Monday, August 29, 2022

The Abominable Cowardice of Pierre Poilievre

I have rarely seen a video that disturbed me more than the one of the Con ape Elliot McDavid going after Chrystia Freeland.

I have always hated bullies, and McDavid's loud and vulgar misogyny made it even harder to watch.

But what I thought was even more disgusting was the way the apeman and his ape wife reacted after the attack.

As you can see in this slightly longer video than the one I ran in my last post.

Can you believe that? The Con apeman and his rube Jane CONGRATULATED themselves for acting like cowardly thugs. 

McDavid even said that bullying Freeland got him so excited he was VIBRATING!!!


And if all of that isn't disgusting enough, then there's Poilievre's refusal to condemn the cowardly assault.

Two full days after it happened, this is all he could come up with, a short video clip where HE plays the victim.

As only a cowardly Con could.

It's simply pathetic. 

He couldn't do the right and decent thing because he's scared stiff that denouncing McDavid, and standing up for Freeland, would mean the end of his political career. 

Although there also seems to be a personal connection...

Where Poilievre and McDavid meet and um... vibrate together.

Which although it's revolting, shouldn't surprise anyone. Not when Poilievre has been attracted to far-right extremists ever since he was a boy. 

Here he is while still in high school, demanding that the CPP be killed, and that everybody should be forced to buy private insurance.

Great eh?

So when the convoy terrorists came to town he was only too happy to join them, while trying to bamboozle us into believing that he is not a terrorist sympathizer.

But it's not going to work

Poilievre and his bestial Cons have been rage farming for too long.


It's all they know. 

They will never change.

But the decent people of Canada have had enough of that sleazy Con cult poisoning our Canada.

And they will make sure they never govern this country again...


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how he deals with the next Alberta Premier for sure. I don't see how he can keep a future government together while trying to attract eastern votes while simultaneously trying to appease certain segments of Alberta. I honestly don't think he understands the level of vitriol on the pat of some Alberta conservatives. I'll be pulling out a big bowl of popcorn for this one.

ottlib said...

Bah, people like him are not new or unique.

While knocking on doors with my local Liberal candidate in 2000 I found that people who identified themselves as Progressive Conservatives were polite and civil when they disagreed with the candidate. No problem. Civil disagreement between people of good conscience is the essence of democracy.

However, I remember this one yahoo who was a Reform supporter who was anything but. He was a large fellow and the Liberal candidate was a 60 year old woman, about 5'2" and 110 lbs. He got into her face at the door and yelled obscenities at her to the point where I put myself between him and her. If he would have become violent I would got my ass kicked because he was definitely bigger than me but it did not come to that.

It was a beautiful weekend afternoon so everybody in the neighbourhood heard and saw this spectacle and they were not impressed. Most of the people we spoke to afterwards stated that the guy did not represent their neighbourhood and expressed sympathy for the candidate. I imagine that spectacle might have swung some undecideds to the Liberal column because she won that poll by a huge margin in the election.

To her credit the candidate was not rattled.

Reformers have been and continue to be absolutely without class and since the CPC was just a Reform takeover of the old PCPC they are without class. Even the more "moderate" Conservatives lack it. The only difference now is social media allows them to record their lack of class for posterity. Their total lack of self awareness of what they look like to everybody but their fellow yahoos is quite telling. My Jewish father-in-law would call them schmucks.

Mr. Poilievre's inability to rise above these schmucks is also telling. It says a great deal about him and the Party he would lead and none of it is positive.

Anonymous said...

The votes are still not in, and his campaign is in a panic, they could be seeing an upset

Jackie Blue said...

Took him forever to finally say anything about the incident at all, and when he did, he made it all about himself. "Well, I get hecklers too and so does my wife!" Yeah sure. His wife who was just recently shitposting the most vile conspiracy theories about the PM. But Skippy has it so rough that he didn't even bother to mention Freeland's name in his self-centred response. Why does this sound so familiar? Oh, right: "No president in the history of presidents has been treated worse than me, not one, not ever, not since Abraham Lincoln..."

Can the CPC just be disbanded already before someone gets hurt or killed? Canada appears to be dangerously on the precipice of a Jo Cox/Gabby Giffords incident or the JFK holy grail attack on PMJT that the frothing right-wing hate mob has been desperate for since 2015, and it only seems like it's getting exponentially worse. Might be a good time for the corporate media to apologize to Michael Wernick for running him out on a rail the way they did. The man was a prophet, but the media chose to hyperfocus on fake temper-tantrum nontroversies because they didn't want to hear the truth.

CPC is unfit to govern, and Skippy is unfit for office. North America doesn't need any more demagogues playing coy with macho white supremacists and signalling for them to "stand back and stand by."

Anonymous said...


Simon said...

Hi anon@7:55PM....May I suggest you swap your big bowl of popcorn for a big bowl of gravel. For having the kooky Danielle Smith try to take Alberta out of confederation will lead to a massive majority for Justin Trudeau. I don't think you understand how many Canadian loathe the redneck province of Alberta. So standing up for Canada will unite the country behind him. It's so obvious, but you Cons are so desperate and so dumb you just don't get it. So please whistle Dixie for me, and see where it gets you...

Simon said...

Hi Ottlib...Yes this is bang on:

Reformers have been and continue to be absolutely without class and since the CPC was just a Reform takeover of the old PCPC they are without class. Even the more "moderate" Conservatives lack it. The only difference now is social media allows them to record their lack of class for posterity. Their total lack of self awareness of what they look like to everybody but their fellow yahoos is quite telling. My Jewish father-in-law would call them schmucks.

When you put the old Con apes together with the post Covid mutation you get an ugly beast indeed. I found myself reading the comment section on a Sun story yesterday, and I couldn't believe that people could write such filthy stuff and still be considered human or Canadian.
They also seem imbued with a deranged confidence that they are going to win the next election, which I can only attribute to too much alcohol or meth.
It's going to be a lot of fun seeing them fall to earth with a sickening thud...

Simon said...

Hi anon@8:55PM....Yes, there seems to be a problem with the Con voting process. And the Con hierarchy is clearly in a panic. I suspect that many of their convoy supporters are having second thoughts about voting after they found out they have to surrender their personal information, which is bound to scare the bejesus out of many of them. But it may just be another case of Con fraud, with the numbers they put out being a total invention, which should force them to stuff ballot boxes as they almost always end up doing. Losers will be losers, and the sordid spectacle will be ours to enjoy....

Steve said...

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Women seem wicked when you're unwanted
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Simon said...

Hi Jackie...Yes, Poilievre's cowardly refusal to condemn the Con ape man's attack on Chrystia Freeland says all we need to know about him. He has always been a bully and a coward, but trying to make it all about himself was simply pathetic. Especially right after his cheap wife Anaida A.K.A La Bomba had made a fool out of herself by accusing Justin Trudeau of being a pedophile, which was so disgraceful her name and his name are now dirt. It would be hilarious in a sick trailer trash way if it wasn't so dangerous. For there can be no doubt whatsoever that the Cons are trying to encourage their supporters to kill Justin Trudeau and other members of his government. And they will have to be taught a lesson they will never forget...

Anonymous said...

The video represents the Con’s vision of free speech at its finest. Presumably the target is free to respond in kind but if disadvantaged by size or vocabulary the next step in their quest for freedom will be to advocate for a equaliser such as an open carry gun permit and stand your ground legislation! Yep that should just about complete their vision of what it means to be FREE.

From a Con perspective calling this a hate crime against women, is just too freedom repressive and overly civilised. In their world the next thing those dastardly liberals will want is legislation to prevent people from committing the same abusive acts against their spouse and children in private.


Simon said...

Hi RT....Pierre Poilievre's version of "freedom" is the exact opposite of what the word means. He stole it from the trucker terrorists who believe it gave them the right to do whatever they wanted, and to hell with those who believe in the rule of law, or just human decency. It is as you say several steps in the wrong direction, and can only result in a more repressive society where might means right, and the Canada we have worked so hard to build lies in ruins. Poilievre and his Convoy Party are fascists, and the sooner they are discredited and defeated the better...

Pierre D. said...

Look, we've all read "1984" right?
Poilievre Freedom = Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. War is Peace.
And yes, he and Byrne-Out are in a tizzy because of the six hundred thooooooooooooooousand memberships that have been sold by the Poilievre camp, only about 300,000 have been sent in for vote tallies. So a ton of people didn't want to bother with:

Photocopying their ID? (Really? In 2022? Like CPC can't afford a QR scan or a camera scan?
Mailing the ballot in? (This is more forgiveable, but QR scans people)
Giving their personal info out? (Deplorables scared of gov/t intrusion)

Now, do I think Jean Charest will win...nah, not on the first ballot.
He could win overall though, and if he does, I will truly enjoy seeing Peter Popinjay implode and scream and fall impotent once again, the backbencher to a former Liberal Premier and Progressive Conservative. That is a would that would never heal, much like his potential loss to Mr. Trudeau.

Speaking of, another incident in Nanaimo, and PMJT handled it exceelently.
And the polls aren't going up in CPC favour .Quel dommage!

Simon said...

Hi Pierre....Yes, it's good to see that the Con votes seem to be shrinking. Our shabby Con media made the 600,000 sound like Poilievre had unlocked the Con vote and was heading for a massive majority in the next election. Now one has to wonder whether they ever had those votes, or had made that number up to try to intimidate Poolievre's opponents. Cons being Cons I suppose anything is possible, and hopefully it will cause some to cry "fraud!!!" and help further divide the party. Today is apparently Poilievre's last day of campaigning, and I'm sure historians will write one day that he came in like a lion and left squealing like a piglet...

Anonymous said...

I think if that mouthy dude walked up to me at a PP event and demanded that I vote for PP, I would do whatever it took to make him go away. They would still be waiting for me to mail in everything.

Simon said...

Hi anon@2:57PM....I can only hope that there are more people like you. As I said in my post I have always hated bullies, and have fought them all my life. And Con bullies like Elliot McDavid threaten the very existence of this country. Pierre Poilievre and his Convoy Party need to be stopped before their bigotry and conspiracy theories tear this country apart...

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon Anon @7:55pm. To be clear I was referring to Poilievre and not Trudeau in my comment. Frankly I loathe Smith. Certain segments of Alberta exhibit a brand of nuttiness that goes beyond reality for sure. The federal Conservative party will have a difficult if not impossible time reconciling these idiots with what most people would traditionally understand as a conservative viewpoint in other parts of the country. Most people I know from Ontario who identify as Conservative tend to be of the more progressive set and think Alberta politics is just bat shit crazy....and they aren't wrong. I've met Cons in Alberta who would who flat out equate red tories with communism and believe all sorts of anti-science, anti-reality garbage.. I haven't paid as much attention to either leadership race as I normally would as neither one speaks to my values. I"m hoping they just fall on their own sword and start using logic and reason, which,'s going to be a hell of a long wait. Also, going forward, I will use my old handle and take a little more time in responding in order to be clear. Cheers.

Simon said...

Hi Way Way Up....How nice to hear from you again, and I'm sorry I mistook you for a Con troll. They have been bombarding me with their deranged conspiracy theories and other garbage, and since I'm in summer mode I'm not firing on all cylinders. It's scary to think what Danielle Smith might do as Alberta Premier, from what I have been reading about her, she's seems to be a total nut case. I wanted to follow her on Twitter to try to find out more about her, but when I went to her site I discovered she had blocked me, even though to my knowledge I had never tweeted anything about her. But I suppose I should not be surprised, this country is drowning in Con kooks and their wild conspiracy theories. I realize the pandemic drove a lot of us to the brink, but if we can't get this country to a better place I fear for our future. I hope you came out of it better than I did, and that everything is fine with you.All the best.

Anonymous said...

HI Simon, I too, have a difficult time taking anything Smith says seriously. While she seems to have built a bit of a base in southern Alberta, she doesn't hold as much appeal in northern AB in my view which tends to be more Jean and Toews country. Edmonton ton is a lost cause for the UCP regardless of who wins the leadership. Plus, there are still many rural older UCP voters and others across the spectrum who have never forgiven here for that floor crossing. The days of Lougheed and Klein are long gone whether Smith has realised this or not. Any way, I like to think that these factors will prevent Smith from winning and we can (hopefully) start to move away from distractions brought on by conspiracy nonsense and begin addressing ACTUAL issues in this province and beyond.

Simon said...

Hi Way Way Up....I agree, it is hard to take anything Danielle Smith says seriously, but that is the problem. She's about to becomes the Premier and I don't believe she is playing with a full deck. I can't remember her being that crazy in the past, but I think the Covid pandemic has sent her flying over the deep end. But I guess only time will tell...