Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Harper's Head and the Mark of the Beast

Whew! It's just past midnight. It looks like we're going to make it after all. I didn't know what was going to happen. Yesterday I was shaken up by my brush with almost terrorism. Today I had to worry about the Mark of the Beast and the Anti-Christ. Boy don't we live in dangerous times!!

Speaking of marks....I'm going to have to give the dumbos in the media a C- for the way they turned the wouldbe terrorists story into a plot to behead Harper. That's absurd. President Harper has so much security these days he's the safest person in Canada. He doesn't ride the subway. He rides in an armoured limousine. You'd need an aroured division to get anywhere near him. Not a bunch of young hot heads who would order three tons of ammonium nitrate just like you'd order a pizza. They sound more like klowns than terrorists. Will that be with or without detonators? Duh....

I'd laugh it off. Except for the political repercussions. In his Globe column today Lawrence Martin talks about the "fear card" and how Harper is sure to play it. And sounds a useful warning:

"When the fear card is dealt to those in power the chances of overreaction appreciably augment. The tragic Iraq adventure is but one example. How many new terrorists have been spawned as a result of the deaths of thousands there can only be guessed."

Making Harper the focus of this terrorist plot can only make things worse. It's bad enough that he's posing as an American President. If he starts acting like a War President, like Chimp Bush did after 911, then we'll really be fucked.

I don't like this idea either. Although this t-shirt is kinda cute. But why waste any time or effort on this terrorist nonsense, when summer is so short? Just putting on a t-shirt and marching off to some kind of rally like a bunch of boy scouts would make me think that those terrorist wannabes had won. I suggest we leave the police and intelligence services to do their jobs. Get a grip on ourselves. And just go on with life. If you really want to say you're not frightened that's the way to say it. And still have fun!!

Besides a t-shirt is just too easy. If we really have a homegrown terrorist problem in Canada , fixing it is going to take a lot more than that. We're going to have to take a long hard look at our society. And the way we integrate immigrants. And maybe even debate whether multiculturalism is a great idea, or a tragic mistake.

But that's for some other day. Tonight I want to report that while the world didn't end. I did find the Mark of the Beast. Forget about the threat to Harper's head.
I found this head in Satan's little playground .....Iraq.

Just another reminder that religion kills. That religious extremism is the Mark of the Beast. The curse of our world.

And that fear is its little demon brother. The only thing that can drive us crazy.
The only threat that can defeat us.

Except of course for the AntiChrist....

Has anybody ever checked the top of this guy's head?

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