Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Rupert, James, and Rebekah Show

Well I must admit that I was a bit disappointed by yesterday's episode of The Rupert, James, and Rebekah show.

All of them blamed everybody but themselves, and the old man ate so much humble pie I thought he was going to shit himself.

Murdoch admitted that testifying before a parliamentary committee was the "most humble day of my life."

But asked if he accepted that he was "ultimately responsible for this whole fiasco," Murdoch replied: "Nope."

And that was before that idiot threw the shaving cream pie, and turned the hearing into a ghastly episode of that third-rate wrestling sitcom Nobody Messes With Wendi.

The hero of Tuesday’s hearings will not be found among the tired political figures trying to score points at Murdoch’s expense, or the journalist competitors to his media empire who salaciously report on every twist in this story of media misbehavior, in part out of self-interest.

The hero of Tuesday’s hearing is a woman who did not wait for some rent-a-cop to come to her aid or who trembled in horror at the malicious prank. Wendi was woman; hear her roar.

Gawd. Those Fox News flunkies must be desperate. But that's NOT the ending I wanted.

I was hoping for something better...

But then Rosebud has tried to play Mr Nice Guy before.

Back in the early Eighties, when Rupert Murdoch had his back up against the wall, he went on a charm offensive to silence his critics. Harry Evans, the great journalist and then Sunday Times editor, recalled one cynical peer observing: “The wolf has started sucking lozenges to sweeten its breath.”

Even though he's far more convincing when he plays himself...

(Click pics to enlarge)

Modda Fokka.

And so is Rebekah...

But then she has a lot on her mind eh? She has to make sure she tells everyone the same story she told the police. And hope that the cops believe her AND her husband.

Police are examining a computer, paperwork and a phone found in a bin near the home of the former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks, it was reported last night.

A bag containing the objects was found yesterday in a car park underneath a shopping centre close to her London home. According to a reports last night, Ms Brooks' husband, Charlie, tried to reclaim the bag from security, but a guard refused to release it when Mr Brooks could not prove it was his.

And of course NOBODY is more embarrassed than the Con Prime Minister David Cameron. He has to explain why he was always having drinkies with Rebekah and Charlie. Why some of his closest advisers worked for Murdoch, and are now being arrested.

And why after his election victory, he invited Rupert to 10 Downing Street to kiss his ass thank him for his support. But asked him to slip in quietly through the BACK door.

Golly. Maybe I was a bit too harsh. Yesterday's episode may have ended badly eh?

But I'm quite confident it's going to get WORSE...

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