Sunday, June 04, 2006

Who's the biggest threat to Canada?

These crazy religious fanatics......

Or this fake President of some Canadians....

Hmmm...I thought so. Even a fake President should know better than to declare war on his own people. Just to pander to the bigotry of his religious wingnut base. Or try to tap into the ethnic vote. What a way to welcome immigrants to this country by teaching them it's OK to hate.

Harper isn't just debasing Canada. By attacking its values of tolerance and diversity, he's setting forces in motion that could one day tear it apart. And just for cheap political gain. What a President. What a Con game. Fuck the future. Winning now is all that counts.

Meanwhile on the not so sure we're winning front..... I see we're handing over prisoners to the Afghan Army. So one out of three of them can be beaten or tortured. I know that sounds a little harsh and un-Canadian. But it's probably progress. Once it was three out of three. And not just beaten, and tortured. Executed too.

Besides after what happened today we really do need to know if they're planning to bomb the CN Tower. Or the Hooters down the street. Or just want to emigrate to Canada, join the ReformCon Party, and launch a jihad against gays.

They used to crush gay men under brick walls. And force women to stay at home. So I'm sure they'll naturally gravitate to this medieval group.

As for that other homegrown terrorist threat, all I can say until I know more, is that it sounds like good old police work.

But as for Harper's foul war on Canadian gays and lesbians I think the last word should go to Cathie.

Yup. That's the kind of fighting words I love. The kind of righteous anger we need to stop these hatemongers in their tracks, And save our beautiful country.

What's the use of fighting the Taliban for a free Afghanistan?

When the Canadian Taliban are trying to take our own precious freedoms away.

Right here at home...


Scott in Montreal said...

Well, he said he was gonna do it back in December, and now Peevey Stevie is showing us he is living up to his campaign promise. Whoop dee do. Nobody wants to hear another word about this (except, of course, the hardcore busy-body bigot-zealots who still believe they will win the day eventually). They're determined to spoil a lot of Canadians' summer vacations, this lot. Feh!

Simon said...

But what if the government fell BEFORE the same-sex vote? And Harper went into an election with a pledge to replace marriage with civil unions? Would that hurt him or help him?
But I'll leave that to others. My personal mission in life these days is that nothing is going to stop me from having a great summer.
So if you look up and see some maniac dancing on the top of the cross on a warm night in mid July you'll know it's me! These religious fanatics can fuck up my life in all kinds of ways.
But they can't fuckup that...

Scott in Montreal said...

Actually, if approached, I plan to act like I'm totally on the fence so as to waste their time trying to convince me of the horrors that will undoubtedly befall us all if we leave things as the traitorous Libs did, heh heh. Might as well have fun with it and tie up their resources.

Actually, the more I think about it, the less fun it's sounding. There will probably be too many weddings to attend this summer anyway.