Saturday, July 23, 2011

Michael Coren and Right Wing Syndrome

Well as just about everybody knows by now, the Christianist Gollum Michael Coren crawled out of his cave hole anal orifice and laid this stinky turd.

But not before looking like a complete idiot:


But then he isn't the only right-winger to be suffering from Right Wing (Derangement) Syndrome.

Take his bosom buddy Blazing Cat Fur. He was gleefully cooking up a veritable mountain of anti-Muslim caca stew. Only to come up horribly short.

But then of course that makes sense eh? Because he's married to the teeny weeny racist Kathy Shittle.

And she was practically eating her own excrement.

Which is, of course, appalling etc. etc.

Although I don't want to be too harsh on the blazing furry fanatic, because HOURS before we knew that the killer was a Christianist right-wing scumbag.

He hit the nail on the head...

So if Shittle rolls her turds into some rancid pastry, and bakes it between her buttocks or her armpits, they can STILL share some humble pie.

Which is more than we can say about Coren eh?

Because he can't tell a sewer from the trickle between his ears legs. So he's still banging that nail. Into his own head.

Fear not, we are winning.

Golly. Has the Gollum lost his ring.... or his marbles?

Gawd. I KNEW this was going to happen. That old homophobe is going to Sun TV and he is determined to show Ezra Levant who is the top guy, the biggest asshole.

And the sleaziest Gollum...

Oh well. If they clutch and grab at themselves in loin cloths, and Levant becomes Coren's bitch, or vice versa, I suppose it could be funny. In a gross sort of way.

Although what's not funny is how after the MSM realized that it wasn't the work of Islamic terrorists, the killer morphed from a right-wing terrorist, into just another madman.

Anyone who claims therefore, that the perpetrator's "right-wing traits" and "anti-Muslim views", or even links with "Christian fundamentalist" websites are irrelevant is trying to draw a veil over the unacceptable truths of such "traits" and expecting us to believe that right-wing ideology is incapable of prompting someone towards such criminality.

Of course, that idea is nonsensical.

But that's Right Wing Derangement Syndrome eh?

Those ghastly right-wingers don't realize how ugly they are.

And they don't know when they're BEATEN.'re not going to use this horrible tragedy against them are you?

Are you kidding? After this?

Oh boy am I EVAH.

Play them out my furry creature...


  1. It's like their world imploded. I heard experts scrambling to cover their respective asses with talk about needing to examine non-Islamic terrorism. As if terrorism is a Muslim construct! Enough with the f*cking demonization and racism.

    Why is it so shocking that right wing fascists would perpetrate terrorism? Isn't that how Hitler got his power?

    Had it been Norway's 9/11 as the media pundits had predicted off the hop, we would have seen plenty of vignettes of the individual lives lost and interviews with their families. But because the jumped the gun and are now playing some kind of cover my ass kind of analysis, the victims have barely been mentioned. 85 youth gunned down and barely a word of how disgusting and depraved it was to target this group of kids isolated on an island.

  2. I think Coren looks like Lord Voldemort!

  3. Stephen Henry5:45 AM

    Coren is an idiot. He refuses to accept that the hatred of Muslims generated by his buddies like the EDL, Pamela Geller and others has consequences as demonstrated by this massacre. From what is emerging, this murderer was a fan of the EDL and Pamela Geller. The chickens have come home to Roost!!

  4. Simon, you've outdone yourself. You showed them in their true colors and made me laugh till the tears ran down. Nice work!

  5. hi Beijing...yes I think implosion is the right word. So many of these right-wingers have created monsters out of Muslims, so they just can't handle the fact that some of their own are also terrorists. And the glee some of them demonstrated when they thought the Norway massacre was the work of Islamin extremists offended my sense of decency.
    And yes, instead of pathetically trying to cover their asses, they might remember the victims instead, and look at themselves in the mirror...

  6. hi know, that you mention it so do I. But of course Coren has so many Horcruxes only Harry Potter can do him justice... :)

  7. hi Stephen...Coren has built his whole schtick on endless lamentations about the Big Bad Muslims, and how the only people persecuted are Christians, he is trapped in his own narrow world view.
    But any reasonable person must surely see how the garbage him and his friends produce can only lead to hatred and division.
    So yes he is an idiot... ;)

  8. hi Bina... as my poor friends know there is nothing I like more in the world than making people laugh. So making a compa├▒era like you laugh just about made my day. Thanks a lot. I must admit I enjoyed writing it eh? It was a bit rude, so I do hope my Mum doesn't read it. But Cora and his furry friends are rude all the time, so if she does read it, I think I can convince her they deserve it... ;)

  9. You're right..Harry Potter needs to fix his elder wand and deal with Coren!

  10. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Reading Coren's bile leaves me bewildered and asking this one question. He gets paid for this?

  11. hi Sandra...oh I don't know if that will be enough. How about we stop by the Star Wars set and pick up a ray gun as well? :)

  12. Hi mark...That's a good question. You don't think I could put on monkey ears, and a loin cloth, and apply for a job at the Sun as well. It might be humiliating, but as long as its easy and lucrative, I don't mind... :)


    Seb reminds me that Quebecor is really really CHEAP. Oh well. So much for that one...

    P.S. I hope you had a great vacation

  13. Anonymous1:02 PM

    @Montreal Simon - Surely your blog is meant as satire. No one could believe the bigoted, knee jerk reactionary, far Left drivel you spout and live. If you seriously believed the nonsense you regurgitate on these pages you would be too stupid to even find your way out of your apartment in the morning. Egads!

    1. hi anonymous...some of the stuff I write is satire. But I'm no bigot. Bigots are right-wingers like you. If I wrote something in this post that is factually incorrect point it out. But all you make is wild generalizations so all I can think is you're not interested in discussing anything just insulting people which is what right-wing extremists do all the time. So good for you and have a nice day...

  14. Matthew12:49 PM

    I have tried to find something positive to say about Mr. Coren, but try as I might, I cannot. Whenever I read his columns printed in the Ottawa Sun newspaper, it takes everything in me not to tear the paper apart. I don't know what annoys me more, his holier-than-thou smugness and arrogance, or his ability to offend several different groups of people at the same time with his words.