Friday, November 20, 2020

Justin Trudeau and the Great Covid-19 Challenge

I have never seen Justin Trudeau looking so grim as when he came out of his Rideau cottage today.

And who could blame him?

Covid cases are surging all over Canada, and models suggest that we are heading for a human catastrophe, where sickness and death are everywhere.

So when Trudeau addressed Canadians he spoke straight from the heart.

I was impressed by the firm but compassionate way he told Canadians that now is the time to tighten up.

Canada is far from flattening the COVID-19 curve, and the severity of the pandemic has now far surpassed the peak of infections during the first wave of the national health crisis, prompting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to implore Canadians to “really tighten up” their precautions and stay home as much as they can.

And moved by the way he asked to us to support our medical and essential workers.

Noting the added pressure on health-care workers and essential staff who have been on front lines for almost 10 months working long hours at risk to themselves and their families, Trudeau sought to pull people together to help them out.

“They’re tired. They have been heroes, they have been going above and beyond anything they might have thought they were signing up for. We need to help them.”

Because they really are exhausted, and I know they would appreciate all the support we can give them. Like showing some discipline and reducing the number of cases that are
threatening them and their hospitals.

So you can imagine how disgusted I felt when I saw that our grubby far-right Cons, were quick to get this grotesque hashtag trending #cowardofthecottage

With ugly tweets like this one:

Or this one from someone claiming to be a retired RCMP officer:

And much much worse.

So all I could think of was how low can those filthy AmeriCons go? 

And why do they hate Canadians so much they would try to destroy Team Canada? 

Even as a merciless pandemic threatens to kill tens of thousands of our most vulnerable people...

It's disgusting and beyond cowardly.

But it only confirms what I have always said, and said again today on Twitter:

How lucky we are that in our Canada decency still matters.

How lucky we are that the pandemic is forcing the Cons to reveal their inner beasts. So they cannot ever be trusted to govern this country again.

And as for the Covid enemy, we've fought deadly enemies before, and defeated them.

And we shall do so again...

What a great thought for the weekend.

First we'll smash Covid.

And then we'll smash the Cons...


Steve said...

Not the sharpest tool in the tool box.
The best pig at the trough
he is an American, he puts his kids in private school paid for indirectly by the taxpayer, he hires his family with goverment money.
Makes Wegate look like a tempest in a tea pot, yet he skates and is still a shadow cabinet minister,
Two con tweets.

Jackie Blue said...

Sure would be nice if the useless media would report on Pigeon's tin foil conspiracy theorizing and other Cons joining a Nazified social media website (Parler), with the same relentless fervor they did LavGhazi and WeGhazi. I only count one Star article about Skippy going full QAnon and that's it. Forget about them applying the same scrutiny to Ballingall aka Canada's Brad Parscale, as they did to the K-bros. White cons protecting their own.

If anything needs a great reset it's the hot-garbage MSM. Whistling past the graveyard like usual and ignoring the den of deplorables out of desperation to polish the turd that is their latest great white dope. I guess it's up to us again and the Big Red Machine, because the "free press" can't be relied upon to inform the public of actual facts.

Trudeau gave a great speech. It was Churchillian, despite all the efforts of the Cons to portray him as a weaksauce Chamberlain. All Pete does is squawk. What a holiday turkey he is.

Anonymous said...

"How lucky we are that in our Canada decency still matters."
Amen to that, Simon. Decency reelected JT amidst the fog of fake scandals and outright lies that the Cons are constantly vomiting upon us. Canadians need to think long and hard of where we'd most likely be right now had Scheer slithered his way to victory. The insurance clerk and his minions would most certainly have an orange glow about them from kissing Trump's ass and I shudder to think of how Scheer incompetence would have bungled the trade deal and especially the pandemic. As anti-maskers are overwhelmingly Cons and are undoubtedly the main reason our Covid numbers are surging right now, imagine a PM Scheer reassuring Canadians that we're "rounding the corner" on Covid while our health care system, under the "guidance" of health minister Michelle-Garner-Parler-Rempel-Wineskin has fully collapsed. How's that for scary? With JT at the helm we are very lucky indeed, Simon.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry.....the members of the Trudeau cult of personality who thank Saint Justin for everything for the sun rising in the morning to personally depositing government payments in their bank accounts to eliminating covid himself in parts of the country will outweigh the critical tweets.

Simon said...

Hi Steve....Yes, I thought about writing about Scheer's latest all in the family adventures, but after writing so many posts about him I have a great desire to simply forget him. Although I must say I do feel that I didn't do the man justice. He's even more of a grubby grifter than I had imagined. But because he's the leader of the Con's SoCon contingent Erin O'Toole doesn't dare punish him. Pathetic...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...Good point. As you know I believe that the way the Cons have succumbed to the Trump cult is the biggest story in Canadian politics. But it's a story so damaging that I'm not surprised that our shabby Con media has chosen to ignore it. But it's not going away, I fully expect the Con cultists to further reveal themselves, so when the next election campaign arrives we are going to have yet another mighty weapon to use against them...

Simon said...

Hi JD...I still vividly remember the day I saw Harper's first Republican style attack ads and how shocked and disgusted I was. I knew that something had changed and that the Cons were becoming more of an American than a Canadian party. And I also knew that I was going to dedicate my life if necessary to making sure that those RepubliCons don't drag this country into the sewer where they belong. I used to have a lot of hopes for real change, but now I demand decency above all. My parents raised me that way, but now I see it as essential if we are not to lose our country. The only good thing about the Trump years is that they showed what can happen when decency is marginalized and beasts run a country...

Simon said...

Hi anon@6:21 am... Oh look our bitter Con grinch or should I say Grinchella is back again. Haven't you had enough punishment? Your darling Trump went down in flames, your jolly Erin O'Toole will never be prime minister, and if there is another election Justin Trudeau will win either a very strong minority or a new majority. I know Covid sucks as St Justin said, but isn't life wonderful?

Jackie Blue said...

Hey Simon

Can regular Canadians send "gifts" to MPs? Tweet this link out to your followers! I think some anonymous secret Santa should mail this to Skippy! 🦜️

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...No, I think that book looks too good to give to the bully/demagogue Poilievre. Steve Martin and Harry Bliss are a wonderful combination. All QAnon Poilievre deserves for Christmas is a pile of bird seed wrapped in a newspaper...

Anonymous said...

Wow. Angry cons bitter. Better alleged coward of the cottage than being "Brave Brave Premier Kenny" in Alberta where CoVID19 is winning in the worst possible way.

The way I heard the Cons in my circle kept telling me that they would done things better more awesome and smarter than Justin. Based on the tragedy in Alberta, we can see the con response wouldn't have gone well. Instead it has become a clusterfuck.

Dougie Ford isn't that far behind. When cases started spiking in late Sept, that was the signal that his school plan (however amazing his ads claimed it was) wasn't working and CoVID was spreading fast. Instead of shutting down, he let Thanksgiving happen, then Dilwali happen especially where I live (Peel Region.) Only did something when he couldn't stop ignoring things. Especially with Christmas looming.

No one has handled the pandemic perfectly, so even a dolt like Kenny or Ford should be given the benefit of the doubt during the 1st wave. Now? Given that these guys priority is protecting money over people. Nah.