Monday, March 31, 2008

The Watch Your #@!!&!! Mouth Challenge

I see it's time to take the Watch Your Potty Mouth on the Blogosphere challenge.


I know I MUST take it to try and score brownie points for our side. Like some of my blogging friends are trying so hard to do.

These days we need all the victories we can get.

But I gotta be honest. I just don't feel up to it.

Not only because I live in Stephen Harper's Con Canada .... and in a world full of people who want to kill my gay ass .... so I swear ALL the time. I find it helps me fight harder. Or run faster.

Or even because I fear that because most (English) Canadians walk around with their butt cheeks clenched so tightly, having to bite their tongues and clench their jaws grimly as well, might cause them to IMPLODE.

No..... it's just because..... I swearing so much.

I mean I come from a country where people hurl insults like cuntybuggeryfucktoleybumshite at each other all the time. So you can't really expect me to f**k my proud heritage.... and start speaking like a nun.

Besides I don't attack right-wing bloggers personally anymore .... or link to them. I've learned the hard way that trying to civilize a Con is like trying to teach a pig to fly. All you end up with is a lot of pork in the trees.

Still that doesn't mean I don't loathe those Cons. For their racism and their sexism and their homophobia, and for the stinky cess pool they swim in.

So while trying to respect the no potty mouth spirit of the day....

I'd like to dedicate this fresh version of an old favourite to all the ReichWingnuts and their blogging succubi out there.

Now go FRICKEN yourselves.



1 comment:

JJ said...

That was a tough day. Let's hope he doesn't make this an annual event.

No surprise, the blogging tories didn't stop lying!