Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Invasion of the Con Apes

It seems like they are everywhere these days. Con apes on a rampage. Smelling their armpits, and shocking the world.

In Norway they are still counting their losses after one right wing monkey killed dozens of people. While his foul furry trainers lick the blood off their fingers, and run for the trees.

As they learned that their ideas had formed the ideological basis for one of the deadliest acts of terrorism in recent European history, these writers and leaders have delivered responses that range from denunciation to denial to awkward arguments that the killer was correct in his motives, but his actions damaged their common cause.

In the United States the RepubliKong gorillas are holding their country hostage.

Demanding tax breaks for the rich, no food for the poor, or medicare for seniors.

Or they'll eat the economy. Even if it kills them.

In Britain the Cameron chimps are beating their hairy chests, boasting that their savage cuts have saved the economy. Even as it stalls.

Chancellor George Osborne yesterday boasted his austerity measures have turned Britain into a safe haven from the storm just hours before figures are expected to show UK economic growth has ground to a halt.

Me Tarzan. You idiot. Me mankey. You Murdoch.

But wait, it gets worse.

Here at home, in the land of the Monkey King Harper, his Con apes are praising the Norway killer.

Mocking people with cancer.

And giving their constituents the finger.

I mean take a good look at that photo again and you tell me...

Is that a Mayor or a Fordzilla?

And no, you can't teach an ape to read.

Oh boy are we ever in trouble eh?

The good news is that people all over the world now know how incompetent and dangerous these Con apes are. And the Con brand has been seriously damaged

And the bad news?

If we don't organize, unite, defeat them, tame them and if necessary cage them.

It may soon be too late....

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