should have taken as much time as possible on Afghanistan so our MPs could have made a more informed choice....
BC Boy to tell you the truth the worst thing for me is just having to think about the vote all summer. Lying on a beach somewhere with that annoying little cloud on the horizon.I'm sure going to do all I can to make sure those wingnuts pay for that!!
And Lenny...the control freak will eventually burn out splutter bang. Reveal his Frankenstein visage, and be consigned to a bizarre chapter in Canadian history. When for an embarrasing moment a country briefly lost it's equilibrium. It either that or the resistance! As for the Saguenay accent I really shouldn't have slandered the Royaume's boys.I was just poking fun at one of them... And besides, as I'm reminded, they teach French to the English in places like Jonquiere. But I'll never forget the day I went up there with two East End Montreal guys who had never been up there before.They both scoffed at the notion that they might have trouble understanding the distinct local dialect. Then near L'Ascension I think we bumped into a rural gentleman who let fly a volley of angry words. The two French guys looked at each other and their jaws dropped. I laughed until I almost died. But is it as impenetrable as that god forsaken Gaspe lingo? No.