Friday, July 15, 2011

Rupert Murdoch and the Fox News Gang

For the last two weeks I was lucky to have been in Britain as the Rupert Murdoch / News International scandal hit that country like a massive meteorite, rocking its very foundations.

It was an awesome spectacle. The torrent of outrage, the angry debates in Parliament, the unrelenting media coverage, the sight of the Con Prime Minister trying to explain why his former media advisor, and close friend, was arrested.

Or trying to dodge questions about his cozy relationship with Murdoch's dragon lady Rebekah Brooks, whose enormous country estate is only a mile away from where the Camerons live. And who frequently came over for drinkies.

Or the police chief trying to explain why Murdoch's minions had been able to hack so many phones, bribe police officers, and get away with it for so long.

And needless to say I found the whole sordid show hugely entertaining...

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But of course, this would be even better.

Mr Murdoch arrived in London yesterday, wearing a Panama hat and clutching a final copy of the News of the World, in a bid to save his crumbling organisation after the phone-hacking scandal saw the 168-year-old paper axed.

But he flew straight into another storm as it was claimed 9/11 victims may have had their mobiles tapped by News of the World reporters.

Because NOTHING could hurt Fox News as much as being associated with the defilement of those victims.

And the Fox News Gang knows that this story is bad news. So they're not touching it with a "ten foot turban."

Which just about says it all about what kind of "journalists" and people work at Murdoch's Krazy Con network.

My only regret ? Last Sunday in Scotland, my brother bought me a copy of the News of the World's last edition. He said it might be worth something in about fifty years. But after glancing at that hideous tabloid wanking away about its "proud" record of filth, sexism, and scandal, I tossed it into the recycling bin.

Only to think later that I should have tossed it onto the barbeque and made a YouTube of it burning. I'm sure it would have been my most popular video ever eh?

Especially if I had roasted a pig that looked like Stephen Harper Rupert Murdoch over its smouldering embers.

But sadly others beat me to the idea.

And they did it better...

Now imagine Fox News roasting over that sewer grate.

Or better still our own Con media getting grilled for polishing Stephen Harper's ample arse with their noses.

What about the Murdochian impulse to control politics along a right-wing axis? Well, the National Post was clearly created in 1998 to push Canadian journalism rightward and has had smashing success. In last May’s election, every daily in Canada, except the Star and the smallish Le Devoir, endorsed Stephen Harper. Even in the last U.K. election you didn’t get such uniformity.


What did somebody say about Stephen Harper the other day?

Oh yes. I remember.

Pride comes before the FALL...


Oemissions said...

Welcome back to CONADA, Simon!

marie said...

Welcome home Simone. I love your blog and your humor. Here's hoping you had a much needed rest?

Cheers on this beautiful Saturday morning.

Simon said...

hi marie...thanks for your encouraging words. I did have a great rest, and being able to briefly forget that I'm now living in Harperland was just what the doctor ordered. ;)

Simon said...

hi Oemissions...thanks it's great to be back in I think. I had a dreamy time in Scotland, but home is where the heart is, and the tyrant has got to go... :)