Friday, May 27, 2022

Is Pierre Poilievre's Con Candidacy Starting To Crumble?

For a long time Pierre Poilievre was able to peddle his dangerous nonsense, while the media looked away, or focused on the size of the crowds he was attracting. But not any longer.

Now he is being ridiculed for preaching the Gospel of Bitcoin, just as the crypto currency crashed. He has been called reckless for threatening to fire the governor of the Bank of Canada. 

He has been accused of being way too friendly with the hairy honkers who held our country hostage, and terrorized the people of Ottawa. 

And as more Canadians finally see him as he really is...

Just another freakish Con clown who is making it up as he goes along.

His polls are finally starting to soften.

With many of his own Cons starting to realize that he is leading them nowhere.

And cringing at the kind of media reviews Poilievre has been receiving.

To make matters worse, even his good buddy Brian Lilley is accusing him of shilling conspiracy theories. 

Specifically his threat to ban his future ministers from attending the World Economic Forum.

Which Lilley calls garbage.

This video, and Poilievre’s new “policy” on the World Economic Forum, is nothing but garbage aimed at sucking in people who believe half-truths or outright lies.

When Stephen Harper or his ministers went to Davos, they weren’t working for a policy agenda that was against the people of Canada, they were selling Canada.

The Conservatives need a serious leader to challenge Trudeau and the Liberals. If Poilievre wants to be leader, he should smarten up and leave this garbage for the internet trolls.

And that is making it really easy to imagine the hideous bully Poilievre on the phone, asking the notorious bully Stephen Harper, to please tell the ugly Sun bully Lilley to stop bullying him.

As only the increasingly desperate Cons could.

Of course, on the less sunny side, Poilievre is still well ahead of his Con leadership rivals in that Abacus poll.

Which considering the low quality of the other leadership candidates isn't surprising.

But the poll also shows that if all Canadians were asked which Con candidate they would favour, they would choose Jean Charest.

Which is really good news for it suggests that most Canadians reject Poilievre's far right extremism, and would prefer a more moderate leader.

Even someone as washed up as old Curly.

And that's great news for the Trudeau Liberals.

For as Bruce Anderson writes:

“Interest rates are rising and inflation is relatively high, but there is no sign that these factors are weakening the standing of the Trudeau Liberals – current findings would result in another victory, potentially a larger one, if an election were held today.

So it's not hard to imagine what might happen if Poilievre wins the Con leadership, and then has to spend three long years campaigning against Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau would make mince meat out of him.

I don't doubt that Poilievre's hardline supporters will stick with him to the bitter end, For this is a comment I received from one of them recently:

And as you can imagine there is not much we can do with Cons like that, for they are little more than beasts, motivated only by their diseased hatred of Justin Trudeau.

But we can do something about these trucker swine who Poilievre loves so much.

For they are a threat to this country and its values, 

As is the pitiful Poilievre, who if he can't summon up the courage, or the decency to denounce them, after supporting them so strongly.

Must also be held accountable...

Poilievre must have believed that the trucker terrorists could carry him to victory.

But I think they are going to transport him to the hellish place where he belongs...


Anonymous said...

I think the best thing that could happen to Canada is to have PP chosen as their new leader which would then give him 3 years to dig a massive hole to bury this disgusting party once and for all. On top of that, his core of supporters, who are by far the worst of the worst Canadians will be exposed, even more so, for all to see. It would be an excellent opportunity for law enforcement to compile a list of these deplorables and track their movements and social media activities. That is if their not placating or high fiving them as was witnessed at the freedumb convoy. I shall remain optimistic that they were the exception and not the rule.

As for Lilley, I think his poopooing of PP has more to do with him avoiding writing anything about his adopted daddy dearest, Doug, than actually dissing a Con. The media in general are giving Lardo Ford a free pass to 4 more years as Dougy's goon squad arrests innocent people for the crime of doing nothing.

If the Cons do elect PP as their leader, it will be the beginning of the end for the CPC. Memories of Trump's destruction of America will be fresh for many years to come and we will resoundingly stop it from happening here. PP wants to make the freest country in the world, Canada, the freest country in the world. In a way I agree. Freeing us from this incarnation of "Conservatives" would indeed make it so.

Anonymous said...

"When Stephen Harper or his ministers went to Davos, they weren’t working for a policy agenda that was against the people of Canada..." Wait, what? Objection, assumes facts not in evidence. Was there ever a time when Stephen Harper and his ministers weren't working against the people of Canada?!

Simon said...

Hi JD...sorry to take so long to get back to you, but I've been out of the country and I had a mountain of paper work waiting for me when I returned. I am conflicted about the fate of Poilievre. On the one hand, I would love to have him go up against Justin Trudeau and have him made to look like even more of a Con clown. On the other hand, if he is defeated by Charest it will almost certainly split the Cons in two, and have many of them defect to Bernier and his fascist party. So it's a tough choice. In the meantime, I am enjoying the way Poilievre has dropped any mention of bitcoin, having finally realized that his crypto craze is making him appear even mentally unstable. So we're going to have fun with that one. Ford on the other hand is more of a real threat, but he along with Trump can only help Justin Trudeau look like the only serious choice. We're in for a bumpy ride, but it will have a happy ending....

Simon said...

Hi anon@8:03 AM....Yes, good point. There was never a time when Stephen Harper wasn't trying to undermine this country and its values. He made it clear over and over again how much he hated those values, and if Justin Trudeau hadn't arrived in the nick of time, we would be living today in a very different country...

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon, no worries. I would say you didn't take much time at all nor do I expect a reply every time I post. However, it is nice to be replied to by the incomparable Montreal Simon.
You're right that it's a tough choice but let us not forget, it is the CONnundrum that they find themselves in, not us. It will be a treat watching this all you can eat Con eat Con buffet with an extreme menu befitting a dog's breakfast. Grab the popcorn, this looks like it'll be yummy.

Simon said...

Hi JD....Thank you. But I still feel bad when I can't reply to those who take the time to comment. I like to think of the comment board as a conversation with my readers. You are the ones who are incomparable. I feel like we've been on a long journey together, and I'm always interested in what you have to say. Unfortunately these days I don't get many comments from good people like you. Instead I get a lot of comments from horrible Con trolls that I am forced to delete upon arrival. Blogging is a dying art form, and I miss the time when blogs were a force for good. It would be so much easier to confine myself to Twitter, but I'm not going to give up this blog until the Cons are no longer a threat to everything I believe in. And when I'm finally done, I will have left a record of our struggle, that I hope will help some Canadians at least understand the darkness we had to go through to get to a better world...

Anonymous said...

Am also CONflicted over the leadership race. On one hand would like to see PP stick around long enough to drive the big blue bus over the cliff into never never land but at the same time am worried that like a virus the angry division he promotes is contagious and if left untreated will destroy our country. The alternative seems just as dismal.Its built around the media friendly Ford model of paying lip service to real problems such as climate change while the connected quietly divvy up the spoils.

On a positive note the Australians gave the mighty Murdoch media empire and the climate burning government he sponsored the boot. There is also a well organised movement to permanently break up his media monopoly in that country. There is hope that Canada will eventually do the same to the Con friendly US owned media empire that came into existence on Harper's watch following a few innocent/unrelated meetings with Murdoch.

The following article is 12 years old but essentially predicted what we have and continue to experience.


Jackie Blue said...

I still think Pied Piper Pepe wins a Pierrhic victory by becoming "leader" and then sending the whole party the way of the dodo. He just got a major last-minute sales boost from Jordan Peterson, and this weekend got a free media blitz on Cross Country Checkup from some of his Terminally Online zoomer cultists, who think the whole world is Twitter. Skippy the Pigeon sure makes for a perfect companion to Dr. Lobsterhands and Elon the Muskrat. Is that a Disney movie I smell in the works? No, turns out it's just whatever the three bottom-feeding animals regurgitated this morning.

Now, even if it should come to pass that his "victory" margin ends up closer than he had hoped, like Scheer and Bernier levels of razor-thin (which I doubt), a win is a "win" and he can then spend the next three years pretending he's still running for PM and "owning the libs" with lame memes. He's just not ready... nice Brylcreem, though.

In the end, this wretched monstrosity of a party stitched together by Dr. Steve-o Frankenharper and his braindead assistant Igor MacKay almost 20 years ago will still be as split-brained and ill-suited to govern as ever. I agree with JD that Lyin' Brian is just mugging for Dougie. Eventually the illiterate con columnists will fall in line, but even as they do, they'll be feeding Skippy's ego to generate more outrage clips for the LPC war room to use in 2025. Hope Katie has stocked up on plenty of hard drives, and popcorn to boot.

Simon said...

Hi RT...Today, after reading two more critical articles on Poilievre, I think want him to win the Con leadership race. But like you, I worry what that grubby fascist might do to stir up the dangerous extremists in this country, and what he might do to the fight against climate change. So tomorrow I might change my mind. ;) As you point out, right wingers are on the defensive in Australia, as they are in the UK where Boris Johnson's Cons are teetering on the edge of the abyss, as are Bolsonaro's climate change denying fascists in Brazil, where the left-winger Lula now has a huge lead in the polls. So the tide of history is working against them, and it seems only fair that people like Poilievre should contribute to the demise of those who would torch the planet for crass political gain. The planet can't afford them, and the sooner they are defeated the better....

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….when I saw you calling Jordon Peterson I almost fell out of my chair laughing. It’s so true, and makes Poilievre look like a maniac for having him plug his campaign. He must be getting desperate, to have to recruit a kook like Peterson. He’s appeared on the Pierre Show before, but now he’s getting so much airtime from Poilievre he might as we’ll be running for Con leader himself.
What a freak show. And let’s not forget it could get even better. If Poilievre wins the Con leadership only to be humiliated by Trudeau, old Dougie will stop playing Premier, and go for Con leader. He’s always dreamed of being Prime Minister, and that is the election that I believe will finish off the Cons. Of course, I could be wrong, I’m not in the best of shape,
But I can see Ford and Poilievre fighting over the carcass of the Harper Party, and it will be a beautiful sight….😎