Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rupert Murdoch and the Bullying of a Nation

Golly.  I just can't get enough of the Rupert Murdoch/News International scandal. The old Con monkey is under attack everywhere.

He has finally lost his immunity, his dignity. Or what was left of it.

And now his preciousssss Rebekah...

Or whatever...

David Cameron's Cons are getting hammered in the polls.

And some columnists in Britain are finally asking the question that can be avoided no longer. The one I've been dying to ask.

Why was the bully Murdoch allowed to get away with it for so long?

Whether in the schoolyard or the boardroom, bullies are powerful, invariably surrounded by a loyal clique, and ruthless in maintaining their dominance over others.

The collapse of the power of the greatest bully of our times, Rupert Murdoch, is thus profoundly refreshing and enabling.

Bullies are only vulnerable when they are openly and comprehensively defied. And in this, Westminster has singularly and overwhelmingly failed. Who can doubt that Murdoch could have been taken on and defeated many years ago, if we, together with the politicians and the police, had seen the scrawny nakedness behind the Emperor's New Clothes and called his bluff?

But of course our corporate media can't ask that question, because they have totally failed to call our own mad Emperor's bluff...

Which leads me to my last question. Can Rupert Murdoch rehabilitate his image stay out of jail?

Perhaps it is too much to hope for that Rupert Murdoch might follow in the path of Conrad Black. However, if Andy Coulson should find himself in the cells, and James Murdoch is under investigation, who knows where it might end?

And sadly the answer is probably yes.

Because let's face it eh?

If the bully Harper can pose as a nice guy.

Anybody can...

Rebekah... Rebekah... Rosebud... Rosebud...

Please sir can I have MORE ????



  1. Destroy him. Take the bastard down and send Reichsfuhrer Harper and his neo-Nazi Klan with him.

  2. Well it seems that Rebekah has been arrested. Hope their issuing more warrants for the Murdochs (father and son).

  3. hi Neil...Well I see News Corpse's stocks are down by about by about 20 percent, so that's a good start. The way Rosebud Murdoch is grovelling raises my hopes that he might end up in jail. And as if that wasn't good enough, I wouldn't be surprised if this scandal also took down the Con Cameron. But as for Harper, with the bought or cowed state of our media, he's there for the duration...

  4. hi Beijing...yes I see Murdoch's daughter, I mean flunky, has been pinched. Unfortunately this means that we won't be able to watch her being grilled in the British Parliament. But Rupert must be sweating, because she will shop him as easily as he would shop her. And since Rebekah's husband was apparently found retrieving a computer from a garbage can, and insisting it got there by mistake, everything is not lost... :)