Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Guantanamo Kid and Canada's Shame

I suspect that if I ever met Omar Khadr, the Guantanamo Kid, it would probably only take about two minutes before I'd want to strangle him. Or at least slap him stoopid.. I hate religious fanatics that much.

But that didn't stop me from being REALLY happy to see the charges against him dropped.

Not just because no child should ever have gone through what he did. But also because he was a Canadian kid and we didn't do enough to stop this travesty of justice so the case is Canada's Shame.

He never should have been charged because he didn't kill as a terrorist. He killed in combat...

The American soldiers called in air support and laid siege to the compound, bombing and strafing it until it was flat and silent. They walked into the ruins. They had not gotten far when a wounded fighter, concealed behind a broken wall, threw a grenade, killing Special Forces Sgt. Christopher Speer. The soldiers immediately shot the fighter three times in the chest, and he collapsed.

When the soldiers got close, they saw that he was just a boy. Fifteen years old and slightly built, he could have passed for thirteen. He was bleeding heavily from his wounds, but he was -- unbelievably -- alive. The soldiers stood over him.

"Kill me," he murmured, in fluent English. "Please, just kill me."

He was just a child soldier....and they are ALWAYS victims of adults. In Omar's case his crazy Al Qaeda parents. Osama's little monkeys.

He should have been shipped home to Canada to be detained and treated in a juvenile facility until hopefully he was rehabilitated. He never should have been taken to a place like Guantanamo and treated like an animal instead of a badly wounded, and traumatized teenager.

Several medical experts have reviewed the results of two mental-status exams administered to Omar. All concurred in their interpretations. Dr. Eric Trupin, who has written extensively on the effects of incarceration on adolescents, concluded that Omar has been traumatized and tortured to a degree that is, in Trupin's considerable experience, remarkable.

Even though he was just a boy, has a body full of shrapnel and is blind in one eye...

You can read more about what the Guantanamo torturers did to Omar here.

And how our cowardly yankee stooge government didn't do enough to help him.

The Canadian government may not simply have neglected their responsibilities towards Omar Khadr. It may also have been complicit in his detention and ill-treatment.

I realize that he killed a brave medic. And I'm sorry about that.

I realize that he belongs to a crazy family. And just about EVERYONE in Canada hates them. Especially the wingnut mother...who should be in an insane asylum.

But the bottom line is that Omar Khadr, Canadian child soldier, was victimized first by his evil parents, then by Al Qaeda, then by the Americans, and finally by his own government.

And he WAS just a child...

Which leads to an obvious question: What kind of Canadian government doesn't even try to stop a Canadian kid from being tortured? No matter how crazy or fucked up he may be.

And another one too: What kind of country would allow that to happen? Why didn't more Canadians kick up a fuss?

Aren't we better than THAT? Aren't we better than THEM?

Oh yeah.... worry about Omar the Guantanamo Kid.

Then worry about Canada...


  1. Anonymous3:11 AM

    but, but, simon.....i doubt they get kids very often at gitmo and think what a novelty that is for the toruturers! ya know, breaks up the monotony and all. why, he probably even got there with a price tag on his head.

    ugh, sicko nations.

  2. Both you and scout said it all...

  3. Ok, Omar Khadr certainly didn't deserve torture as you said it. Nonetheless, even though he's just a child, Khadr helped terrorists. Therefore, he, along with the rest of his family, should be accused of high treason and deported.

  4. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Hi Anh Khoi,

    High reason against whom/what country and deported to where? I really don't understand (whom/what and where) and am not trying to be sarcastic. Please explain.

    I am in complete agreement with Simon, Scout and Lept. Omar was a child soldier, and as much a victim as all child soldiers.

  5. Anonymous11:58 AM

    You wanna fight over there for terrorists you should die like the scum you are. Cry me a river, "Child Soldier!", Is that like "Child Angel" or "Child Jesus", how about, "Innocent Baby Canadian Terrorist,"
    You Bleeding Heart Lefties are too much!

  6. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Yes, deported where? To yet another location where he would be further abused and victimized?

    And anonymouse, are you fighting the evil-doers in any way? Or are you just being a stupid little cowardly troll?

    I knew from the start that the idiots and bigots would come back out of the woodshed for this one, Simon. Truth and compassion pisses the little shits off so much, non?

  7. Anonymous5:26 PM

    What makes you think the American swine who set up that disgusting grease spot on Cuba have finished with this kid? They have just got to the point that the system they set up, intending to have all sorts of fun with a bit or torture here, a few death sentences there, and some press statements to excite the US chattering classes...whew boy were they set to have a time. But all that
    Abu whatever kind of spoiled it. Too many folks back in the world spitting on them during the parade, you know...
    so they have been told to shit can the whole scene at the Cuban place, wrap it up and find new digs. They will take the 4 or 5 hundred beaten up wrecks they have at that place and set up a new shop to torture, kill, pretend doing court work, and issue really ferocious press releases. The only good thling I have seen reported from that rotten place was the account where this guy Sheik Khalid, ran circles around them, after a couple of years of their dirty little torture cells, and still made a great speech attacking them for their sins.I really hope he did not set up 9/11 cause what he did at Guantanamo shows real style. Confessed to everything in the world in a way that no one would believe then nailed his torturers to the wall from his place at the dock, ragged, beaten up, and 100% in charge of himself. God bless the wretched of the Earth, and God dam the USA, the Great Satan.

  8. Anonymous12:13 PM

    You truly are one fucked up mother-fuckin' arse-wipe, twist-tied A-hole. Get back on yer camel and go find some more rocks to throw.

  9. Hi Everyone!! I'm sorry I haven't been answering comments as quickly as I should have but I'm suffering from summeritis...you know how hard it is to concentrate when you're lying in a hammock... :)

    But hey Scoutie...you're probably right...Guantanamo is such an evil place anything is possible. Remember the same people who brought as Abu Ghraib are bringing us that horror show...

    Hi Anh Khoi Do!I'm glad you agree that Khadr shouldn't have been tortured...but I'm afraid I have to agree that your position doesn't make sense. He's a Canadian citizen and he is entitled to the same rights everybody else has. That's why our country is great. We're supposed to be better than them...

    Hi anonymous...I'm afraid I find your position irrational. The kid might be a little shit I don't know...but he was just a KID that's the bottom line.Do you seriously think a Canadian kid ends up in the middle of friggin Assghanistan all by himself.He had no choice in the matter.He was fucked up by his parents... and religion.

    Hey jay!!! You know I'm actually surprised at the amount of hatred aimed at Khadr. To me it's a non-partisan issue. It's not even compassion it's simple human decency.As I said in my post a child is a child. I don't know what's wrong with these people. They say they want to smash the extremists but they act like crazy extremists themselves...

    Hi anonymous 5:26pm...yikes!! I thought I was angry...I think the best evidence that this Guantanamo horror story isn't working is that after FIVE years the first case they bring to trial is the case of a 15-year-old kid. Huh? Boy that'll sure deal a big blow for the War on Terror... I hope they close that place down soon.But right now I just want to see our stooge government bring that Canadian guy home...people confuse decency with weakness but of course it's our real strength...

    As for the last anonymous...in addition to being wrong did you really have to be racist as well?