Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stephen Harper and the Cult of Masculinity

As a gay guy I naturally worship at the Church of Masculinity. Where we have no illusions. But lots of gods.

Which means that sometimes I can get hung up in macho bullshit. But at least I know a real man when I see one.

So I must admit I was both disturbed, depressed ....and amused ..... to see that so many straight guys seem to be wrapping themselves in animal skin evening gowns, and worshipping in the Faux Macho Church of Stephen Harper.

Now I don't deny that Stephane Dion is a political wimp .... a distressing combination of Hercule Poirot and Mr Bean. But at least he's a decent human being.

Unlike the Iceman Monster Harper and his Con thugs who are deliberately pitting men against women.

The Conservative alternative practically oozes testosterone -- boosted military spending for Afghanistan, reasserted northern sovereignty and tax cuts with specific benefits targeted at male-dominated trucking and trades.

While heaping scorn on the more female and CANADIAN values of the Liberal Party.

The party platform is not expected to be much of a male magnet either, specifically a focus on fighting homelessness, enhancing daycare, boosting education tax advantages and imposing emission caps on greenhouse gas producers.

And what's even MORE depressing is that so many straight men are buying it.

The Harper Conservative male-voter lead over the Dion Liberals is now at an almost insurmountable 14 points -- 41% versus 27% for the Liberals.

Which explains why the Cons have been able to get away with raping women's rights in this country. While so many cowardly males did nothing..... or silently cheered them on.

Now I suppose a country that would make a movie out of the life of mouthy goon and anti-French porker Don Cherry is capable of ANYTHING.

But who can explain why so many self styled macho men would think this freak is a Warrior King?

When he is just an angry nerd trying to make up for all the humiliations that came before. A flabby pot-bellied wonk who used to stamp his little feet and sulk like a girly man when Preston Manning rejected his policy proposals.

A chubby little cheeseburger who likes to dress up in butch drag and hires someone to make him look pretty. And has hissy fits if he doesn't get his way all the time. A pathetic control freak who admires the way Joe Stalin ran the Kremlin. A posturing wimp who has tried to remake his image into that of a warrior, by betraying the sacred values of this country.

And by beating up on women.

Believe me .... I know what REAL masculinity is...a combination of strength, gentleness, bravery, and nobility of purpose. My gay god has all of those qualities...even if I don't. Because I like beating up on homophobes and other bigots too much.

But Great Fat Drag Queen Harper fails on every count. Not a strong leader. Not much of a man. Just PATHETIC.

Like the dum neanderthal hosers who support him.

The good news in all of this?

All those women who are keeping Harper from winning a majority.... and saving Canada from the Revenge of the Angry Nerd.

Everyone who loves this country owes them. Big Time.

Who would have thunk it Macho Man? Duh.

The women of The Great White North. Not just smarter and better.

But more Canadian as well...

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