Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Pierre Poilievre and the Road To Oblivion

As soon as the Con leadership race began Pierre Poilievre came charging out, determined to leave his opponents in the dust.

Or drive them off the road.

He got big crowds at some rallies, he promised them all kind of crazy things AND the head of Justin Trudeau.

And with less than a month to go he's still pedalling furiously.

But now he's not going anywhere.

Can you believe that? He's now pedalling an exercise bike, on the street, while peddling the same Con baloney.

But who can be surprised? His campaign is stalled. He'll peddle anything until he can't anymore.

The excitement is gone. He's not attracting the big crowds he used to get. 

And even the media isn't giving him a pass any longer.

Michael Harris calls him a symptom of the Conservatives' sickness.

The Conservatives are still the party of “Make Harperism Great Again.” Instead of taking the rejections of 2015, 2019 and 2021 as signs of the urgent need to reconstruct a party that had grown authoritarian, undemocratic and out of touch, they have doubled down on the policies that have turned them into the perpetual opposition, including fossil fuel worship, environmental myopia, anti-democratic practices and dismissiveness towards Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

He reminds readers that the ghastly Polyfilla blew Harper like a trumpet.

Poilievre was Harper’s personal attack chihuahua in the House of Commons, a job he pursued with such alacrity that he elbowed his way into cabinet as minister of state for democratic reform. In that capacity, he produced legislation that actually made it harder to vote. 

Which makes his claim that he wants to restore our freedom just a sinister joke,  and like everything else in his fascist platform won't stand the test of time. 

Once Poilievre has to speak to a national audience, his messages — Trudeau-bashing, threatening to fire the governor of the Bank of Canada, and hailing cryptocurrency as the answer to inflation — will draw more laughs than votes. 

Harris also reminds us what Warren Kinsella once had to say about Poilievre, when he called him:

“One of the most despicable, loathsome politicians to ever grace the national stage. He is pestilence made flesh.”

And let's face it, Kinsella should know.

But it is Andrew Coyne who has just delivered the most devastating blow, by looking at where Poilievre may take his monstrous Cons. 

 Poor judgment, moral recklessness, bottomless opportunism: These aren’t policy positions, something you can moderate or explain away or wriggle out of. They’re attributes. They stick. That is increasingly the dividing line in American politics – not left versus right, but character and judgment versus their opposites. The party that is about to elect Mr. Poilievre – the party that, with the help of hundreds of thousands of new recruits, he has done much to create – looks likely to entrench the same cleavage in Canada.

This may be, in the end, where he would take the Conservative Party: not far right, but far out. 

And as if to prove him right, this is how Poilievre responded:

As befits the leader of the Convoy Party.

He just doesn't get it. He thinks that will make him more popular instead of making him look even more like a terrorist sympathizer.

But he's on the road to oblivion, and his Cons are on the verge of falling apart.

Soon they'll be squealing like hogs.

And when the next general election campaign finally gets underway.

Justin Trudeau, the man Poilievre tried to destroy, is going to destroy them all....


Brian Dundas said...

"And let's face it Kinsella should know" had me grasping for my ventilator!

Love it. Pierre is Majorie Taylor Green in a Parka. I'm never as optimistic as you are Simon, I mean The Fords, Mike Harris, and Stevie Harper have been my history. Nevertheless, I think the people will see through this unctuous piece of American trash.

Simon said...

Hi Brian….I am an optimist, I don’t know what other way to live. But even I admit that these days I sometimes have to hold on to that optimism with both hands, because we are living in challenging times. Doug Ford and Pierre Poilievre are like a plague upon the land, and their stench can be nauseating. But the good news is that they will cancel each other out. As ugly as Ford is he will be a constant reminder that Con’s must never govern this country, and Poilievre’s campaign is already going down the drain before he is even elected Con leader. So progressives have a lot to look forward to. While the Cons have every reason to be depressed. They have been bombarding me with vile comments, but I just delete them and find their obvious desperation and pain really amusing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

PS. It’s like the story of Arsenal. We went through the valley of Soccer Death and now we live to hope again…😉

Anonymous said...
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Simon said...

Sorry Conchella….surely you must know by now that I don’t publish any of your homophobic comments. You seem so obsessed with gay people you can only be a self loathing homosexual. What a miserable life you must lead. I truly feel sorry for you. Or do I?😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jackie Blue said...

So authorities are now saying that the convoy planned a "violent revenge" if law enforcement ever decided to stop dithering and do their jobs by moving them out. Meanwhile a damning new report lays blame directly at Ford's big lumbering feet for "making this the PM's problem" just like Bergen had wanted. The leader of a hate group called Diagolon has endorsed Skippy, and continues sending threats to female journalists (as CTV shows their whole misogynistic ass by firing one for being too old). Poor choice of words, perhaps, but the hits just keep coming, and they don't look good for CONS at any level of government.

Skippy needs to be in the hot seat to testify, like he sadistically grilled the PM over absolutely nothing, and had planned to do so to his mother. Ford needs to testify, and Dean French. Bergen, Scheer, everyone who supported that fracas or stood idly by while they terrorized the nation's capital and spawned a (thankfully, fizzled-out) copycat movement in the USA. The CPC itself should be investigated for aiding and abetting domestic terror. Hopefully Skippy ends up being the one who drives the big blue truck into the electoral void.

Anonymous said...

Shame on the RCMP, the CONservatives, the CONservative owned and friendly media for using the deaths of 22 Nova Scotians to manufacture another fake scandal against Justin Trudeau . Shame on them all.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....Yes, Cons have truly been exposed as terrorist sympathizers. And Poilievre and Candy Bergen are going to pay for trying to turn the occupation of Ottawa into a weapon to use against Justin Trudeau. Their hatred for him was so great, it blinded them to the consequences of what they were doing. And needless to say I couldn't be happier. Poilievre has given us so many issues to use to attack him once he is crowned, and the election campaign can begin in earnest, but the terrorist sympathizer one is the best. I am of course disgusted by the sleazy behaviour of the Cons, but if it gives us a reason to clear them out from power, for at least a generation, then it will all be worth it....

Simon said...

Hi anon@6:00 PM....I feel the same way you do. The way the Nova Scotia RCMP are trying to deflect attention away from their murderous incompetence is absolutely disgraceful. And the way the Cons and their bought media are trying to blame the Liberal government is just disgusting. They really are the scum of the earth. But the more people understand what happened the more it will come back to bite the Cons,so they are only making things worse for themselves...

Steve said...

I am very worried when I see Trump succeed. I hope that the Penis gets political erectile dysfunction. As a history Major I know that the Russian Empire was toppled by only 20% of the people. The See EYE Aye colour revolutions of the past 50 years have less supporters. Be afraid.

Pierre D. said...

Simon a Gunners fan?
ARSENAL TILL I DIE. I'M ARSENAL TILL I DIE. I KNOW I AM I'M SURE I AM I'M ARSENAL TILL I DIE! ;-) Looks like there's two Gooners here Simon!

And yes, it is so, so amusing to see Red Devils languishing and so on.

Back to this though, with the current eviction of TuPOC (The United People of Canada) from their refuge at a local church for failure to pay rent and a bevy of other safety issues, this could, maybe, be the final nail in the coffin for the Convoy. Every day that goes buy we learn of the incalculable financial and emotional damage and general antipathy toward them from the non-CPC rabid base, it looks again like Pigeon Pierre has built a nest of lies and the little chicks are coming home to roost.

Damned shame, that. :-)

Simon said...

Hi Pierre…Yes, I am an Arsenal fan. I never miss a game if I can help it, although in recent years I wish I had, and frequently wonder why did I decide to be a Gunner, when I could have chosen say Manchester City, it being closer to Scotland. But they are too good so that would have been shameless. And Inhave to say I like the look of our young team this year. I don’t think they can beat Manchester City or Liverpool, but it should be exciting. But so will the Con leadership race which promises to be like something out of Gladiator, except way more mediocre, more like a slow motion car crash. The scummy Cons are really taking a beating as their decision to join the Convoy Team comes back to haunt them. I know they are as dumb as spoons, but they have really done it this time, and we are going to take them apart piece by piece….

Anonymous said...

There's an inquiry in Nova Scotia dealing with the RCMP'S handling of the affair. Meanwhile allegations of political interference are another issue.

STFU you dumb Liberal shit.

Simon said...

Hi Conchella you cuck. Can I ask you a few pertinent questions? Do you really think that your fake scandal on alleged political interference should be allowed to overshadow the inquiry into the deaths of so many Nova Scotians? If so do you have a serious drinking problem? And do you really believe that you and your mouth breathing dummies from the Convoy Party are smarter than decent really Canadian Liberals? Or are you just desperate? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

P.S. Get a life loser…

Steve said...

Just like a former leader of Ontario dismantled the cheap hydro for private gain, Doug Ford is going to break OHIP.

Steve said...

So many fake scandals
Aka Khan
at least there was some narrative about the above.
The rest are all pure invention.

I also AXE you. When Stephen Bandara Harper took his bullet proof limo to India did the media complain?
Same in the US, Trump flew everywhere every day, no reports.
Obama and Truduea and Biden have every dollar reported.

Pierre D. said...

I too had a chance to become a United or City fan, but there was little appeal there. Instead I chose a team with a rich history, an even richer history of annoying/putting the boots to Spurs and we shall see on those fixtures. WE. SHALL. SEE. Remember Gunners have Jesus at the cannon.

Back to local festivities, TUPOC are trying to befuddle the legal system by stalling their eviction but the property has already been put back up to sale, the police are going to change the locks very soon and all these Freedumb convoy thugs are going to be homeless or will need to go back to Oilberta. And with them, Toxic Pete's chances at winning the next General Election...

Simon said...

Hi Steve...The media did report that Harper took his tank to India, but the coverage was very subdued, unlike the feeding frenzy it would have triggered if it had been Justin Trudeau. I believe I wrote at least one post about it, for it was a great example of the cowardice of Harper and his Cons. Great Leader liked to pose as Mr Butch Nut, but even though he didn't have to put up with the kind or number of threats Trudeau receives, I loved to watch the Harpoon tremble like a jelly, and I used to laugh until tears ran down my face🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Simon said...

Hi Pierre….Well I hope you enjoyed today’s game, because I sure did. All the goals were great, and I’m really looking forward to the season. As for the other game, I’m enjoying that one too. The Convoy Party has never looked weaker or more absurd. Their attempts to arrest the police in Peterborough showed that the Cons are now a cult, and when I got a message that some cult members were trying to do the same thing at Toronto Police headquarters I almost headed down there to see if I could watch them being clubbed like seals. But then I thought the Convoy Party cult wouldn’t have the guts to do that and I was right. Queen Dildo and her Cons may talk up a storm, but like King Dildo and his Con entourage they are all talk and no action….

Anonymous said...

Yeah, to bad Justin wasn’t there that day.

He would have run out in the crossfire and taken a round to the head.

Simon said...

Hi anon@11:02 PM….Wow, you’re a really sick puppy, and too dumb (or desperate) to realize you are damaging your own cause, and making me look really good. I will of course pass this on to the police, although I understand they have quite a file on you already. But I’m curious. Do you run around your fetid hole with a pair of camouflage style diapers on? Because quite frankly I think you’d look good in them 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Anonymous said...

You know, some of the most entertaining stuff here is your house troll's catcalls. If you delete, at least leave them as deleted by a blog administrator please, don't double delete!

They really seem to be down to the summer students because they repeat the same tired memes over and over.