Thursday, March 27, 2008

This is What Happens to Gays in Malaysia

I see that while I was away the filthy Con government deported another gay refugee.

Even though he could be imprisoned or savagely caned for being openly gay.

And now the police in Malaysia are looking for Kulenthiran.

Malaysian police say they want to question A. Kulenthiran, a Malaysian gay man who was deported after his appeals to stay in Canada was denied by Immigration Minister Diane Finley.

And this is what could happen to him.


Kulenthiran should never have been deported to a place where something so awful could happen to him.

The SoCon Minister of Immigration Diane Finley had a chance to intervene. But she refused to lift a finger to help.

Just like she didn't lift a finger to help Alvaro Orozco. Even though he could be killed in Nicaragua.

And all to please the rabid Con base and the religious extremists in the Harper government like the porker homophobe Charles McVety.

Malaysia and the Cons. Where moral barbarity meets moral depravity.

If anything happen to Kulenthiran or Alvaro our homophobic immigration officials and the wretched evil Con government will have blood on their hands.

And we WILL remember.

Once Canada was a beacon of human rights.

Harper and his Cons have turned it into a toilet.

The sooner we flush them the better....

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