Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to Give Toronto a Touch of Class Again

Well now we know that when he's not flipping the bird at people, or belching loudly, Rob Ford can shake his massive butt in the street. As long as it isn't at a gay event.

Even though Pride Week brings at least five times as much money into the city as does this Carnival.

At its launch July 21, Ford praised the festival’s contribution to Ontario’s economy and arts scene, saying it brought $483 million to the province in 2009.

And now that we know that him and his gang have no intention of listening to the people of Toronto.

At the press conference called Friday afternoon to debrief the media on next steps, budget chief Mike Del Grande was clear the emotion of deputants the night prior had changed nothing.

“Just because everything is on the table,” Del Grande said, “doesn’t mean it’s going to be cut.” That’s why Del Grande has been carrying around a piggybank and warning about the coming “tsunami.”

And now I know that the millionaire Con the piggybank is modelled after is a grotesque bully:

Rob Ford, the football coach, has this thing he does with his players when they step out of line. He makes them roll the length of the field in full equipment until they puke.

And you know how I hate bullies.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could roll him out of City Hall, and make Margaret Atwood the new Mayor of Toronto?

Oh sure I know it's just a symbolic protest, and the best way to stop Ford is to put pressure on the city councillors who are shamelessly kissing his ass. And organize massive demonstrations.

But wouldn't it be lovely to give the city a touch of class again?

And send this message out to the whole world: Rob Ford is NOT our Mayor.

We are better than that.

And so is Toronto...

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