Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Pierre Poilievre and the Terrorist Threat

Pierre Poilievre has always been attracted to far-right extremists. There he is with Andrew Scheer greeting the United We Roll convoy back in 2019.

Even though it was riddled with racists, religious fanatics, and those who wanted to arrest Justin Trudeau.

Last winter he greeted the convoy that occupied Ottawa with open arms, plying them with coffee and donuts, stealing the hollow word "freedom" from them, and using it himself to mean everything, and nothing.

But this will be the moment that will haunt him forever.

The moment he decided to join the renegade soldier James Topp, and a group of other far right supporters, and march on Ottawa.

He didn't make it all the way, he ducked out early. But as Elizabeth Simons, deputy director of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network says, the damage was done.

“While not every participant in the COVID-19 conspiracy movement, or the convoy is far-right, or hateful, showing solidarity with the movement tells the Canadian far-right that they have a home in the Conservative Party. It is interpreted by those people that their views are acceptable, and even encouraged.

For encouraging those fascist fantasies, only encourages people like this ugly Con...

And may also have motivated these two far-right Trudeau hating gunmen. 

For its easy to imagine where Poilievre and his Trump storm troopers might take this country.

When their demonization of Trudeau, and their vile slogans, have been poisoning it for years... 

And as Bob Hepburn recently wrote, Pierre Poilievre is Canada's most dangerous and  appalling politician. 

The Conservative leadership race front-runner either somehow truly believes in the crazy ideas and causes that he spouts, or he’s a dishonest non-believer who just shamelessly promotes such nonsense in order to gain support from angry, disaffected Canadians in his bid to become party leader.

What’s more disturbing is that I don’t know which of these two appalling options is more dangerous — for what they say about Poilievre as a potential prime minister, or what they suggest about where Canada is headed as a nation. 

Clearly, right-wing extremism and populism is gaining acceptance in Canada — and Poilievre is enthusiastically milking this gathering storm.

Yesterday Poilievre released a weird video all about wood, to try to pose as a working class Canadian, and try to get moderate Canadians to forget his convoy stunt.

Which was so bizarre it had many on Twitter trying to figure out its meaning.
But while many interpretations were hilarious, and made Poilievre look unhinged. Or even more unhinged.

I couldn't help wondering whether this slogan at the top of the video:     

Reclaim what has always been yours.

Had more to do with the slogans on the back of these far-right militia members who were arrested the other day in the U.S. on their way to attack a Gay Pride event.

And I wouldn't be surprised if Poilievre was sending yet another dog whistle message to his far right supporters.,

And the good news?

All of this is killing him, and making it even less likely that he will ever be Prime Minister.

The Cons really hate me for saying things like that. And they tried to take down this tweet about the courage of Justin Trudeau. 

With a complaint filed by fascist sympathizers as far away as Germany. 

Only to fail miserably.

But it did make it only too clear to me that what we are dealing with is a massive right-wing assault on our country and its values. 

Which I predict is also doomed to fail, for the grubby Poilievre may have delusions of grandeur. And I mean delusions.

But he will never be our Con Fuhrer...

The last thing we need is another tin pot Con dictator.

He has shown himself to be a terrorist sympathizer, which should be enough to destroy him.

And when he goes down, as he surely will, he will take his fascist Cons with him.


Anonymous said...

The polls have the leaderless CPC ahead the Liberals. Justin should go down to the passport office or airports and try and ‘explain’ what is happening.

But he doesn’t care, and Canadians are waking up to the fact that the emperor has no Blackface.

Enjoy the Ford more years by the way? Justin and you sure stopped him in his tracks.

Anonymous said...

A video from PP's channel was recommended to me while watching Youtube on my PS5 the other day. Unfortunately, the Youtube app on the PS5 doesn't have the "not interested" and "do not recommend this channel" options on it, but I was very determined not to see this smarmy asshole come up in my feed again. I fired up one of the computers in the house and doomscrolled through all the recommendations until I could find the video, merely so I could block PP's channel.
He must have paid for that recommendation, because my history of political channels in Youtube is a who's who of SJW libtard channels. There's no way Youtube thinks I'd ACTUALLY be interested in anything PP has to say. Although I have read a number of articles to know Youtube's algorithms seem to love feeding people right-wing bullshit.

Anonymous said...

You don't need to "reclaim what has always been yours," unless what is yours has been stolen. If you Google "reclaim what was stolen," you'll get a ton of links to Talibangelical sites. This is what PP is referencing.

Ironically, PP makes a great argument here for indigenous activism. Given his track record, I'm sure that's an accident.

Brian Dundas said...

Bless you Simon. If it all goes to hell here, it will not be the Con media, including the CBC that sounds the alarm. They will, as we see in the US, both sides everything and join in to where the money is.

You are sounding the alarm! Thank you.

On a personal note, the frequency I'm hearing the f word slur for gay folks is, frankly, scaring me, for my son and you and the entire community. Also, the anti-semetism has me fearful for my Jewish friends.

But, with all that said, attesting to what an anxious Nellie I am, and all, I'll be on the ramparts to help tear this scum to pieces should what us happening in the US happen here.

Anonymous said...

Ok Jenni 12:27. Still fighting tomorrows battles with yesterday's tropes.
Ha ha ha.

Simon said...

Hi anon@12:27...The Cons sometimes get a small lead in the polls when they have no leader, so nobody has to think about them forming a government. And as for Ford, his reign will be known for its corruption and nepotism. And as I have mentioned before, he will set up Justin Trudeau for another stunning majority. I'm surprised you can't see that, but you will, you will...

Simon said...

Hi anon@12:50 PM...I must say I'm delighted that Poilieve's ego is so large that he set up his own YouTube channel. I guess him and his wife must stay up late at night watching his incredibly boring videos, and of course those bitcoin videos that he used to plug, until he realized his cryptocurrency was going nowhere, like his political career. But what his YouTube channel also does, is allow me to download some of his most idiotic videos and make my own versions, for which I am eternally grateful. For they should come in handy during the election campaign, if Poilievre is still around....

Simon said...

Hi anon@1:02 PM...That's interesting. Poilievre badly needs to get the votes of the Christian Taliban, so he sends out dog whistles to try to get them excited, and hopefully pry them away from the ghastly Leslyn Lewis. I don't think it will work, not when Poilievre's sordid past is fully revealed. And even some of the most fanatical religious crazies have no time for treason. He's going to have to perform miracles, and make enough sardines to feed an army, if he's going to convince them that he is the Chosen One. And his campaign is already fishy enough...

Simon said...

Hi Brian...Thank you. The Con media is still trying to elect Poilievre as their greedy bosses have demanded. But you can sense the air leaking out of them as well, as they recognize that they can't do much more of that without damaging what's left of their credibility. And yes, thanks to the ugly Republicans the F-word is being used more and more in this country. But it only makes the Cons look more American than Canadian, so they are only hurting themselves. So your son and I will be just fine. I like to tell younger gay people that what doesn't kill them will make them stronger, and we will use that strength to destroy the Cons. Finally, I don't think you're an "anxious Nelly" and I look forward to seeing you on the ramparts helping to defend our beautiful country and all those you love, and who love you. The times have chosen us to stand up for Canada in its hour of need, how lucky we are....

Simon said...

Hi anon@12:27...I understand that poor old Jenni is feeling a little down these days. And who can blame her? She thought she was surfing a giant wave, only to see that wave subside under her feet and threaten to toss her onto the rocks. She's clearly trying to convince Poilievre to temper his far right extremism, but it's starting to look a lot like 2015 when Harper had her thrown off his campaign bus, shortly before the bus went off a cliff. Sad...

Jackie Blue said...

And down goes Brown. Good grief. Look at this deplorable party and how much they ratfuck each other. How could anyone not trust them to ratfuck a whole country considering what they do to themselves?

The Emergencies Act farce isn't enough. DEDC is just another waste of a parliamentary committee that's been hijacked as a circus for CPC shitposts. With the revelations about Wall and Moe, a full royal inquiry is necessary into the convoy itself. Skippy needs to testify along with Bergen, Scheer, and any and all premiers, current or former, who had a hand in aiding or abetting it. Put him in the hot seat for once. Make him testify under threat of being locked up like the poor public health servant last year. Stick the dirty bird in a cage if he won't cooperate. It'd be poetic justice for how cruel he was during the WE-Ghazi star chamber to PMJT and to Margaret Trudeau.

I will say that it was nice that the Canada Day events were mostly un-eventful. but this incendiary rage the diabolical woodpecker is harnessing is just getting started, and will only pick up traction now that Harper has ousted Pervy Pat and cleared the runway for his favorite dump-truck dumbfuck. Gear up the attack ads, Liberals. Defeating king pigeon might be one hell of a boss battle, but it'll be well worth it when all is said and done. Slava Canadianii!

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....You know what they say, Con is just another word for corruption. The Con leadership race is a farce. Not only is Poilievre hanging out with dangerous right-wing extremists, but Patrick Brown has apparently been caught diddling the books, leaving only Jean Charest, as the only relatively moderate choice. It's truly pathetic, and to think that this crowd of losers still thinks that they are fit to govern the country? What a farce. I can only imagine how Con supporters must be feeling. Judging from the comments I have received from them recently they are in total despair, broken beyond repair. And of course I'm loving it, and want more...

Steve said...

This is an exact copy of what I sent to my local Liberal MP.
Adam in Milton
Hi Adam,
By the time I got there you had to go to a wedding, but it did not really matter because I was there for the food.

I talked to both Tom and your Mother. I was very surprised that Tom had no idea what the National Energy Plan was, and I dont blame your Mom for knowing about it but what is was she could not remember.
Canadians are under a colour revolutionary assault by somebody.
Perrie P may be the new leader of Venezuela we dont know.
I hope your government recognize the serious nature of the attack.

One way to fight back is to bring up the NEP. Norway adopted its whole cloth and now has the largest Sovereign fund in the world.
This is a country much smaller than Canada with way less oil production. Brian Mulruony pushed humpty dumpty ideas like this off the wall and given the constraints of political economic action destroyed such initiative forever (side not Mike Harris doomed Ontario as the low cost power supply in the world with his humpty dumpty actions, and I did not mention the 407)
I would like to see the Liberals take it seriously that history is important, and point out what crazy stuff the Conservatives of 30 years ago did, and how the insane stuff they are planning today
will make Canada a feudal state. I cant image which state we would serve, get your big brains to work on that.

Pierre D. said...

Poor Jenni Byrne, having to hang with a has-been like old Gandalf.
Kinsella is way over the best before date too but at least he can be somewhat cogent.

Yes, CPC is ahead in the polls. They and the Liberals will trade places until 2025. The magic number you are looking for is 40%. If CPC gets 40% of the vote (Well, 38-40%) that is majority territory. Anything in the 32-35% is concerning but not time for panic.

As for Ford, please note that PMJT stayed well out of the campaign, knowing that Del Duca had no hope of winning; he won't tie himself to someone that could harm his re-election chances, as the Feds are the last bulwark against the rising tide of Christofascism. But don't worry Woody Wouldpegher will win CPC leadership, and become Freeland and Trudeau's punching bag through 2025 and beyond. Because with the incoming potential of a recession, we're in the best hands we could hope for with Jagmeet & Justin, the Wonder Twins. Step aside Mick and Keef, we've got the dream going in Canada!

(P.S. Patrick Brown is a creep, good riddance. Now to see if Charest can get his old bones to move again...)

Pierre D. said...


Patrick Brown has retained Marie Henein to rep him, they are taking CPC to court! ICYMI, Ms. Henein defended (successfully) Jian Gomeshi in his accusations a while ago. She is an absolute shark, she virtually never loses and things are gonna get uuuuuugleeeeeeeeeee!
(Good thing I bought all that Smartfood, I guess?)

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon

Thanks for the reference PP's video. He is certainly a strange little man who is following the GOP playbook but perhaps with a Canadian twist. Being the curious type I travelled back in history to a time some 100 to 150 years ago when the Canadian timber frame barns were built in order to get a sense of the freedom he was talking about reclaiming. Wow, well over 50% of the Canadian population had no freedom as they had no right to vote but had to obey the laws of the land with absolutely no input. The only group that were free were white males but not all of them as that group was narrowed down to exclude the poor, social activists and those that were different either physically or mentally. Eugenics, a pseudo science based on Darwin's theory was popular complete with insane asylums and sterilisation for those deemed different. Activists for workers basic rights were declared communists and deported. It was not a horrible time to live for some as a sense of community and compassion did exist but it was a horrible time for others and thanks to countless small steps and sacrifices we now live in freer and more equitable times . That is if you define freedom as personal freedom and not the right to impose personal views on other members of society.
PP seems to be all about the collective freedom to impose his / their views on society. As with the GOP if it cannot be done at the national level download the right to the provincial level and go from there. Freedom becomes what it is provincially legislated to be and not some personal right to the basic physical and emotional necessities of life, equality and respect. In PP's view trying to defend the latter is a trip to Utopia or no place as he states in his video. Its interesting that a satirical book written about Eugenics titled Erewhon (no where) comes very close to his no place statement which again suggests he would like to undo the last 150 years and move history in a different direction or freeze it in time. That part is unclear but he certainly has a fair number of Eugenics supporters in his midst.


Simon said...

Hi Steve....I am glad you are interacting with your MP, more Canadians should do that. Although I must say this probably not the best way to introduce yourself:

By the time I got there you had to go to a wedding, but it did not really matter because I was there for the food.

Also, your idea of bringing back the NEP is I'm sorry to say is never going to happen. It was a good idea, and if we had implemented it we would be a much richer country today. But the Alberta rednecks wanted to keep it all for themselves, so all it did was give the Albertans a weapon to beat the rest of the country over the head. One day they may recognize what fools they were, but by that time the Age of Oil may be almost over, and nobody will care what they have to say...

Simon said...

Hi Pierre...I find polls taken when the polls are leaderless just a waste of time.They may make Candy Bergen feel like she should be Con leader, but that's about it. On the other hand, when Poilievre comes up against Trudeau it won't even be close. One is a decent Canadian, while the other is a terrorist sympathizer who wants to kill medicare and the CBC, and reduce payments to the old and the vulnerable to practically nothing. He is a cruel psychopath who won't stand a chance against Justin Trudeau, or any other Liberal leader. The Cons will have to use an industrial vacuum cleaner to hoover him off the floor. If he's still around, because as you point out Marie Henein will be going after him in court, and as we both know she takes no prisoners. I don't know what kind of a case she will have, but it doesn't really matter. She will expose the Cons as grifters and right-wing extremists, and we can take over from there. Hello Marie, Bye Bye Pierre...

Anonymous said...

The Trudeau derangement syndrome must be in full effect. At least those two weren't out for a mass shooting. Then theres the guy who killed his mother and was headed to Ottawa to get Trudeau. But turned himself in. Many examples. Like the reservist with guns who rammed the gate at Sussex.