Wednesday, May 04, 2022

How The Cons Fell Into The Abortion Trap

It's an American nightmare. A threat by the U.S. Supreme Court to deny women in that country the right to control their own bodies.

It's a nightmare for all Americans who don't believe that religion shouldn't be telling anyone what to do, about anything.

And in this country it's also a nightmare for the Cons.

A nightmare so bad that it has forced Candy Bergen to muzzle her own caucus.

The Conservative caucus was ordered not to talk about the explosive news from the United States that its highest court may be poised to overturn abortion rights a sign of the Canadian party’s continued struggle to navigate the issue.

A memo leaked to The Globe and Mail shows interim Conservative leader Candice Bergen’s office sent a “note to caucus” on Tuesday telling members of Parliament and senators to keep quiet on the issue.

And who can blame the ghastly Bergen? When less than a year ago the Cons tried to reopen the abortion debate in this country, and most of them, including Bergen, voted in favour.

A private member’s bill from a Conservative MP to ban sex-selection abortions was voted down in the House of Commons on Wednesday by a margin of 248 to 82, but about two thirds of the Conservative caucus voted in favour of it.

So one can only imagine what all those SoCons might have had to say about the U.S. Supreme Court's threat, while rolling on the floor and talking in tongues.

For nobody should be surprised. Not when the religious fanatics have been stealthily infiltrating the Con's National Council.

Anti-abortion groups are declaring victory after securing at least seven of 18 top spots on the Conservative Party of Canada’s powerful National Council.

The National Council has powers set-out in the Conservative Party’s constitutioncontrolling the party’s budget, creating party bylaws and, importantly, setting rules for local nomination races and candidate selection.

So religious fanatics are now sprouting like mushrooms, or slimy toadstools, all over the place. And the Cons are now more American than Canadian.

But again, that should not be a surprise, for the influence of the religious right has also been growing in plain sight.

It was the driving force behind the trucker terrorist movement.

It has led the charge to kill the elderly and the vulnerable in the name of their Lordy Lord.

But their threat to women in this country is the one that will almost certainly kill the Cons.

For not only are there millions and millions of women, and the men who love them and support them, giving thanks that Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister.

This video clip alone should ensure that the Cons lose the next election.

For can you believe that?

Chrystia Freeland delivers a moving speech on the rights of women, and all those ugly Con geezers can't be bothered to even clap, let alone rise to their feet like all the MPs from all the other parties.

So great is their cowardly hatred of women, and of course Justin Trudeau.

And BTW if you're wondering how free Pierre Poilievre is feeling today after being muzzled by Candy Bergen.

The answer is not very....

Because he's a low coward too.

Oh boy, it couldn't be more perfect. The Cons have shown themselves to be the ugly misogynists I always said they were.

They have fallen into the abortion trap, into the hole they dug themselves.

And we'll make sure they'll never crawl out...


Steve said...

Freedom means you cant speak about the Nazi ideas you believe.
Freedom means you actually read the Handmaids tale, and when you watched in on TV you said best Rom Com ever.

Anonymous said...

The Bible is very clear on this. It's on page 1 of most editions, yet the cons seem to be illiterate.
Genesis chapter 2, verse 7.

This verse describes the point where Adam has been created, and yet he is not alive. Then something happens and he is alive.

Genesis 2:7 "Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being."

Adam only became alive in the eyes of the Lord after breathing air for the first time.

Though allegorical like most scripture, this alludes to what is repeated today about 30,000 times each day to this day, just after birth. There really is a "pregnant pause", the full term baby has emerged from its mother and now has individual rights, but until it breathes, everyone in the room holds their breath. Not until it breathes do they start the induction into human society. The breathing baby is weighed, measured, hand and foot printed, and given a registration number and eventually a name.

Fetuses do not breathe air. They are a part of their mother until they do.

Jackie Blue said...

Trudeau Fuddle Duddled them when they started howling about the Aga Khan and the freedumb convoy instead of addressing their QAnon rot and anti-abortion fanaticism. I love it when he invokes his old man.

On a more serious note, many thanks to Karina Gould and Marco Mendicino for working out how American women might have the opportunity to travel to Canada to seek abortion services. And to the PM as well for opening the door to expanding the Canada Health Act to affirm abortion rights, as promised in the 2021 election. I've been tweeting reporters and MPs because I sincerely hope they'll expand medically assisted dying to include Americans too.

Even the decrepit troll Winsella just said this is another hole that the cons just can't seem to dig themselves out of. Especially as they screech like banshees about "muh bodily autonomy" in bad faith. A pox on Boof Kavanaugh and the rest of those Supreme Court Injustices. Canada, now more than ever you need to keep and cherish Justin Trudeau as prime minister for as long as is humanly possible. Long may he reign, the King in the North!

Bill Malcolm said...

SoCons blather on about "freedom" as did the lowest common denominator trucking fools who Pepe chased for votes with free coffee and fake concern.

One aspect of real freedom is allowing a woman to choose abortion without some nutcase clutching a bible telling them they cannot. So freedom in this case to SoCons apparently means their freedom to tell women they're sh*t out of luck. Because god said so in the Book of Fables and Social Etiquette.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives: It's my body and I'll choose when and what I put into it.
Conservatives: It's your body and I'll choose when and what you take out of it.
Conservatives: Freedumb! Freedumb! Freedumb!
Me: Fucking hypocrites!

The Con's silence is as deafening as it is repugnant. I'd bet big money that they're celebrating the absolute betrayal of women by the SCOTUS and are drooling at the prospect those ramifications could have up here. As for down south, I can only hope that the mid-terms will reflect what the vast majority of Americans support. Her body, her choice.
Meanwhile, up north, Head Hypocrite of the opposition, Mother Superior of the Christo-Fascist Cons, Randi Candy goes out on the hunt as a starving cougar stalking young, hairy manflesh to sate the demons in her loins. She best be careful though. She may end up needing what she is so vehemently against. However, no worries. She's a Con so a few Hail Mary's and Our Father's followed by gargling with holy water and she'll be good to move on to the next atrocity. Followed by Hail Mary's, Our Father's, gargling, etc. etc. etc. As I said, fucking hypocrites.

I have high confidence that even if the Cons somehow stole an election, our supreme court is sane and progressive enough to thwart any attempts by them to change the status quo. Lest we forget the time when Emperor Harper was repeatedly shot down by them for his attempted crimes against humanity. It was especially gratifying as well to have a woman leading his embarrassing smackdown.

In the meantime, the Liberals have promised to strengthen our existing laws to ensure that the latest shitshow in the US doesn't migrate north like a biblical plague from days of old. FDR's quote, I think, has never been as relevant as it is now.
“A Conservative is a man with 2 perfectly good legs, who, however, has never learned to walk forward.”
-Franklin D. Roosevelt

Simon said...

Hi Steve…..The only definition of freedom that applies in this case is the freedom of. women to control their own bodies. If people don’t believe in that right they shouldn’t have one. End of story…

Simon said...

Hi anon@6:30 pm….The problem is that most religious fanatics are not really Christians. They just use selected excerpts of the Bible to go after their enemies. The real Christians I know are not like that at all. They believe that Jesus is love, and reject the torrent of hatred that pours out of some of those Cons and other fake Christians….

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….I am hopeful that Canada can do something to help women in the U.S. who are caught up in this nightmare. It would be a modern version of the Underground Railroad. But unfortunately the women who need help the most live in the backward Gilead of the Deep South, and are desperately poor. So helping them will be very difficult. Still, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try. But the best thing we can do is fight the far right in the U.S and Canada. And I’m hopeful that the religious fanatics in the Supreme Court will help us put down the holy rollers that threaten us all…

Simon said...

Hi Bill….When I hear Cons talking about freedom I don’t know whether to laugh or vomit. What they really want is the freedom to persecute us, and use their Bibles to justify their fascist behaviour. Although I am an atheist, I know quite a few good Christians and all of them are as horrified as I am. The Cons really should call themselves the Party of God, or Godzilla. And we should use their debased fanaticism to destroy them. For only that will set us free….

Simon said...

Hi JD….We are lucky to have such a great Supreme Court that has done such a good job of defending our precious Canadian values. As you point out, they were the ones who stood up to the monster Harper during some of the darkest days in the history of this country. But I can never forget how Harper and his stooge Peter Mackay went after the Chief Justice and if Poilievre ever became Prime Minister it would be even worse. My consolation is that after spending so many years earning of the growing influence of the religious right, and not
getting anywhere, the fascists themselves are hanging themselves…