Monday, June 29, 2009

My Gay Pride Day and the Stonewall Kids

Well I have to admit it was my strangest Gay Pride Day ever. Hanging with some friends on a pile of rocks sticking out into the Atlantic Ocean. Trying not to talk about Michael Jackson.

Or feel guilty about missing the Gay Pride Parade.

Or celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots..... in a seafood joint with the sign "Happy Birthday Mr President (Bush)" over the doorway.

But then as I explained in my last post I desperately needed a break. So did Sébastien. He needed a break from the real world. I needed a break from the blogosphere.

Because I'm tired of having to waste so much time fighting homophobic wingnuts, who have been bombarding me with the most disturbing creepy messages I've ever seen

Like this gem accusing me of being responsible for the Toronto garbage strike:

Toronto, leftie dominated, garbage collectors refuse to bend over to pick up faggots' trash. They are claiming increased risk of getting sodomised and contracting HIV/AIDS while they are doing their jobs.

Raging faggot Montréal Simon still denies his own involvement in leftie movement that is behind this fiasco and tries to blame Conservatives for this latest development.

Yikes. What do you do with stuff like that? It's so easy to demolish their crazed arguments. But the stench of their twisted bigotry lingers, disturbs and distracts me from writing about other things. Which really pisses me off.

But then I read a story about the gay people who started the Stonewall Riots.

A prominent Stonewall myth holds that the riots were an uprising by the gay community against decades of oppression. This would be true if the “gay community” consisted of Stonewall patrons. The bar’s regulars, though, were mostly teenagers from Queens, Long Island and New Jersey, with a few young drag queens and homeless youths who squatted in abandoned tenements on the Lower East Side.

Although several older activists participated in the riots, most stood on the edges and watched. Many told me they were put off by the way the younger gays were taunting the police.... They believed the younger generation’s behavior would lead to even more oppression.

Which made me laugh and feel better... even a little ashamed. WTF am I complaining about? I should be honoured those crazies are after me. Because when you're gay you only have two choices: fight for or surrender your humanity.

And if those kids could start the gay freedom struggle, then our generation will FINISH it.

Which is a long way of saying I'm back. It was a good break, although I am sorry about missing the Big Parade. Especially since my friends said it was the best one EVER. It actually started and ended on time *gasp* and for once it wasn't too hot. Just my luck eh?

But then for me gay pride day is every day. If my role in the blogosphere is to attract homophobes.... like a light attracts bugs to a zapper.... so be it. The stench of scorched bigotry will be EVERYWHERE.

But I can handle it. As long as you know who covers my back.

And no matter where I go.

I take my rainbow with me...


  1. So what was it like in Montreal during the Stonewall period? I hear a lot about the American gay scene history. Not so much the Canadian. Were there any significant Canadian ruptures in the blinkered perceptions?

    But other than that, enjoy the summer while it's here, MS.

  2. Glad you're back, Simon! Sounds like you had a good Pride, even if wasn't exactly a traditional one. :-)

    And wow! Looks like you've got a bully after you. And, yeah, don't bother "picking apart" those messages; they're worthless.

  3. hi Niles...I don't know what it was like in Montreal in the late sixties. For some reason I know more about what happened in Toronto, than I know what happened in my own city. But I expect it was pretty much the same as it was elsewhere.i.e. not much. I will make a note to myself to try to find out...
    As for the soon as it finally arrives, and it stops raining...I certainly intend to enjoy it... :)

  4. Hi Mark...yes I thought I better write a few more posts before surrendering to summer, in case the homophobes thought they had chased me away. Which as you know is impossible. ;)
    I was horrified by the bestial nature of some of the comments,and I do find it hard NOT to fight back. Ahem. But I am trying to be a better person so I think from now on I'll just ignore them...
    Or at least that's what Sebastien says... :)

  5. Welcome back, Simon. :) I knew you couldn't/wouldn't stay away. Sebastien is quite correct -- ignore those little turds. Listening to Harpokon dittoheads will just drive you batty. Best wishes for a great summer! I plan on spending lotsa time in the garden, and at the beach -- good for the equilibrium, and more relaxing than reading the mis-spelled, ranting drivel that those Harpokon wankers pound out on their keyboards.

  6. i seem to miss sth about you coz the university entrance exam.actually,in my mind,you are always that person who insists what you think right and strive for wot is right,so i know you wont give up and i try my best to see if i can let more know about you to let you become a successful blogger!lol.this gov have blocked twitter,blogspot, i strongly envy you have a such free situation take advantage of it!i kind of miss youLoL

  7. Hi 'berto....yeah my retirement didn't last long did it?
    I guess I'm so opinionated I need an outlet. At least that's what my friends say. For some reason they seem to think it would be better if I inflicted those opinions on the blogosphere rather than on them... :)
    But as for summer...mmmm...your plans sound excellent.
    Have a great one !!!

  8. Hi Ur Merit....what a sweet comment. Thank you. And I missed you too. So you're taking your university entrance exams. I hear that in China that's quite a challenge so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. :)
    I'm sorry to hear that your government has blocked Twitter, YouTube and Blogger, because as you know I consider myself a friend of your country, and it's so unnecessary.China can cope with more freedom and still be China.
    Oh well hopefully the government will realize that soon, and in the meantime I send you a big hug.
    Good luck with your exams !!!