Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ted Morton's Confederacy of Dunces

I see that Ted Morton, the head of Alberta's Confederacy of Dunces, has been riding off to war again on his burro. And once again not getting very far. It's good to see that are still some decent Canadians left in that province.

As for the wacko professor from the sinister Calgary School of Jungle Capitalism (President Harper's alma mater) he has been stirring up a fuss ever since he decided to become a Canadian back in 1991. At the age of forty-two.

When he's not after gays and lesbians, this California-born neocon nutbar blathers on about abortion, or about the eastern bastards, or why our Supreme Court judges should be burned at the stake, or why Alberta should separate, or should be ruled according to God's laws etc etc. If it was up to him and his burro the wall in the picture would go right around the province. Remember this treasonous Alberta Uber Alles document?

Which would be ok with me. But does lead me to ask two simple questions.

One. Why does this deranged homophobe think that him and his neocon wingnuts need to build a wall around Alberta? With Morton and his lynch mob stinking out the joint, why would any decent Canadian really want to live there?

And two. If he doesn't like Canada the way it is. And wants to turn it into a copy of wingnut Amerika.

Why doesn't this loser just turn his burro around?

And go back to where he came from...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like another Quebec?

Interesting how you degrade the very the fundamentals that come from where you were born.

Mind you... possibly you argue with a mirror sitting in front of you as well.


An Albertan!

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Yeah, whatever would give Morton the impression that there are dangerous perverts and economically vindictive asses in the east that might one day pose a threat to Alberta?

And why is it that every separatist is always accused of trying to "create a copy of America"? We're trying to do that so hard to understand?

Why make a 51st state when a free and independent Alberta would in fact be luring away America's best and brightest?