Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Boulevard of My Broken Blogging Dreams

It was so hot in Montreal's Gay Village today they were hanging out the laundry. My friends were getting ready to party all night. Because tomorrow its the Fete Nationale.

But I'm sitting under a tree, sweating like a pig, gasping for another frappuccino, staring at the blistered remains of my dreams to become a famous gay blogger.

Because let's face it this is THE END...

As if it wasn't bad enough that Mark and Gay Person of Color beat me AGAIN. Just because they got talent. Big deal.

But when Uncle Fred of Gay and Right beats you to the Gay Hall of Fame you know it really really is OVER.

Damn. Why didn't I throw in a little climate change denial and Muslim bashing....instead of defending Omar Khadr.

When he isn't even gay. Just a Canadian with an Arab name and a brown skin....who has been tortured for just eight years. What an idiot. Sébastien, Sébastien, I coulda been a CONTENDER !!!

On the other hand I haven't been feeling too much of anything winningly in the blogosphere recently. Just a lot of ugly stuff that doesn't go well with summer. Like crazy Con monkeys hurling their own excrement at you. And other nasty things.

You know some guy called me a drama queer the other day. And he was defending me !!!!
Can The Abyss be far off?

But it wasn't until I saw this guy playing the violin in the hellish heat that I realized how I REALLY feel...

Because if you do it just because you have to ....or you feel you have to....and it isn't fun anymore. Then you probably should give it up or take a break.

So I am. I didn't want to be famous anyway. And Sébastien is very persuasive. You come with me or ELSE.

See you when I see you eh?

Maybe I'll make it back in time for the parade.

Can't stop. Won't stop.

Bring Omar Khadr home TOMORROW...


  1. Arrgghhh. Know how you feel, buddy, so enjoy your summer hiatus, however long it lasts.
    Just wanted to say I don't read you because you're a gay blogger or write about gay issues anyway; I read you because you write so damn well about all the other stuff.

  2. Take a break Simon. Yours is one of my very few favourite blogs so please don't disappear forever. It would be a great loss.

    Get refreshed so you can enjoy making your point again. Your insights are wonderful & you write & speak with passion. I'd hate to see that gone.

  3. Quit your moaning!

    Recognition from some arbitrary outside source doesn't necessarily mean "validation". Your validation comes from what you DO on a daily basis--come what may.
    Your readers' comments and the rate of participation in lively debate on this site are proof enough of your value.

    Everyone has a role and purpose. Not all fit specific award-winning categories but all are valid when they are the product of genuine effort. Effort is something you have in spades.

    So quit moaning and enjoy your St.-Jean Baptiste festivities and careful about going overboard today. We need you here.

    "Dutch Uncle"

  4. Still, even lurking in the shadows is a drag, and the teh stoopid still wash over you,...

    if you want my 2 cents of advice, stay away from the other sides blogs, become an echo chamber sounding board, and even then, when the sound isn't to you liking, leave,...

    Believe me Simmon, I know how you feel,... me personaly, I have found myself a nice little corner of the internets and I'm building mysled a nice quiet, comfortable insane asylum for myself

  5. A world that piles awards on folks like Kate McMillan cannot be trusted.

    Take a break. Works wonders. You're too good at this to quit, but everyone needs a hiatus now and then.

  6. Hopefully this is just a summer break. I know how you feel, but I also know you'd leave a big hole in solid ground if you didn't return.

    Take care. We'll be waiting for you.

  7. That was not hot yesterday. That was like the perfect day. We prolly crossed paths without even knowing it.

  8. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Don't go Simon, I love your blog.

  9. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Raging leftie faggot calls it quit, how come??
    Simon, you were doing such a good job as a hate monger, all the gay boys in Canada who love to play victims of homophobia will miss you. From now on they have to do their own goading in order to provoke homophobic reactions in the rest of us.

  10. Penlan says it all for me, I would just add Have a wonderful carefree summer Simon

  11. You are one of my most favourite bloggers. Hope we aren't without you for too long.

    Have a great summer!

  12. What Allison said goes for me too. I have always admired your prolific blogging. It was your sense of humour that got me hooked initially. I have been at this for four years, nearly. I have taken hiatuses of weeks and months without apology. So what? If there's something on my chest, or something I think people might be interested in, I blog. If I feel overwhelmed, or I know I can't say it better than dozens of others have already blogged, I let it be. There is more to like than...

  13. Omar was the grandson of Esau. In Hebrew it means Eloquent speaker.
    And then ofcourse there was the 12th century poet Omar Khayyam a Persian. He would say: omar needs to get out and smell the roses the peonies and eat some pistachios.go to a parade.

  14. Hi everyone...thanks for all the kind comments, the good advice, and the encouragement. And from some of the nicest people and best bloggers in our progressive family.I'm truly amazed and grateful. And impressed with myself.Gawd. Who knew I was so popular? ;)
    Of course I was only kidding about that Gay Hall of Fame stuff.. But the other stuff was true. It's so bad and disgusting that it did depress me...shake my faith in humanity just a bit.
    But only momentarily. After fighting these bigots since I was twelve years old I'm not about to let them get to me now.
    However I will be slowing down a bit ...if it ever stops raining. And I will take your excellent advise to heart.
    It feels really great to be part of a big progressive family. Thanks again for your support...

    P.S. Anonymous 9:45 ...

    "Raging leftie faggot?"

    Hmmmmm...I like it. Thanks.

    Now fuck off you LOSER...