Saturday, March 29, 2008

The McCain Girls and the Poppy Love Video

When it comes to nightmares I only really have two biggies these days.

One, that I wake up one morning and find myself living under the iron cowboy boot of a Stephen Harper majority government. Because so many idiot Canadians thought he was a strong leader .... instead of a Krazy Con tyrant.

And the other nightmare is that having drunk myself into a coma to try to forget the first one, I wake up another dark day and discover that.... as incredible as it may seem.... Poppy McCain really DID become Da Prezident.

Because the Democrats really DID snatch defeat from the gaping jaws of victory.

With Hillary Clinton digging in her heels in her bruising battle with Barack Obama, there are clear indications that the Democratic infighting is fortifying Republican nominee-elect John McCain.

A new NBC-Wall Street Journal poll suggested that more than 20 per cent of Clinton and Obama supporters would defect to McCain in November's election if their favoured Democrat fails to win the nomination.

Gag me with a spoon. Isn't that like cutting off your balls to spite your cock?

President Poppy? A hundred years more of this?

It's enough to give me the urge to surge....or shit myself violently.

But then I remember the Poppy Love video. And I'm not troubled anymore.

No. Not the Bomb Bomb Bomb...Bomb Bomb Iran video. That one DOES worry me.

This one....

You know even though I'm gay I HATE the original song.

But this version is so bad it's BEAUTIFUL.

If the Democrats can't beat that ..... I think they should stop shooting at each other.

And just shoot themselves....

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